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Yes, and does the new mouse come with the duct tape for inside the battery door to prevent disconnects every time we need to pick it up?
I don't know- I think this leak smacks of unnecessary desperation. I had always heard he was eccentric and maybe a bit of an asshole, but that didn't make me want his products less. It's not like I had to marry the guy to enjoy the fruits of his very exacting labors.
Irrelevant. We were discussing why a thin, light product from MS might be judged differently from one by Apple. I've never seen complaints about obsessive thinness when it comes to MBP.
How many ports did Microsoft provide?  One USB-C?  That's the difference - when form is prioritized over function.
 I'm not sure Microsoft has succeeded so well with convergence even on my wife's Surface Pro 3 running 8.1.  It reminds me very much of Windows Mobile 6.5 - a thin veil over the old UI, so anything other than web browsing or email requires the stylus, not to mention the fact that some websites require the "desktop" browser instead of the one you use with touch (seems to be silverlight-based).
Bad day to be an Apple fan. What next? No more news of drone strikes in the news app?
Pushing directions to iPhone- not a new feature.
Is this text selection mode available on all iPads, or just the latest? I couldn't seem to activate it on my Air, but I could have given up too quickly.
I guess where we part ways is that I believe it is possible for an industry to exist that Apple is not equipped to excel at. All the evidence posted here of Apple's successes is at the same time indisputable, and confined to a single industry; and, even in computer h/w and s/w it isn't a perfect record. As to automobiles specifically, I don't think the profit margin is there, especially if BMW is providing the chassis or the body (not because it's BMW, but because they...
Yeah, our favorite computer company has a strong track record building...computers (wrist-worn, desktops, mobile). Maybe they should go into nuclear power next. /s
New Posts  All Forums: