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Think about the dock as something like an Apple TV, and this doesn't sound to far fetched. We already can stream content from an iDevice to a large display through an Apple TV. We can also connect a keyboard to an iDevice. Why not re-invent what happens when an iDevice is hooked up together with a large display, Apple TV, keyboard, mouse, game controller, etc. This could be a minor expansion of what happens today or a radical conceptual mix of iOS and OSX.
Think about where the cash is.  This is a global economy. By doing this, Apple will lose money to taxes or have no money to function in the States: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2011/02/22/why-apple-isnt-paying-a-dividend.aspx
@nagromme: my favorite Android app is all of them, that give out my name, location, and email address. /S
Of course, Google doesn't want everyone to know. This really pisses me off.
IMO, Apple should have made the iPad mini with a Phablet option (one more thing) and have it come out with a cool Bluetooth earpiece.  This would mean the iPad mini has a wifi, wifi + 4G data, and wifi + 4G data + voice.  Doing this would have better justified the iPad mini space better and would have been an easy way to test the Phablet market.  Everyone that loves the Phablet thinks that they can all still be bigger.  Once you are reserved to using a Bluetooth head set...
The is very close to Google admitting, that they copied Apple patents.
So funny when big companies whine. Nokia and RIM sound like a child who wants a new toy. When this all started, Nokia was accusing Apple of just trying to make money with Apple's nano-SIM standard. Of course, Nokia neglects to say that they want to make money, as well. Apple responds (calls Nokia on it) by saying then we will give our patents away for free if you give it away free. Nokia is now complaining that Apple is undermining them. Nokia, you can't have it...
We can call it, "AppleInsider Trading"!
LoL, That is the Law of Large Numbers! I liked the 1, 2 punch. Apple announces dividend and buy back before the market opens; then Apple announces record 3 millions sales of the new iPad after close. And of course, Apple is Doomed.
I second your comment. A fairly large company that I use to work for outsourced software to India, and our software was accidentally published to the very "open" web. I have many stories, but this one seems to be related to the story. Apple is very secretive. This just seems counter intuitive to me.
New Posts  All Forums: