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Looks like they wanted to build a snowman
To me it just doesn't seem to be the same proportions as the 5s maybe its cause I'm using a lifeproof case. But the size of the camera lens and the flash seems odd to me. 
I really like the true flash of the 5s it looks really different in this picture, i don't see why they wouldn't keep it
I like the update ..... nope
I guess sometimes rumors do come true
I'm looking forward to the keynote June 2nd then we'll see what happens there.
Not that I plan on switching from an iPhone , but how does one "formally disconnecting their phone number from the iMessage service. " sounds more like a hassle then a problem
I wish I had a had a double din display to fit this, $750 seems like a fair price compared to most manufacture installed options are a couple grand. I will be looking into this next year, when I'm car shopping if a dealer installed option isn't available.
I have a 2010 s4 and i have an iphone 5s, a new car is always kind of on my mind, or what will be available in the next year or 2 . To me it would be a step backwards for audi to go with android. Looking at the list though it seems more kid cars will have access to apple integration then grown up cars. I don't want a civic. Maybe a land rover for my next car, but I don't see them on the list.
It's all about the integration. I wouldn't mind if I was shopping in men's and a coupon came up, or a reminder if I had a gift card in passbook. I thought there was talk of integration in ball parks or something like that. To some extent the tracking is good if it enhances the shopping experience. Directs you to your size, or based on past purchases something new you might like. I never shop in stores that much, but it does seem like it could enhance the user experience.
New Posts  All Forums: