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very helpful thank you , that sucks that you cant do apple tv mirroring on the iphone 4, how do you enable it on the ipad 2 though?
boo why couldn't they release it at 7 am before work, now i have to wait until i get off work to update everything
whats the difference between airport and a regular cisco wireless router?
was hoping to upgrade before work doesnt look like that will happen.
So do we expect to wait another 15 months before the iPhone 5 ? Some are predicting q3 of 2012. I can't wait for Wednesday to see how iOS 5 runs on my iPhone 4. Then I'll see if I will upgrade in late nov or hopefully wait until sep or oct to upgrade
the packaging looks suspicious and generic. I wouldn't mind seeing like a smart cover for the iphone if it does indeed have a metal back.
same boat, not supposed to upgrade until nov 20, it always seems like if your not of the first to get your order in then you have to wait a month to 2 months to. i remember ordering my iphone 4 and waiting for like 2 weeks to ship, and it seemed like forever, when some people were already getting there phones.
actually the glass on the back for me is very slippery that is why I use a case, but I would prefer not to. A metal back I'm sure would be easier to hold as well as the shape, and I personally wouldn't mind a slightly larger screen. But also new features are an obvious inclusion in the product, I do not feel my phone slow though by any means, the main feature I would find most useful would be an improved camera.
I am for one am excited to see the announcement and see what comes out of it. At&t doesn't seem to be allowing people to upgrade early, so I cant until Nov. And unless an iphone 5 is released with a thinner wider screen with curved back, then I will probably wait for the next generation and be happy with ios5 and my iphone 4.
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