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Searching on ups worked for me , shows a label was created today , but hasn't been picked up yet. Usually all my apple stuff ships FedEx to me but I guess not this time .
I haven't gotten that email and still no tracking on my order that's preparing for shipment , I guess I won't hold my breath for tomorrow . O well I'll find something else to do this weekend .
Still no tracking for my "preparing for shipment " order , hopefully by the morning it will have moved .
I ordered a stainless steel with white sport band and it says preparing for shipment .
It was my chase notification for me I used the Apple Store app and apple pay to pay for it . Delivery had said 4-24 to 5-8 . Hoping for sooner rather rhen later .
Well I was charged, and it currently says preparing for shipment. So we shall see where it ships from.
My order still just says processing not preparing for shipment , will be interesting to see if it ships overnight from China or where it comes from
I asked gamestop about a month ago and they had just gotten new terminals but not with nfc I bet it's different for each location . Haven't been to a chevron lately but I'll try it next time
I think the biggest question is when would we even see a second gen in a year or maybe 2 ? I can't see them doing a yearly update. That's what makes me want one now versus waiting another 2 years. Still can't decide if i should dip my toes with the sport, but the stainless that Scott Stein from cnet was wearing looked awesome.
I wonder if the packaging has room for a charge it would be a free stand then
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