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I've never asked the question before. Actually, I still haven't- that was a statement.Sorry if you've heard the statement before, your highness.
How long before some idiot tries to bend it?
First, I truly hope you are right about the effort needed to bend the thing. Please remember that I said "if" it is easy to bend.Second, I have an Acura TSX, too, and it might entertain you to know I dented the hood the first day I had it. I have a shelf above my side of the garage where I store, among other things, plastic containers for mixing antifreeze. Well, I thought, I'd better move this one container so as not to fall on the car. And as I attempted to grab it, it...
I said, "If". Would you agree that something is wrong IF it's easy to bend by exploiting a weak spot?I tend to have a distrust of large corporations to give "facts", especially if they might impact profits. In my own experience I have seen lies by omission, sometimes borne from incompetence rather than malice.
I agree it would be a terrible strategy for Apple to bend the truth, even a little. I hope I am just being cynical. 9 was a point-in-time number that can easily be defended later, even if someone knows it will grow once shipments catch up to orders.I hope I'm not "acting" like anything - just trying to be objective. I don't think Ive is hiding anything, but mistakes do happen.
I also always use the front pocket. That's where I will put my 6, too.
I'm half drunk, so if I offend anyone I apologize in advance. Here's what occurs to me as I read these posts: 1) iphone 6 is half as resistant to bending as iPhone 5, yet there are occasional cases of bent iPhone 5's. Seems like they went too far with thinness. I think in the back of our minds are thoughts about protruding camera lenses and small batteries, and it seems uncomfortably obvious that we have more than one cause to believe this is the case. This makes many of...
You made my night.In agreement with another post, I also noticed the guy's hands trembling. No one would apply that much force by accident in real life.
My wife loves the B&W Nook, and I think it is superior to Kindle in useability. Last time she accidentally washed it with her laundry and we had to replace it. Next time I won't be considering this.
I'm not the biggest TS fan but he's right. Laughing at water being dumped on someone's head ended for me around the same time I stopped using training wheels. I don't think a sense of humor means laughing at everything. I am personally put off by how this is seems more about making another selfie than ALS awareness.
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