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Can someone clarify the ac wifi thing, so currently the only apple product to take advantage of the 802.11ac is the new air? is that correct?
It's nice having something to look forward I know we won't see hardware but after the conference hearing about all the beta versions and such it gets exciting. I'm fine with waiting until things are done right .
Its a little tempting, but I hope with the next version of IOS there can be profiles or something, it takes a long time if I loan it to my daughter to set all the parental controls and such. It is nice to store things locally when flying or something like that. Not to have to keep taking things off and on. Yes there will always be another one, sometime, Its not even February yet so if another one isnt coming out until September or October thats still a lot of time.   
what routers support this? So im guessing if the chips are still in development then the routers arent out yet? So if we want faster speeds we will need a new mac and a new router
I'm still waiting to hear what Audi will bring to the table or what vehicles it will be compatible with.
It seems like most the reviews for the mini are compared to an ipad 3 not 4, and nearly everyones gets over the screen resolution due to the size and weight. I am tempted at the mini and I know there is usually a new one 9 months away. But unless there is some breakthrough in battery tech I dont see how they could keep the same form factor. It took the iphone 4 generations to go retina and 3 for the ipad, so maybe 2 isn't unreasonable for the mini, but I see it as...
did apple mention it in their keynote? didn't seem like much attention was directed towards the speakers.
Personally I'm reaching the limit of how fast I can upgrade my devices. I have an iphone 5 so I won't be upgrading next year unless there is some have to have feature. Ipad I have a 3rd gen so until it becomes lighter I'm happy. I think I will soon be in the market for a new Imac but those are out this year . The only way they can do this is, is if they keep expanding there consumer base.
I think it's interesting there is like zero chatter on the 4th gen ad . I think the mini looks great for something small and light . And just the other weekend I saw a pair of people using smaller tablets at breakfast . They do seem a lot more convenient to carry around . But I like my 3rd gen iPad . I like all the screen real estate and retina is a plus .
the fusion drive makes me want one  as well as the improved screen plus i need a bigger hard drive, i personally think 27 is took big but i do like my 21.5 size
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