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I had no idea one could leave apple feedback , it will be interesting to see how you can twin access to the last known location . If they do turn it off though even with a full battery hopefully find my iPhone has a quick response time to locating the device once powered on and notifying you when it is found .
So where are the before and after pics?
I don't think I heard "carplay" mentioned once and i only missed about the last 6 minutes of it. I hope there are follow up images to why these cars were there. I noticed on the list that Landrover isn't mentioned doesn't Jaguar own land rover or something like that?
Looks like they wanted to build a snowman
To me it just doesn't seem to be the same proportions as the 5s maybe its cause I'm using a lifeproof case. But the size of the camera lens and the flash seems odd to me. 
I really like the true flash of the 5s it looks really different in this picture, i don't see why they wouldn't keep it
I like the update ..... nope
I guess sometimes rumors do come true
I'm looking forward to the keynote June 2nd then we'll see what happens there.
Not that I plan on switching from an iPhone , but how does one "formally disconnecting their phone number from the iMessage service. " sounds more like a hassle then a problem
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