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True, but that was 3 months ago, and I know they're moving units because Best Buy was out of stock when my wife went to get one.
It might be worth noting that Microsoft is actually seeing some success with Surface Pro 3 ($908 million in Revenue reported in October). While I experience the same schadenfreude as anyone else since we are, after all, discussing Microsoft, it is disingenuous to state that all Surface tablets are unmitigated disasters.
Just curious- what is the point of a curved display? You say it's not great for video and "images". What does that leave? I feel like I'm missing the boat on this one. I understand it makes 150 foot movie screens feel more immersive, but in any other context it seems like it would just make the display seem smaller.
Great! I wonder what the best antivirus software will be for my toaster.
What if the employer was actually the lazy taker?
Well, you certainly seem to know a lot about quality, judging by all your spelling mistakes.
I'll bet you have to grant said authorization when you sign up. Sure, you can always challenge charges, and after you take the time to do that, you can also try to get overdraft charges reversed, followed by visiting all affected check recipients to explain why their checks bounced. I also doubt any discounts are for us, the consumers. The only reason the retailers did this was to save money for themselves. It was spelled out in the original article. This is all downside...
True! I just don't see an angle for this one. No killer app, no differentiating form factor or battery life, no independence from iPhone. I can see sales to those who want to stick with the 5s but want NFC payments, and to the sycophants, but not much else.
Can't imagine buying one, even at $350. I predict this launch will be humbling for Apple.
I think Asus is selling a convertible with an LTE model.Looked at MacBooks, Surface Pro, and other also-rans yesterday with wife to replace her old Dell. She preferred Surface over all of them. It's nice if you need to run Access. I also heard this one is actually making MSFT money. As an aside, Apple needs to do something about their retail stores. Where I live there is no such thing as a walk-in. They should put a sign in the window that says "by appointment only".
New Posts  All Forums: