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Apple forecast X devices to be put into the sales channel. Suppliers delivers X > Forecast is accurate, no need to add new orders. Supplier reports no new revenue. Apple finds new supplier for retina iPad mini screens (LG) > orders diverted. Pegatron story inflated way beyond context. Apple share price takes a hit > analysts to make their profits.
This is a mistake, any company that focuses on revenue first over customer satisfaction will achieve neither.   That was one of the core tenets of SJ's philosophy when he took Apple back. I would have hoped that this particular lesson would have been a permanent fixture.
Well it's the same question of why would anyone buy a candy bar phone when flip phones and Blackberry devices are doing so much better? This was in 2007.   It takes Apple to truly generate profits by creating products people actually want to buy. Competitors are good at making junk. No deception necessary.   I can't wait for Apple to break open the 7" tablet space. The Nexus 7 is a good device, earning high praise, but we'll have to see if Google can keep it up....
They are lining up because everyone knows that making Apple products will guarantee overtime pay, and only for Apple products. The launch of these devices are guaranteed to provide a larger cheque to the workers.    If you were in line for Samsung, Sony or LG factory positions, there'd be no such provisions, and you'd most likely not paid on time to top it off.   This also would hold true for textiles, chemicals or any other kind of manufacturing. FYI. Overtime...
A huge percentage (> 70%) of the articles on AI's front page involves some kind of legal dispute or issue. It's very depressing. I've slowed my visits to AI because instead of Apple new about upcoming hardware, reviews of apps or software, we're treated to this legal shit.   I'm an Apple fan about it's products, period. 
  You know TV, radio and this new fangled thing called mobile phones are also wireless. They're also a lot stronger.    FM radio: 100,000 W 3G: 2W WiFi: 0.2W   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBm     I think you should upgrade your tin foil hat. Try 3 in. of lead. I hear it is heavy but you definitely won't get tumours.
If the OEMs / PC makers actually did a decent job making good hardware that didn't break every 6 months, then maybe MS wouldn't of had to step in. Fact is Apple is kicking butt and half baked solutions aren't going to work. Name one desktop Windows PC maker that provides quality hardware and software integration - it's zero. Samsung is the closest but they're banking on Android.    I'm actually interested in Surface - I don't want to buy a PC with Windows on it, but...
  Did you buy it from an Apple online / retail store or from a reseller like Best Buy? If it was the latter, I'd put my money on some punk who had a bit too much time in the warehouse. 
  It did happen once to Apple. I believe the current iteration of Apple has learned a lot from the past about how to avoid going completely into the gutters again.   Companies are great when they're disrupting the status quo. Apple is the status quo at the moment, and hopefully they recognize the need to continue to disrupt themselves. The day that we see a product launch that tries to avoid cannibalizing an existing product line, that's a pretty good indicator of the...
I have a 17" MB Pro. Bought it sometime last year, put gobs of RAM and upgraded the HDD to a screaming fast SSD. It's probably the smoothest laptop I've ever owned. But I find I don't use it much at all. When I'm out, I usually carry my 13" MBA instead. The thing is pretty darn heavy, it's got its uses but the cost was fairly high. 
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