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You made my night.In agreement with another post, I also noticed the guy's hands trembling. No one would apply that much force by accident in real life.
My wife loves the B&W Nook, and I think it is superior to Kindle in useability. Last time she accidentally washed it with her laundry and we had to replace it. Next time I won't be considering this.
I'm not the biggest TS fan but he's right. Laughing at water being dumped on someone's head ended for me around the same time I stopped using training wheels. I don't think a sense of humor means laughing at everything. I am personally put off by how this is seems more about making another selfie than ALS awareness.
Funny story. An ex-coworker of mine was actually asked to leave a steak buffet because he was consuming too much. It happens. But I think he got a refund.
I like how MS is making this big Cortana push, what, like three years after Siri debuted. It may be slightly better, but I've moved on.
Excellent substance, but the overuse of "beleaguered" was distracting. Other options: waning, tired, besieged, plagued.
I just can't believe how bad Windows 8 is! Sure, like most I always thought it was probably a bad idea to mix tablet and laptop functionality, blah, blah, blah, but I had never actually tried to use it. That is, until my brother in-law bought his parents a Windows 8.1 laptop and my wife and I became their help desk.It's an unfinished product! It reminds me of Windows Mobile 6.5 - a thin coat of touch-sensitive paint on all the same old stuff. Drill down past the top...
In that world we would only be able to read bibles, and, ironically, watch porn.Seriously, though, we also wouldn't have seat belts or a single auto recall, non-propriety network protocols, or even train track rails that are a consistent width apart.
You guys making this point sound insane to me, but I guess I am in the minority. I thought small business was the backbone of the economy. I though small business created 70(?)% of all new jobs. I thought we wanted less people on government handouts. It reads like we don't like this because of who suggested it rather than basing it on the its merits. Here is something that costs nothing and provides benefit. It's not mandatory - just an idea.
Eh, probably! The show Veep reminds me of his campaign for President. Seemingly no foundation to belief system due to being a slave to public opinion.
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