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Seriously, though I agree.  Neither product is for me, but why have Chromecast and Android TV???
Welcome, Microsoft, to 2011!  Hopefully Cortana won't have millions of people looking for the premiere of Terra Nova.
I am confused by Samsung's apparent surprise over Touch ID. Didn't we all figure out at least a year ago that Apple didn't buy Authentec for nothing, and deduce from rumors that the reader would be in the home button?
 Now you're just splitting hairs.  Can we all agree an iPhone is a much more capable device than an 80's calculator watch or even an 80's PC?
Will try. Thanks!
Assume much? First, check the web. There is conflicting information about support for more than 2 channels, and how to get it to work. Second, these are my DVDs that I own. I've digitized my music library and seek to do the same with my movies. In the U.S. I believe this falls under Fair Use.
Need 5.1 sound. Even with optical cable and Digutal Audio enabled I am only seeing stereo from ripped DVDs where I specify 5.1 during encoding (yes, I accept I may be doing something wrong, but it should be more straightforward).
Answer: rectal scanner. Scanner doubles as a stylus.
Apple is a hardware company. Services (and resulting ad revenue) are Google's game. I'm not sure this guy has it so right. From my armchair, I think where the analysts have it wrong is considering market share more than profit. I doubt Apple becomes about services, unless there are no other options.
"The sound is more sweet than it is neutral and very silky almost to the point of being loose." I have no idea how to interpret this. I think an all-treble, "loose" sounding speaker should be a lot cheaper, like the ones on school bus radios.
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