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I'm curious about shipping of pre-ordered devices. In the past, devices have arrived on our door steps the day they are available in stores. But Phil Schiller stated that Apple would "start shipping them on the 19th." What do we think?
Nice! But just curious....why did you spring this announcement on the same day of Apple's presser? I guess traffic would be high to your website. Makes sense!
So, what happens if the apple store is down and I end up on a 3-4 weeks shipping delay for my new phone? Those new phones sell out online in a matter of minutes.
Preach it, sir!
I can't get over the idea of a protruding camera lens. I won't say "sloppy" but it really just seems a little unpolished for Apple's flagship product that has always been svelt, balanced, and symmetrical. Call me skeptical until Sept 9.
And how.
Are you serious?
Harry Reid has over 200 bills from the House waiting for him to take to the floor.Know what you're talking about before spitting it.
Thank God. My wife and I were about to become an Android household.
Please not this man-child twerp. How old is he? 12? He lies like a 12 year old, too.
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