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Yeah, back on topic.. looks at these prices for the new G4s: Fast $1,199.00 1GHz PowerPC G4 1MB L3 cache 256MB DDR266 SDRAM 60GB Ultra ATA/100 Combo drive NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 64MB DDR video memory FireWire 800 56K internal modem Bluetooth Ready Faster $1,599.00 ...
Dumb thread. But I loved that commercial!!
[quote]Originally posted by jkarc21: Blah! Blah! Blah!.... Still think your full of BS, naive, arrogant, greedy, and surely don't deserve a discount.
I'm sorry--and I sincerely do apologize for any misunderstanding--I didn't mean to give the wrong impression with my previous posts, and I think that I did. I actually don't care what you think. [Hmmm] [quote]Originally posted by...
You have to create a folder with links inside of it for a pop-down menu in the bookmarks bar. It can be hierarchial though. I really like the idea a lot. Also, you've got the Bookmarks menu. Here's an example of what I'm referring to, though, by a drop-down menu in the bookmark bar:
Oh no, I'm going to go to jail for 7-10! I forgot about the "Becoming a student developer and then trying to order from Apple's own developer-discounted store and admitting to possibly needing to add a more developer-related class to my transcript because I'm taking stuff that they would probably call liberal arts" fraud law! I just don't want to have any more trouble trying to prove to them that I should receive a discount. In your opinion I may not be such a...
A. Belongs in Digital Hub, not Current Hardware (is it an Apple product?) B. Cool -- love the T300. Congratulations! C. I've not heard of a way to do that, but I would assume if the capability were there, it would be automatic when one has an address book entry with a home and work address, that it would sync up with the same information onto the phone. Not the case? Or aren't you syncing with the OS X Address Book?
Now why can't Apple do something like that? If it were priced between $500 and 800 (maybe a little more initially, like the iPod), and maybe sacrificed a thing or two, and was in the Apple style, not to mention had the Apple brand ease of use and integration, I think it would be a wonderful product.
Whoopsies..sorry I wasn't around, guys, Iread Anders' "CET" time and thought "CST" Me, gatsbydreams (?) and mika are there now..
[quote]Originally posted by Anders the White: Pmub. 8pm cet
Thanks Anders was so kind as to make the chat into a little transcript instructing how to do some of the setup to get around routers, and ISPs that block port 80. I'll be back again tonight, and we can all set up iCommune, change Apache's ports (we've been going with 3000), and fix port mapping on our routers/firewalls/base stations/access points. And share libraries, of...
Come in to AIM chat 'appleinsider' to get a transcript of how to both remap apache to another port (terminal fun), and configure your base station or router to work with iCommune, as well as to share servers with us. Lots of fun going on.. right now..
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