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I saw a nice little glass, aluminum, and other metal desk at Office Depot the other day, with some neat brushed and punched-holes accents. $99-129, somewhere in that range. I can't seem to find anything like it on their website. Looked like a good value, if I didn't already have a nice crazycurvy wood desk.
Dig the grilles! For me it's all about the grilles, the aluminum, and the rounded corners.
I've got a 233MHz G3 iMac (98 ) and a 333MHz G3 iMac (99).. They've lasted great for nearly 5 and 4 years, respectively. I feel you, DanMacMan. I'm waiting on either a sufficient line of credit, gift, or an upcoming settlement to get my next Mac, which should be a 17" Lapzilla. I figure, if a middle-of-the-road product that was brand new at the time can last me 5 years and still run the newest Mac OS fairly well and I can still get things done with it (and still sell it...
I agree, pscates. Target, Old Navy, and even to some subdued extent, Sears. Lots of great design happening in retail. But after the big retro boom, tech-looking phases, minimalism, I think the next big thing is going to be military-looking stuff. You already see it in fashion that's coming, the whole fatigues look. The Hummers, and so many cars coming soon that mimick Hummers. It goes hand-in-hand with what is happening in the world right now. Some firms/companies won't...
Wowwwwwww, Bioflavanoid has the best setup ever I wish I had all those Macs. Hopefully we'll get our settlement (dumb refrigeration truck running a red light smacking into us, says he didn't have any brakes ), and then I'll buy my Lapzilla, and probably get my mom a MiniPB. What a cute little family that would be.
The guy in Iraq is using an iBook, silly.
I've been here since '99, I think I've had a few different names, though. Mostly permutations on my name. And for a while I used 'iNnoyed' because it seemed punny at the time. But mostly brad l. bower. I remember when they first reported on the Cinema display, it sounded so crazy.
Actually, correction. Thinner, more refined, and more austere than retro is this Appelele mockup which bears some resemblance: http://theapplecollection.com/design...fulmac_r7.html If the PowerMac design is close to this, I might consider it over a portable for my next purchase.
Of all the mockups I've seen, and especially the ones posted in this thread, considering the XtremMac as a mockup, I think the XtremMac is the best-looking, most realistic, and most Apple-like. Sure, a bit retro, but retro-futuristic, stylish, and surely unique. It could be done in a light aluminum, yet still appear to be heavy and massive while not taking up any more space (perhaps less) than the current PowerMac.
Favicons made out of text are stupid. That's what URLs, titles, and the rest of a document/website are for, not icons!! The only respectable favicons are the ones with the unique and recognizable porthole design using the AI grey/bluegrey colors. Also, I think that the first option is the most popular only because it is on top.
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