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Some better shots, not that they help much:
Not really the first... check out http://www.phonescoop.com/ and http://www.threegmobile.net/ -- they had real life photos yesterday, less blurry too Overall the T610 is sexy, and the 3650 is not sexy. Video schmideo.. it's a mobile phone. There's even a comparison picture on 3GM. [ 03-05-2003: Message edited by: bradbower ]

IMHO you should have written a vague letter asking for them to write you back on what to do. Talking to a CSR probably won't get you anywhere except them advising you to send it back (they can't make a decision like to "oh, just keep it on us!" Especially not if it was a CSR-related error. But if you write in, there's a chance Apple might not even reply, and if they do, their written reply would probably be less requiring of unnecessary action on your part.
Whatever dummy it was above that said AT&T is better than T-Mobile has obviously never encountered the customer service aspects of each company. Well, or taken a good look at rate plans. Or data plans. Or needed to unlock his phone. Or needed international service.
eMac is turned differently.
I really like the eMac's screen in person. Something about it.. reminds me of the beautiful Apple CRT days of yore. And it's so affordable. $929 edu.
I'd be careful. eMacs are pretty heavy, you could hurt your housemate.
We've already got 1900MHz and 850MHz, why would we need that?
[quote]Originally posted by Mr. Macintosh: Maybe it is because the PDA doesnt do as much as a laptop that hardly costs more than a PDA?
$100-200 vs. $1,000-$2,000 for a laptop? Not sure how you can compare that. Even to an iPod, at $300-500, which is a wonderful pod that plays music, and you can have little alarms on it, but you can't really come close to the functionality or interactivity of a PDA that costs hundreds less..
The point of separating the display and computer bits was to gain ergonomics by avoiding an inelegant "solution" like that, which has only been done one hundred billion times before, by nearly every other PC manufacturer. Another big part of the smart design choice was logistics, i.e. now we can have iMacs with the same computer enclosure, but three different display sizes without having to redesign the whole thing. Why would we ever go backwards, if it had to be over...
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