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My Garmin VivoSmart interfaces with HealthKit. I love it, by the way, as a way to bide my time until Apple Watch 2.0 arrives. It looks like a Fitbit Flex, but has a touchscreen that shows all the stats without having to use a phone app, and offers music control, phone notifications (dismissable but not replyable), phone finding/phone out of range alerts, chest strap integration; plus, is water proof (5 ATM) and lasts 7-days on a battery. $149.
When has this ever not been the case in a cell phone? Very insightful!
I was just thinking I could get an always-on watch face tattooed on my wrist, and it would be right twice a day.Lighten up, people!
So far, I'd rather get the tattoo than the watch.
Quote: I can buy detection of differences between a CD and perhaps even a high bitrate lossy compression...maybe.  But from studio master to CD?  With a sampling rate (frequency range) that is twice what a human ear can detect, at 65,000 levels of amplitude?  I have trouble believing that. 
Here's why this seems like bad news to me: 1) it confirms the reasoning of conspiracy theorists who always ascribe profit motives as to why phone x cannot do y instead of thinking about technological and performance limitations. 2) people (ok, I can only speak for myself) don't replace appliances like they do phones, especially subsidized phones. Yes, 4-years is completely appropriate, even generous, for phone support, but this is not a phone that I plan on replacing...
Did you actually read the Reuters article? They got 15M by taking 6% of the census population of 250M. The error range of 5.2% is almost the magnitude of the 6% they're reporting. This is a meaningless result.
Yes - did I read it right? 6% of Americans plan to purchase +/-2.6%? The projection is barely above noise level, although even if only 3.4% want them, it's still a lot of watches.
I made no assertion.
Please explain how the government creates monopolies. Are you saying that lack of regulation created an environment where growth and market dominance were no longer kept in check?
New Posts  All Forums: