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It's nice there are updates already happening. I can't see myself having 50 apps on the watch, mostly just notifications or extensions.
I enjoy having somone's perspective on their daily use of the apple watch. Changing faces, straps, workout settings. I think I'm gonna give it a try just can't decide if  I want to go low key all black sport or if its worth $200 more for the sapphire display and such.
Seems like it will be more of a guideline, I'm sure there will be a table set up for one to go and see the watches and try them on. with the different bands and such. Then the watch will have a demo on it and you can see it in action. But still this is like 5-10 min maybe a lap around the store, and your done.
About time for this, Apple went to the trouble of advertising for these companies its about time they did they same.
I'll be more curious if preorders start "selling out" on April 10th or if they will reveal release numbers
I wonder when these will be available as an accessory to the Imac.
It's a creative way to wind the cable, but I don't see the cable being that long though. I can't think of a time where you would find this useful, your out and about all day, with no outlets near by your watch dies and you want to plug it in. Maybe there backpacking in the wilderness and bring batteries for everything.
I remember using apple pay at a jambs juice like 4-6 weeks ago, you just have to look for the right terminal . The sephora one doesn't have the usual wave symbol .
I think it has to do with typing on my iPhone 6. I tend to just hit space before i do a punctuation. Or it does it automatically and I have to delete the space.
Obviously they would never tell us when an updated refresh would happen , but they spent 4 years on this thing and they seem to be having a later launch date then I would have guessed . So I personally don't think a new one will be out in a year maybe the fall of next year tied in with a new iPhone but not in a year . But I'm sure they could improve and eventually add gps so you can go for a run without your phone and so on , but right now there seems to be more emphasis...
New Posts  All Forums: