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I think you read that wrong. I think he was saying the lynching mob never had a rainbow flag.
I wonder how many times I'll get to hear the word, "freedom" repeated in this song, or how many times I'll have to hear the song every time I turn on the TV. Yes, you may have guessed by now, I hated the repetitive, monotonous "Happy" with a white-hot passion that only grew each new time it was forced down my throat.
Style - no argument there. But it does have a sort of "set it and forget it" utility due to its battery life (and due to its dead stupid electronics). It's also, essentially, disposable at $70 a pop, so it's never a source of stress or worry.I am intrigued by your statements about wearables being integrated into clothing, as long as it's cheap enough so I don't have to work out in the same, disgusting clothing every day. This would, indeed, be a game changer.As to...
You may turn out to be correct eventually, but I think you're being too dismissive. The iPod and any other MP3 player are much more closely aligned in functionality and cost than a $70 step counter and the Apple Watch. As fitness levels increase among FitBit wearers, they will want to measure other activities, like swimming, cycling, and weight training. The heart rate monitor in the watch helps with weight training; for everything else, they still have to look elsewhere...
Your monthly bill is under contract and should not change. This strikes me as getting what you've already paying for since the network magically has the needed capacity for people on different plans.
Super useful research when "Others" is bigger than Apple and Samsung combined.
My Garmin VivoSmart interfaces with HealthKit. I love it, by the way, as a way to bide my time until Apple Watch 2.0 arrives. It looks like a Fitbit Flex, but has a touchscreen that shows all the stats without having to use a phone app, and offers music control, phone notifications (dismissable but not replyable), phone finding/phone out of range alerts, chest strap integration; plus, is water proof (5 ATM) and lasts 7-days on a battery. $149.
When has this ever not been the case in a cell phone? Very insightful!
I was just thinking I could get an always-on watch face tattooed on my wrist, and it would be right twice a day.Lighten up, people!
So far, I'd rather get the tattoo than the watch.
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