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A good point, though not exactly what I was interested in discussing. I might as well not edit my original post because you've quoted it, but I do agree that they are not necessarily Iraqi, but they do represent the region, and seem to be on the side of Iraq, if only partially as journalists. I just finished watching a segment on CNN with one of their correspondents in a clearly jarring argument about whether or not al-Jazeera should have shown the tapes or not. The man...
It's gruesome and vile, I'm sure, but then I haven't seen it so I don't know how well I would be able to handle it.. at this point it is up in the air whether or not Americans will ever be able to see the footage shot/aired by Iraqi TV Al-Jazeera of American POWs, some wounded, and some dead (said to be shot squarely in the head). Has anyone seen it? What else is everyone feeling about this? I'm somewhat detached, as I can't even imagine what this video would be like.
Whenever I get bored watching TV, I try to watch TV while sitting/bouncing/rolling around on my big exercise ball. It makes it so much fun. But I had never thought of using it while sitting at my desk!! I need to get a taller ball, though. What a great idea.
Funny mockups, but nothing Apple would ever crap out... still, I'm quite confident that there's an iPhone in development, it would be massively successful, and reinvent the meaning of a mobile phone for the masses. And it'll be beautiful. And quite expensive. And then totally get copied, but oh well.
I'll get one with my tax refund. Probably not the 40gb version, more than likely the middle-of-the-road one, if it has good features (I don't need massive space, I only have a little over 5GB of mp3s right now). And I'll either get it at the Apple Store for Education, or buy it at CompUSA and get one of those nifty warranties so I can get it replaced when stuff happens, depending on the cost..
Yeah. I agree. I'm getting one as soon as I get my tax refund.
Apple would be pretty dumb to try to make a big deal out of any new product in the next week or so. Things are just happening so fast, and it's still new and exciting, and emotional, to the American people. Apple needs to wait until their minute attention span tires of the relatively slow speed of war compared to their instant TV dinners.
I like the old smileys. They just were. The new ones.. they are more "Trying to be." Does that make sense? No? Oh well. (I'd put a smiley here, if they were the old-style ones.)
[quote]Originally posted by trumptman: Lastly consider that Keynote isn't free nor even bundled with any Mac as far as I know. Would this be another example of Apple taking something that was bundled (Appleworks) and taking it away for something to be charged for? Sounds all wrong if you ask me, plus I like Appleworks as it is. Just enhance it and modernize it. It still gets the job done better than Word in my opinion. Oh lastly, Appleworks is....crossplatform....
[quote]Originally posted by Xaqtly: My question is: Does the T610 have better reception than the T68i? I have only one complaint with my T68i, and it's about the poor reception. I get dropped calls every once in a while, I very rarely seem to get a very strong signal... and I'm in the middle of Los Angeles for cripes sake. Most of the time it works but even in my house it's marginal. Compare that to my previous phone, a digital Nokia, which had perfect reception...
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