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GatorGuy...I assume you're a Florida Gator. Sorry about the whoopin my Noles put on you last night. .
Good. I'm really into "The Man in the High Castle." Would be great to stream those through my AppleTV (sans unreliable AirPlay).
"Applying these new rich input and haptic feedback features on Mac almost "magically" makes you feel at one with your computer." LOL. I gotta try this thing then.
Oh, I get that. But has Tim Cook's truth prevented any of those scenarios? To use the verb "has" suggests there would be case studies.
I get the award, but has his decision to "speak his truth" really "saved lives?" Do we have any concrete examples? I certainly could be wrong in this case, but sometimes I think we go a little over the top in this society in assigning descriptions.
Curious to see if this freezes the lock screen freeze bug. Every few times I unlock the screen on my 6s Plus, the home screen is unresponsive for almost 10 seconds. Seems to be affecting a lot of other people too. Wondering if Apple will quietly fix it in an update, rather than acknowledging the issue.
It doesn't work, trying to restore a backup from an original iPad Mini to a new iPad Mini 4.
Downloaded. But now it won't let me update any of my apps? It says I have 12 available, but only give me an open button. There is no update button.
This is outstanding news.
They're officially available for preorder? I didn't think that happened until Sept 12....
New Posts  All Forums: