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I don't know how many of y'all watched the Trading Spaces this last weekend with Andy Dick, but Genevieve's team (well, and Ty) made a pretty cool little desk. They took two unfinished, plain, inset panel interior doors, cut one in half, put some biscuit joints between them and made an "L" shape, then finished and poly'd them nicely, and then in the inset panels genevieve cut plexiglass to fit exactly so that the whole surface was flush. Looked pretty cool! Then they...
You know the mirrored fronts on the current speedholes G4? I would like to see the next G4 covered in that stuff! Lots of heavy, shiny/polished metal, chrome, and then some circular-brushed buttons and finger screws on it. Or maybe that is going the wrong direction. Heaviness, solidity, huge size.. Maybe they could make a rigid steel frame, and use the heavy/chrome/mirrored-look drive bays on the front, and then use a space-age synthetic fabric material...
Hmmmmmm. This is what happens to public school children.
The iMac was updated about 70 days ago. The product cycle is usually around 200 days. The PowerMac is fairly close, but about 1-2 weeks closer to being updated, and considering the PowerMac has gone through many stopgap releases in the past year and a half, the next update is likely to be substantial in nature (i.e. change in CPU and mobo). Plus, if the 970 ever does come to fruition in the next 6 months, as with most new things, it'll come to the pro side before the...
Yeah, I saw that months and months ago. Pretty good idea. Not exactly "photonic," whatever that means, but it is essentially the idea of the poster, but looks a little different. It will suffice. Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get one for my phone and pda devices. Not really future Mac hardware, though. Keep trying.
Whoa. What the hell is that moaning at the beginning?
Dual 2.3MHz iPod, that's hot! Thankfully the aluminium will keep it cool.
Well, it seemed promising at first, but I think, now that I've looked at (1) the size, (2) the black markings, (3) the stupid angle and blurriness, and (4) this new picture which obviously has something to do with the first, that this is a sham and has nothing to do with the next iPod. It was fun for about 2 minutes. Moving on.
Now that I have some idea where I'll be getting money for my next machine and just how much I'll be getting, I'm torn. I want a portable, I want a G4, and I want to replace my mother's aging iMac. Those three things are important. I'd also really like something portable for her too. I can get two iBooks and a G4 iMac (not the best, but not the worst, and it would be cool to have that many machines, best of all worlds), an iBook and a mini-PowerBook (we both get what we...
Some of these contraptions are hideous-looking, in my opinion. I don't know about any of you, but aesthetics is just as important to me as ergonomics, and oftentimes they are linked, literally and psychologically. I would not feel comfortable in some of these ugly chairs or death trap nightmares. Here are some comfortable office spaces: All from dwr.com.
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