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Video conferencing on Android devices simply don't work right. You have to have the app installed, accounts setup and credit cards all setup before you can make calls, and even then the quality is questionable. The best universal app is Skype, and video over 3G can be downright terrible. Also, not every Android phone has a front facing camera believe it not!
  Thanks for this clear explanation. Been on The Verge, Engadget, Slashdot, Ars Technica and everyone seems bent on bashing Obama rather than digging through what the legal details of what happened.
Open source needs viable business models to succeed, otherwise you end up with dead projects all over Google Code / Sourceforge that no one maintains. If a piece of software is good, it needs attention and if the developer has to support himself with another job, then the software is going to suffer due to lack of attention. The failing of open source is that people assume that other people are going to pitch in and help, but all that does is create 1) forks or 2) patches...
There's a reason why medical apps tend to be on iOS, and it's Android fragmentation. Imagine if the developer of that artificial leg did it on Android. If just exactly one patient had an incompatible Android version, they'd be out of luck, and that's just heartbreaking. A technology barrier where none should exist. I cried a bit at the autistic child being able to communicate with his mom, and it was an iPad with a big screen that was key. Android tablets just do not have...
I just plugged mine in, it's sturdy even with all the cables connected. There's a bit of heft to it but it's much smaller than you would expect. If there was an analogy I could give, it's unlikely that my 18lb. cat would knock it over unless he actually pushed it. Very happy with the purchase, wifi speeds compared to my old Extreme (11g) is night and day.
The massive marketing campaign brought a lot of attention and buyers to the S4 product, but a large part of product successes also depend on word of mouth. This hasn't happened. Review sites don't highly recommend it, and people who have the phone don't sing its praises. Hope the S5 puts more emphasis on the product itself, the build materials and really reducing the mountain of feature apps that people don't use, but look good on a brochure.
  This was exactly what I was thinking when I was watching the replay on C-SPAN. Steve Jobs could never have pulled off that hearing without slamming back at those senile and decrepit Senators. Tim Cook never fired back, was gracious and set the tone right from the beginning. He made a few friends in Congress that day, and no new enemies. An amazing feat rarely duplicated in these show hearings.   Tim Cook was built to run the new Apple, now a massive company. Let's see...
You guys were #1 in my mind when compared to 9to5 and MacRumors. I think it's fine if you do a paid review, but you should note it as such. Highly encourage you guys on finding additional revenue streams so you can bring quality news, articles and reviews to your readers. But please don't do this again, or every page you post from now on will leave your readers wondering if you have some sort of commercial bias. 
Apple forecast X devices to be put into the sales channel. Suppliers delivers X > Forecast is accurate, no need to add new orders. Supplier reports no new revenue. Apple finds new supplier for retina iPad mini screens (LG) > orders diverted. Pegatron story inflated way beyond context. Apple share price takes a hit > analysts to make their profits.
This is a mistake, any company that focuses on revenue first over customer satisfaction will achieve neither.   That was one of the core tenets of SJ's philosophy when he took Apple back. I would have hoped that this particular lesson would have been a permanent fixture.
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