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It's gonna suck it apples some other kind of wireless charging and if this can only be done with a case , a 2 year roll out seems like a long time
I'm a big metal gear fan and if this the only way to play mgs1 I'll consider it I didn't hear that the now service for only for ps3 . Sucks to need now service to play mgs4 then possibly this for mgs1 might just have to keep my ps3 up and running . I don't see how it could be a threat to Apple TV I use airplay a lot and would possibly buy this for gaming two very separate things .
It's funny that it took this long to get a calculator on the same screen , but I like how easy it is to adjust everything
Awesome I was always turning mine on and off cause something seemed to be running
So 4k resolution is really 4000 x something and this is hinting at 6400 ?
Seems like it's gonna be a long set up time to individually go into every app and tell it what you want it to do .
I had no idea one could leave apple feedback , it will be interesting to see how you can twin access to the last known location . If they do turn it off though even with a full battery hopefully find my iPhone has a quick response time to locating the device once powered on and notifying you when it is found .
So where are the before and after pics?
I don't think I heard "carplay" mentioned once and i only missed about the last 6 minutes of it. I hope there are follow up images to why these cars were there. I noticed on the list that Landrover isn't mentioned doesn't Jaguar own land rover or something like that?
Looks like they wanted to build a snowman
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