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Do we really need speculation on when a beta will be released? I would say save it for when it comes it and tell us what has changed, that's a real story.
Wouldn't this be three models ? If there showing renderings of a 6 and 6c but also talking about a 5.5 phablet , widely expected to debut 2 new models this fall seems like everything has been saying 2 sizes and 3 models if they continue the c line of phones
I say bring on the possibilities but it will be nice to hear some announcements of what vehicles will have it for people interetestsd in buying.
So I reported a problem July 2nd, with the words "Stevens Pass Ski " and it showed a location in downtown Seattle, they just notified me today July 8th (which I think is a cool feature that we get notified when our problems update) and they have since removed the downtown location. But still if you search Stevens Pass ski ,it shows a chalet approximately near the hill. I just tried Google maps Stevens pass ski resort and it shows it, and i think its cool how it has the...
I wish they would start announcing models and not just automakers I'm curious to know if it's the full line up or just certain models will get it
Smart move, and like others have said about bloody time. The customer shouldn't be penalized for switching phones, as most keep there cars 4-7 years longer then phone upgrades. I have an Audi already and was considering getting a new vehicle in 1-2 years. So it's nice to see that in car technology is finally advancing.
I think the major downside to a bigger size, is more people would want to try it out first, see how it feels in there hand before purchasing. A lot of people I know still want it to fit in their pocket. It will be interesting to see what comes out, but I might have to hold it in my hand first before I purchase a larger iphone.
It seems like eventually every company will have access to everything.It would be interesting if apple created an itunes app that you allowed you to play your itunes content on a ps4 or amazon tv or whatever. This is the new fragmentation, we need itunes, netflix, hulu, and all the others to watch the content that we actually want to watch.
I was actually thinking the fire was dwindling for new products but now it seems like its hot as ever. I own an audi and am surprised to see them on the list, but I guess they haven't said a lot about IOS. Seems like most companies would want to play nice with everyone and not choose one of the other. The wear devices still seem a little odd to me. Like it shows when your flight is departing but can you scan it from the watch or do you still have to pull out your phone and...
Did they talk about privacy at all? It seems fine if you buy into the whole amazon ecosystem and spend a lot on amazon, as it seems like they are just making it easier for you to spend on amazon.  I am looking forward to Yosemite, and IOS 8 and having that integration to a computer is kinda essential, not everything can be streamed always.
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