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Maybe someone has already made a comment on it, but it seems like there are usually more speculation reports on stock levels, on the 5c it now shows 3-5 day shipping versus delivery on 9/20. It also seemed to show that the unlocked versions sold out first ,or maybe they just had less inventory. It seems like that would raises apples stock price as well and curb fears that the 5C wasn't selling.
Ok so app update and background location services is the same? I don't mind my apps updating, but why should they have the ability to use location services if they are in the background. I want the app to only use location if the app is open and i press use location, otherwise why should they have access to my location.
Well I guess I will try tonight, unless I can find wifi at lunch. So we will see. I wish they didn't  wait until 10 am pst , but it makes sense as most people are at work.
it must be nice to have someone on the inside, I didn't see anyone waiting outside our local apple store yet, so still hope for picking one up locally , we shall see
If I was up at midnight ordering I would be thinking it would just be shipped to me, I realize this isn't a pre-order but in the past they have shipped next day. I wonder if they will be doing Saturday delivery, Monday or just ground, we shall see when it goes live next week.
There has to be another event coming in a month or so, they have ipods to refresh and ipads, wasn't it last year, after one event they said "we have a little more to show you" then boom it was ipad mini? Do I need a new tv not really, would I would be interested in a new apple tv sure, especially if it started having more games available versus just airplay.
I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see what really happens, see if they say out of  stock for any colors, or if all will be available for launch. I think it's interesting they actually offer an unlocked phone on launch day, as in the past it seemed like they waited a month to release an unlocked version.
I will walk by our local store on Thursday and see if anyone is waiting, if their is a huge line then I will probably just order online and wait a few days, which is fine by me.
It seems like this will make people want the iphone 5 more, if they don't like the colors and if the starting price is 549 off contract, then my iphone 5 64 gb should fetch a pretty penny.
There goes my lifeproof case. I'm really looking forward to trying this feature out.
New Posts  All Forums: