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saw it but then there was another line saying visual voicemail. So I ordered from apples site and didnt touch my plan since I am happy with it.
No problems here, I was surprised to see att jumping the gun it seemed like a minute or two. Apple didn't come up for me until about 1205 on my imac. Got my order in by 1215 and have a confirmation email at like 1221. Apple.com wouldn't open on my ipad but i was read on my imac. Im surprised the new wait times are only 2 weeks. I would have thought by now it would have been 3-4. So it will be interesting to hear all the carriers talk about how many they sold.
Did my order on my iMac my iPad still said the site was down. AT&T jumped the gun by like a minute. But all done and now in bed . Goodnight
So do you think apple did it to please AT&T so they still have something exclusive to them, or did it just not fit in the phone?
Yes I know about the full subsidized pricing and renewing for 2 years, for att does anyone know if i paid the $649 does that renew my 2 year agreement? I checked on apples website and I can get 280 for my 4s in there recycling or reusing program. so 649-280= 369 So I would be paying less this if I had gotten the phone fully subsidized anyways. So considering it but still on the fence.
I guess I must not be I was there about a month ago and stayed at paradise pier, but they didn't mention an app or anything. The key had all our info on it, but they only asked to see it for magic morning hours, but never swiped it or anything. Do you have links to any of there future plans im curious to read more about it?
then there must be some subsidized pricing then, because when I check eligibility it says $ 649 before june 11, 2013 or $399 after.
how is your bill only $66.20? I pay like $96.23 with att so I'm sure my plan is 89.99. Which seems to be about right for the major carriers. I have a year left on my contract, after that I'll see if there is another carrier that will support an unlocked iphone with all the same features for a cheaper price. I was surprised to hear that t mobile's system doesn't allow for visual voicemail. But now it seems apple is making more versions of their phones to work with certain...
I was thinking more along the lines of Steve used to sit on the board of directors for Disney right? So it would have been interesting ting to see Disney incorporate this into their ticket system. Yes if i went to six flags everything would be in a locker. You can buy your tickets online now and bring in the paper so you don't have to wait in line, but it would have been cool to look up the email on your phone have it save the tickets to your passbook and have them just...
forgot about that, its hard to keep track of those little tickets. But it would be cool if you could scan your pass on an app or passbook, I have one for me and my daughter. So scan it twice have my phone alert me that I can use the fast pass in 5 minutes show my phone to the person at the front and away you go. But is it feasible what would disneyland save money on,  paper? and be able to say they are working on being "green".
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