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the fusion drive makes me want one  as well as the improved screen plus i need a bigger hard drive, i personally think 27 is took big but i do like my 21.5 size
Im sure Apple wants to make a thinner lighter Ipad but with a retina display it doesn't seem that possible. I'm still on the fence since I have a 3rd generation ipad , but it would be nice to have everything with a lightening connector, faster wifi, and faster processor and such. They mentioned a lot of the displays having less reflection is the 4th generation Ipad one of them?  
Is anyone else surprised by the lack of secrecy? I am looking forward to an ipad Mini i will admit so my daughter will stopping hogging my new ipad lol. The colors would be fun too like the ipod.
Wold you really be willing to hand over your iPad to a Starbucks clerk? Would it even fit under there scanner to get scanned ? I understand your point of people taking iPads to Starbucks but how would they scale down the barcode so there scanner would read it ? I mean you can't have a 9.7 in bar code
I ohpe companies start updating their apps to allow gift cards to be moved to passbook. I don't like how target says they support passbook but currently only for coupons.
So far I like it , Its easy to say I need directions to this contact or something to that extent. I played with on my way to work and on a delivery even though I knew where I was going. It was more like a gps in a car which was nice, one less thing to bring. I think the turning directions could have been a little faster coming if you don't know where you are it would have been a little late. But i liked asking SIRI where I could park and she listed parking garages, and...
Yea i downloaded fandago last night but there were no movie theatres locally that i could use it for. I still have gift cards laying around, so eventually I would like to integrate all those mostly. But it will be nice for flying. But I hope more people do support it , and figure out the easiest way for it to work.
Why does this only seem to work in mountain lion mail, I only really use my yahoo email can this be integrated into mountain lion mail so if i do get an email for a ticket or pass i bought or an e gift card someone sent me i push it to my iphone?
Went to dinner came back found im wifi went down and now having to restart the download for my iphone says 3 hours, but been doing my new iPad OTA and keeps jumping from 10 to 4 min right now.Hope to get this all done tonight. 
New Posts  All Forums: