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Hopefully they take a cue from the Apple Watch where it appears we can select the activity we are doing, or might hope for better integration with third party apps and have it load that way, if you use a cycling app
I would be up for anything that makes it easier to want to cut cable ties.
I'm surprised that people aren't camped out watching every box that comes and goes. Do you think there will be more treadmills and people working out at this one? Or what real work activities will they be showing off?
Audi and LG were already playing around with this at CES, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2474859,00.asp , but obviously there would be a lot of push back, on the other points I haven't walked into our local Apple store recently, I probably will walk by this week and see if I see any different arrangement and next week to see if something changes after the announcement.
I think it will be interesting to see how soon the second generation will come? Do we think it will stick with April release or come 18 months later and be released same time as an iphone in September? Does anyone remember what the time frame was between ipad 1 and 2?
I've seen commericals for this recently, but not sure where they are located or if there any local. I wish subway would change there terminal. I still give them my card instead of asking for the terminal or reaching over the counter to pay with my phone. I want the terminal to be by the consumer not retailer.
The only part of this I don't agree with is, I don't believe the wearable market is dead, I think it's about to have an explosion, if someone can make a product with advanced tracking features, that works for everyone all the time. There are a lot of people who seem to want the advanced features of the jawbone up 3, but the delays were handled horribly, and maybe there having trouble getting the darn thing to work. But I think it shows people want them, but they want it to...
I always prefer to watch it live, then try and read three different blogs about it, now if everyone will leave me alone for an hour at work, that's a different story lol.
http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/02/19/rumor-unique-display-to-showcase-apple-watch-at-high-end-paris-department-store Here's one of the stories, but this one was in Paris , I don't remember seeing one about a UK store.
I think April 3, is more likely for a release date, Friday always seems to be the day, and IOS 8.2 release on April 1st, I wonder though how many pre-orders they will get because it seems like a huge portion of the unsure category wants to try it on and see what size and what band and all that.
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