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I saw this today on businessweek Quote "Apple (AAPL) has scheduled a press event for Sept. 9, and a source tells Bloomberg News that this will be the occasion for the release of the next generation of iPhones. " I mean have they now, where are the cryptic invitations?
Now if we could do without needing a cable subscription to watch certain things that would be a dream come true
I'll wait to see the invitations
Especially on smaller planes, but they still offer earplugs.
Maybe this is different then having wifi in the plane, but couldn't this be implemented with ios 8 and wifi calling ? I hardly fly on a plane that offers wifi, but I concur I would not want to be on a planee where everyone is yacking, but I'm sure some business people would like it, versus emailing for that 4+ hour flight.
Yea I think my next iphone will be unlocked so I can look at my options, and already have a phone to take to a network versus buying a subsidized phone and being on contract.
As a note to investors, who takes this guy seriously, seriously. Glass instead of Sapphire really? you think they would make two versions or ship something that is half done.
Falls short of Wall Street expectations, but that is all, the next quarter always seems to be the toughest before a release in September or October.
I think it's mainly for kids who have cash or someone who doesn't have a credit card . But it's does suck have to do it an apple store . I guess they could just go buy a gift card from anywhere it seems like nowadays with there cash then add it to their account but yes hard to fully understand the relevance
Do we really need speculation on when a beta will be released? I would say save it for when it comes it and tell us what has changed, that's a real story.
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