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I remember using apple pay at a jambs juice like 4-6 weeks ago, you just have to look for the right terminal . The sephora one doesn't have the usual wave symbol .
I think it has to do with typing on my iPhone 6. I tend to just hit space before i do a punctuation. Or it does it automatically and I have to delete the space.
Obviously they would never tell us when an updated refresh would happen , but they spent 4 years on this thing and they seem to be having a later launch date then I would have guessed . So I personally don't think a new one will be out in a year maybe the fall of next year tied in with a new iPhone but not in a year . But I'm sure they could improve and eventually add gps so you can go for a run without your phone and so on , but right now there seems to be more emphasis...
I'm a fan of our local gamestop and this will just add to my positive shopping experience , but basically doesn't this mean all nfc payments ? Not just apple pay ?
It's an interesting strategy to say the least, I wonder when appointments will be up and how quickly they will fill up? But to still have to wait 2 weeks to get it after a try on? What gives?
Agreed, they look pretty large, but I think it's an interesting strategy having people come in and try them on but then have to wait 2 weeks before they can get them . But like the iphone 6 and 6+ they say the 42mm has a bigger battery. So might be worth it.
This made me laugh lol , no not really , I just didn't get who the actual reporting article was from until I saw the cnet link . I think the watch is a good edition for the people with an iPhone 5 or 5 s and still don't plan on upgrading , some like the smaller form factor . Apple pay on the watch is at the bottom of my personal list , it's simple and one handed to pay with my iPhone 6. And in a store I've gotten accustomed to having it my hand ready for payment . The...
If you click on the cnet article it shows him wearing it on his right wrist upside down so for those left handers it alleviates that fear
And there are no pictures of him wearing the watch?
I wear a Casio g shock with temp and altitude and all that, but I would never wear it in the shower and I live by the ocean and take off my watch during swimming and in a pool, can it handle the water sure but it feels awkward to swim with it and just wear it in water . So I think I could be happy with it , because it does so much more then just being water resistant . I'm not even wearing it now but I have my phone near by . I'm interested in the health features and using...
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