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I feel the same way just seems faster and simpler to double click unless your just trying to go to the previous app open then maybe pushing and swiping might be easier , but haven't found use for all the new gestures
Yep did it through att for the first time , hope they don't screw with my unlimited plan or anything
Was a more confusing time with the upgrade program and even att was trying to sell me on there next program . But ordered through att says 9-25 delivery . I usually order through apple but they didn't offer 2 year commitment discount . Order 6s 128 space grey , the plus still seems just to big and unless I missed in the keynote they didn't really talk about what differentiates the two .
When I asked, " hey siri give me a hint" the reply was Can you get a hint? No. You may, however, get a what what. When I asked give us a hint I got a local location. So do we think there will actually be a separate event for Ipad in October or will they roll it into one?
Not for me, this is the top of my list for my next vehicle . In my sisters gl is has a safety sensor and it always seems to go after you see the obstacle I don't really trust those systems over my driving .
I recently fell into a lake with it on while paddle boarding, and it's still ticking. If I needed it more waterproof then that, then I would take it off, but it was an accident when it happened.
The only thing I noticed is when using search for say Etrade it will bring up the website but not list my app, this was a previous problem, and was corrected, but is back again.
I hope it makes it I wouldn't mind having separate folders like that
Does this mean that it won't be available for purchases on iTunes either ? Is she releasing it on ... What we're those things CDs ? Lol yes I think any artist should have a right to there property but to charge stupid amounts when Maybe we want one song does not make sense to the consumer . Is she also going to stop radio stations from playing it ? I was surprised when they showed off music videos I haven't seen one of those since mtv died , I don't see why they still make...
It will be interesting to use for free for the first three months, I am not a huge music lover, I listen to whats on in the car ride, and while exercising I use itunes radio usually just pop channel, even though I like more music then just pop.I hope it's somewhat like pandora where it will suggest songs, and you can either like or dislike them, I like feature they showed off in the keynote, where you can see what's coming next and change around the order.
New Posts  All Forums: