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Does this include a chip for the next MacBook?
Absolutely right. Who is going to cancel their go-to service while they're barely 1 month into a 3 month trial of a competing service. He knows it...he's just buying time.
What...no tear down of the Shuffle yet?
Because I was unaware that Tom's Guide was so biased. I have relied upon them in the past for hardware reviews. Now that I know they are willing to sacrifice objectivity, I'm going to go elsewhere. On the other hand, I approach AppleInsider completely aware that they are an Apple-biased site, as they make no claims to the contrary.Thanks, AI, for the thorough and well-researched article!
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Apple could've done the exact same thing to Rdio back when Apple revolutionized the music industry with iTunes. Oh wait a minute...Rdio wasn't even a twinkle in any of those executive's eyes at the time. Rdio is here because Apple made digital music a broad reality.
How do you know that A matches M? Have you run OS X on an A before? Or are you just guessing?
Nice, Tim! Just curious if he stands with Rand Paul right now. . Maybe just one thing upon which those two might agree. Also - any reason why AI didn't capitalize "Constitution" or "God?" Both are proper nouns in the context they were used...referring to a specific constitution and a specific diety.
It's coming! Get excited.
It's these kind of innovations - applied to the most simple concepts - that make Apple such an incredible company. No other watch or smart watch manufacturer thought of redesigning traditional watch bands to make fit and form easier on the wearer.
New Posts  All Forums: