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Bummer! Kind of makes them seem like a traditional retailer, with the December quarter being the vast majority of sales.
Haven't we traditionally seen some sort of product upgrade in April? Are we not doing that this year?
I struggle with that word "should." "Should" implies an entitlement. I, again, go back to the fundamental belief that our only true civil right is freedom. We can be whoever we want to be, but we can't force others' behavior. Government is not effective enforcer of morality and it's hard to legislate morality.Make no mistake, I am not one who would discriminate against a homosexual during a job interview, but this legislation is not going to be helpful.
Being hired for a job is not a basic civil right. You don't have a right to a job just because you want one, nor do I have to hire you just because you want one. Your civil liberty is the fact that you have the right to pursue any job you want (freedom) but you don't have the RIGHT to be hired.
"Technology is supposed to be about inclusion..."?? No it's not! It's about simplifying our lives and solving problems. Give me a break. He just says stuff because he thinks it make sense. Hire the best and brightest, not based on skin color. I'm not a black man, but if I was, I'd be insulted by the notion that I was being hired just because I had to be, not based on my merit.
If Apple releases a new FULL SIZED iPad, I'm gonna be really pissed.
Just completed my order on the Apple Store.  Was relatively prompt.  
Quick poll: What four extra apps will you be putting on the expanded screen of your next generation phone??
This is starting to make a little more sense. It made me wonder why Apple called this latest iPad "the new iPad" rather than the iPad 3. It seems that it may have been but a placeholder. If a new, smaller model is on the horizon, they couldn't very well call that the iPad 4, but it's a completely different product. So now, we'll likely see a "new iPad mini". No number. Maybe we'll see numbering scheme return upon the next iteration of the current iPad?
New Posts  All Forums: