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I enjoyed listening to him speak, there's a bit of a muse to his speech as he's constantly trying to pick better words or to give process to his thoughts. I think it translates well into what he actually does at work. He'll never be CEO, I don't think he wants to be CEO, it would totally ruin his abilities as a designer. Imagine going into work and having to deal with all the shit of stock prices and stuff. He wants his workbench, not spreadsheets.
 iPhone 4 stolen right out from a bar! And then sold to bloggers! There must have been sex involved somewhere. Someone should make a movie out of this!
I much prefer Bose products, especially their headphones. Home theatre not so much, it sounds weird. Beats does have an edge in styling, though it's definitely not to my taste, but apparently a big deal to the younger crowd.
I'm buying one. I think anyone into fitness is going to take a hard look at the device, especially anyone with a Nike Fuelband, albeit it didn't do that well commercially. Teens are fickle, what's hot yesterday won't be hot tomorrow. I don't know why anyone would write about this.
I'd advise people to not install this update. I just did this on my iPhone 6 and now it says "Searching..." or "No Network". I swapped my SIM back to an older iPhone 5 (iOS 8.0) and immediately found network. My iPad mini also just did the update and now also can't get cellular network as well.
All these leaks seem to show the case with that crazy oversized band. I hope the production version doesn't have it!
Interesting that it's only celebs that got "hacked", and that there wasn't a massive data breach against other users (i.e. everyone else)
Anyone in enterprise IT will know that Gartner / IDC and others like them simply are paid to publish their "reports". It's particularly worse with benchmarks. Vendors tend to pay anywhere from $50k to millions to secure more coverage (and thus more favorable bias) from Gartner.   Since Apple obviously does not pay Gartner/IDC, you can see that the bias continues to be skewed towards traditional PC manufacturers like Dell even though it's obvious these companies have...
Touch ID fade seems to affect the outer tips of the finger. If I use the center part of my thumb, or even slightly below then Touch ID works every time. The weather here tends to go from humid cold to dry cold in just a day, so skin tends to endure some punishment.
Samsung innovation, jurors take Note (tm) 3
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