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Sigh more dongles
It's sad to see these great Japanese companies go into trouble, but spending anytime in corporate Japan you see how slow, conservative and inefficient they can be. Hordes of salarymen just grinding through the day, decision makers that don't make decisions and very very real price competition from Korea and China. Here's hoping they can trim a lot of the bureaucratic fat, and get back to bleeding edge technology. I'm very sorry for the laid off workers though, hope they...
If this guy has seen episodes of Homeland or any terrorist themed movie/TV show recently, all terrorists use disposable phones made in China. It doesn't matter whether they have encryption or not, even the cell signal is enough to give the terrorist's location away. If it's even common knowledge in Hollywood, then yeah, I don't see terrorists lining up for iPhone 6S.
 Keeping really good people around is no small feat. Not everyone can be kept by a nice paycheck (though there are plenty of those too). Lifers in government positions are usually terrible employees. You can't accomplish what Apple has accomplished by being a 9-5 desk jockey. 
I don't disagree with the article much, but Google's effect on businesses is real. Ads aren't the only thing it sells, and totally share the opinion that most of them are useless. The real money is in rankings. Being on page 1 of a Google search result is life and death these days for most enterprises, and scamming social reviews (Yelp, Google Maps, others) can mean the end of even traditional businesses like restaurants. Google does put out some craptacular products, but...
I'm not sure this award is that meaningful. Browsing the iF webpage of other winners (gold and others), most of the designs aren't even actual products. Many are just concept sketches. There was no shortage of bending phones, bending displays, folding electronics that will never make it past Photoshop. Yet the gold design was awarded.
Hasn't this Munster guy been screaming for an Apple TV for years? He should give it up already.
Self driving cars would be great for productivity. Spending 1-3 hours navigating roads every day is a huge loss of time. Public transport doesn't solve this problem because people can see your screens and you can't do anything really important, or make calls without pissing everyone off. If you're in the privacy and comfort of your own car, things turn different very very quickly.
I'm running a mid-2012 MBA that is still going very strong. I have absolutely no issues with the hardware, and it will continue to have a good life when I give it to my wife. But a spec bump isn't what I'm waiting for in terms of an upgrade. A 13" rMBP is on my short list, but if there really is a new 12" MBA coming, then that's what I'm going to buy. 
 I bought a new refrigerator a couple weeks ago. On the exterior, the Samsung and LG fridges tend to look pretty good with the brushed metal finish, especially at the $1-2k price range. But once you open the door, man it's pretty bare inside. Compared to fridges from Mitsubishi (which we bought), Panasonic and Hitachi, the Korean fridges just didn't add up. The Japanese fridges tended to have variable shelves, ice makers, and specialised compartments. Samsung fridges...
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