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About time , I think the last line is interesting saying it hasn't gained traction , I mean really it hasn't really been available , but this is one of my considerations for a new car purchase . So bring on the choices .
I will be looking for this change at Disneyland, since that is a lot closer to me then Disney World. I finally got a chance to use it at a Macy's and I was very impressed with it. I'm so used to getting out my pass id and credit card though, it will be a change, I wonder if they still will require and id for discount when you present your pass. Seems more helpful in downtown Disney then the actual park.
I think it's silly that you need a wifi connection for something that says 28.2 MB OTA , whats up with that?
Yea I went to Staples a couple of nights ago, and asked if they accepted Apple Pay and they said not yet, looked at the terminal didn't see the wireless logo. So didn't try it.
Can't wait to try this out I go to staples about once a week a while back I remember them getting new terminals but they weren't sure what they were for , guess we will finally find out .
If i carry around my iphone 6 and have this on at the same time, whose info does it pull for step count?
So does it integrate into healthkit or just their own app? As a fitness tracker it sounds like a good one, but I don't know if I want to wear a watch and this. It is nice as a standalone device where it sounds like the apple watch will mostly need to be tethered to your phone.
Seems mostly for professionals and not consumers. Does the itunes store have any 4k content? Do they have a superdrive that supports 4k video ?
paid mine in full on AT&T but also curious if it would be unlocked or not , was hoping to order unlocked t mobile one but apple site wasn't loading and the app didn't have it as an option
Got through with AT&T , Apple was only loading the app and it doesn't allow you to buy unlocked , not eligible for upgrade so just normal no service contract does that mean unlocked or do I still have to request an unlock even though I paid full price?
New Posts  All Forums: