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I'll take a guess - people who gloat based on a rumor?
What's the "hubris" part? Australian banks consider the Apple cut too big a slice of their ever-shrinking fee pie. That is a financial decision, not hubris. More and more it seems like these headlines are taken from a cult manifesto.
When has Apple ever placed aesthetics above functionality? /s
Let's be honest, shall we? Yes, it was last used in 2013 by Samsung, but it was conveniently revived years later in the very next product cycle after Apple used it. That is not coincidence. That's tiresome copying.
Liberals believe in the right to privacy, but also in regulating industry to avoid things like 6 month long oil spills, poison in our food, and monopolies. Conservatives believe in all-powerful "unitary executive " presidents.
Can't say I disagree. Windows seems only slightly less hopeless, but maybe there would be a reprieve before the Chinese get there.
They can't make iPhones, and Android offers no differentiation from $1.99 phones. That leaves Windows unless they want to start making coasters instead.
It might not be better at first. I just don't see a happy end-game for them in Android and Windows could be more secure for Enterprise customers.
These flailing Android manufacturers should all decide at once to start making Windows phones. Not that I'm a big Windows fan, but the writing is on the wall for Android, and together they could get to a critical mass for Windows and actually start making a little money.
New Posts  All Forums: