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 I think with preorders starting a week before release we will have them on the 19th like in other years, but last year I don't think they arrived on launch day did they? For me it's easier to stay up until midnight at home one night ,even though it would be fun to wait in line and be downtown with everyone else.
Agreed, but with a week before launch date, it should be.
Hopefully we get confirmation that apple is going live on there site at 12:01 on the 12th. I would hate to be up all night thinking is it time yet, but if carriers are doing 12:01 I don't see why apple wouldn't. It would have been nice to if you elaborated more on the apple trade in program. So 8 am launch day the 19th you bring your current phone, and hand it over? Does it need to be backed up or do they transfer everything in store? Do you need to bring the lightening...
For once wall street is giving credit where credit is due, and they are as excited as we are , to try out the new technology.
Yea I was wondering about that as well, in another article it just said he would flying in and such. It's always hard working abroad. 
No matter what it will be a good announcement, I just noticed on apples site they now have a countdown and show the invitation.
I think apple needs better paparazzi, if it was for carplay shouldn't we be seeing some wheeled vehicle being pushed in? Has anyone from apple actually been spotted at this site, or is it just one guard saying go talk to apple?  The timing seems very likely apple, but I hope people keep checking the site over the weekend as we get closer.
I'm sure they'll see samsung ads targeting them very soon like they said they were going to put samsung ads around airport electrical sockets to target "apple people "
So were 6 days away from announcement and most likely another 10 days after that from being released right ? Maybe they'll get lucky and it will be released on the 12th .
Did anyone notice that the event is the same day, apple's back to school promotion ends? Just an interesting correlation. Discount the current models and give a gift card before the new ones come out.
New Posts  All Forums: