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Siri, wanted a bigger capacity, the camera, and I liked the color white. On the fence right now if I want to spend 649 for a 64 gb white. Just to have more capacity, and a bigger screen. Seems to be it, since IOS 6 on the 4s will allow you to take Panoramatic photos and every other feature they announced.
  I'm in the same boat, right now I'm on the fence. I like being one of the first to pre order so you actually get your phone on launch day. Versus waiting a month or so to get it. I think improvements could be made on Apple's apps and not necessarily the software. I wish IOS 6 was released before preorders so I could get a chance to play with and see it goes and such.
I wish Disney would incororprate this for your tickets or for their annual passholders. They have your picture in their system, so all they have to do is scan it and look at you. The only hiccup would be for the discounts, but I dont remember if they swipe your pass or not. 
Im curious to know if you have existing gift cards if you have the ability to scan them and put them in passbook or if its only for like e gift cards. But i do love the idea of having every thing in one place
Yes 12:01 am is what all major carriers are doing as well. Who is staying up to midnight tonight?
Does anyone know how the bluetooth 4.0 works, I was surprised for the touch they said you could link it to your car's audio system, what cars allow for this?
Unless I missed something, I wish they talked more about car manufacturers and siri, I would love to have this feature in my Audi. But either way I can't wait for IOS 6. The other thing that I was hoping for was some type of case or smart cover for the new phone. Seems like revenue they are missing out on and until other manufacturers get there hands on the device, they won't be able to start making cases.
Is straight talk AT&T prepaid plan? I believe I'm under contract for another year with iPhone 4s but was hoping and wanting to buy an iPhone 5 at whatever cost use it while I'm under contract then when my contract is over probably dump AT&T and get a prepaid pla n around $50 as opposed to the $100 I'm spending now , I'd that possible ?
So is there a point in getting an unlocked iphone 5 if im not traveling overseas? Is the only other gsm network in the USA t mobile Tmobile , that it could be used with? Or does anyone offer a prepaid plan when im out of contract, that I can just throw there sim card in ?
is this on a prepaid sim card? I think is why Im gonna get my iphone 5 unlocked so when my contract does expire I can go with a prepaid plan or something
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