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Guess I'm not getting a 4Runner then lol
I don't think we've seen this much discussion about an apple product lately , iPhones you know what your getting but with this its a whole different animal
But how can it be used more for online shopping ? I do most my shopping on my iPad over my iPhone I guess but without an iPad Air 2 that supports it then there's not that much you can do . I also wish more Apps would take advantage of Touch ID currently I only use etrade and Amazon
I was thinking that too, I wonder if the parts will be upgradeable , but hey it's there first shot at a wrist worn device. 
I am sorry for your loss, my father passed away as we were working in the same office. I know it has the ability to share a heartbeat with one another, but i don't think they mean for that to be every second of every day. As that much active use would probably drain the battery. It will be interesting to see if it has the features you are thinking it does, I remember them saying it could notify a doctor if something were to happen, but maybe that was a feature that was...
I use apple pay every time I go, there terminals don't have the logo for the nfc payments though so at first I had to ask. But it worked, and it's easy to switch between my business and personal cards. Just easier since I have my phone in my hand. Hardly use apple pay online though, since I didn't get an iPad air 2 .
Greed on the cases, but I haven't seen people speculating too much as to what the prices will be? Yes we know &349 is the starting price, but there are two sizes, so whats the larger sport going to be? $379 and sapphire $449 and $479 for standard bands if you want the link bracelet how much more will that be $549? I could see myself having a sport band and possible the link bracelet if its not outrageous. I am very curious to find out all that does or will do, and to try...
I don't see why they wouldn't just do an event the usual 1-2 weeks out before launch day. If the watch is coming April I would say mid March is more likely.
How you not decided, doesn't usually go on the non dominant wrist? I write with my right hand, and where a g shock on my left. I can't decide if i want an apple watch that is also a fitness tracker or a jawbone up3 that is just a fitness tracker. But they have a couple more months to tweak the software.
It's interesting that he would say how the schedule is doing, I'm still curious what the prices will be or how it will be sold. With so many different band options, will we see one price for the unit and the band price separate?
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