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This will be an "amazing" way to automatically add emoticons to iMessage messages.
 Because this is a hastily written, subpar article for DED.    - No mention of the corresponding Apple tech for a consolidated biometric chip that supposedly already exists.  It is certainly news to me that we already have galvanic skin response, body fat, and electrocardiogram measurements. - The link for the 30% return rate for Samsung Gear at Best Buy refers to an article that is 2 years old and a previous product generation, before there was an Apple Watch (keep in...
At $400-$500 it is a non-starter for me, but take $100 off and I start to get interested. I think the sweet spot is for monster sales is probably around $250 (for the big one with the better battery).Sog35, maybe declare victory after sales and not when we hear guesses from an AI based on web traffic. My guess is the take-rate is about what was predicted- 6%.
Probably my old, tired eyes, but I keep reading the headline as, "Jony Ive: Apple Pencil is made for marketing,..."
This seems like a nice machine for some, but I don't get the 4 out of 5 rating when the OS isn't pro, there are few pro apps, and some of the hardware is already outdated (justifiable or not). The file system is a real issue for organizing projects that span multiple applications and for moving data to and from the tablet. The Surface Pro is a hot mess because of Windows, but file system and hardwired Ethernet (via a dock) make it more "pro" than this. And before you...
"Skyrocketed"? They didn't double in the first quarter after iPhone shipped like Pebble's did. I agree that in the long term they are doomed if they stand still and Apple improves battery and/or adds GPS, but I don't think we're there yet.
It's not clear to me yet what the 32GB is for. Just app. storage?
I voted with my feet and unsubscribed. I encourage others to do the same.
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