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I hope it makes it I wouldn't mind having separate folders like that
Does this mean that it won't be available for purchases on iTunes either ? Is she releasing it on ... What we're those things CDs ? Lol yes I think any artist should have a right to there property but to charge stupid amounts when Maybe we want one song does not make sense to the consumer . Is she also going to stop radio stations from playing it ? I was surprised when they showed off music videos I haven't seen one of those since mtv died , I don't see why they still make...
It will be interesting to use for free for the first three months, I am not a huge music lover, I listen to whats on in the car ride, and while exercising I use itunes radio usually just pop channel, even though I like more music then just pop.I hope it's somewhat like pandora where it will suggest songs, and you can either like or dislike them, I like feature they showed off in the keynote, where you can see what's coming next and change around the order.
It will be interesting to see third parties redesign their keyboards to take advantage this new functionality, I might be interested in a new iPad this year and maybe finally get a Bluetooth keyboard
Makes me kind of want a Macbook, it's trying to be something it's not. Seems more useful if it was a keyboard with a trackpad, rather then on screen. 
Hopefully it's wireless car play , I'm sure it would be nice for women to leave their phone in their purse and be able to have full functionality of it. Hopefully more cars will be added , I'm due for a new car in the next year or so .
As always I can't wait the updates, I've been happy with my apple watch, it still confuses people, and they don't know what it's called. The speed of using apple pay is faster on the watch then my iphone, especially switching between cards. I'm hoping some of this will location based, so if your in a store with your rewards card will come up first, then you can pay with your credit card. I'm just hoping it doesn't complicate the situation, pay with gift card then with your...
I know lifeproof teased the Power Fre, which it looks like it has a door for lightening, not sure how they get power to the phone. The price seems steep at $130. But glad to see some innovation, but yes like others have said, I still want to plug in my lightening connector for syncing.
Just got order status update on my phone saying it shipped and will arrive tomorrow , it's then same tracking info I saw earlier but still hasn't been picked up yet , but now I'll relax . I tried posting a photo but it wouldn't let me "upload from device "
Searching on ups worked for me , shows a label was created today , but hasn't been picked up yet. Usually all my apple stuff ships FedEx to me but I guess not this time .
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