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That's pretty cool that they are doing the live feed again, but I'll be at work and have to read the blogs
So this is breaking news even though it's not a real announcement? It was leaked and it will probably come true, but for me it's not news until its fact. I look forward to an ipad 5 , and mavericks. 
I have a full size ipad but think I might go mini this time around, but hopefully we shall see in October. I like the design though the full size has always felt a little heavy.
I have been waiting for the refresh I'm glad it's here , I already ordered one and should have it early October
I didn't see this link provided http://store.apple.com/us/iphone/reuse-and-recycling , but they offered 380 for my 64 gb att white iphone 5, so I will probably do this route unless a friend wants to buy it. It's more then gazelle, I know gamestop was also offering cash or in store credit. But I'm sure I will use the apple gift card next month when a new ipad comes out.
i say you got lucky then, but its also the hype and reports of carriers not getting very many and so on. There was 200 or so people outside of our apple store, I ordered mine online because it makes sense for me, I will get it at work in probably a week and that's fine for me, versus calling att and apple seeing what they have in stock and all that.
I have to say that is pretty cool, it's also nice to see them just enjoy what they have created and take a day off.
Got my order in was almost too easy , just watching stock levels seems like gold has been popular
Maybe someone has already made a comment on it, but it seems like there are usually more speculation reports on stock levels, on the 5c it now shows 3-5 day shipping versus delivery on 9/20. It also seemed to show that the unlocked versions sold out first ,or maybe they just had less inventory. It seems like that would raises apples stock price as well and curb fears that the 5C wasn't selling.
Ok so app update and background location services is the same? I don't mind my apps updating, but why should they have the ability to use location services if they are in the background. I want the app to only use location if the app is open and i press use location, otherwise why should they have access to my location.
New Posts  All Forums: