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I will walk by our local store on Thursday and see if anyone is waiting, if their is a huge line then I will probably just order online and wait a few days, which is fine by me.
It seems like this will make people want the iphone 5 more, if they don't like the colors and if the starting price is 549 off contract, then my iphone 5 64 gb should fetch a pretty penny.
There goes my lifeproof case. I'm really looking forward to trying this feature out.
To upgrade or not to upgrade? Hopefully the unlocked will be available same day as the others. So whose guessing for an event next month? Ipads, Ipods event? I was a little surprised that the new iphone 5 s doesn't have 802.11 ac wifi , but hopefully the macs will soon.
i never would want a 5 in iphone, they're too big and bulky , i want to be able to keep it in my pocket and not need a briefcase to lug it around. I don't carry around my ipad for that reason. I don't have a macbook I have an iMac , so for me it fits my situation. 
thats a little much, to show up before it even exists, i could see showing up on tuesday at 10 and reading all the blogs and such of the event, but can't imagine they are doing it just for themselves. It seems to be free advertising for their company or just publicity in general. Only leaving when nature calls, so no shower, no proper bed for a week? no thank you. I remember seeing a couple of line waiters in our city but it wasn't a big deal last year, but I still was up...
I don't see how you could put your finger on that little scanner and always use the same part of your finger, what if there is dirt and such on your finger? I use a lifeproof case too which covers the home button, so it would be a cool feature as long as it's implemented well.
It's nice to have something to look forward to, can't wait to see what brightens my day.
I don't think this is the case, because last year when I went from my 4s to iphone 5 because I wasn't due for an upgrade I still had like 550 or 650 for a 64gb white. So I think if you're not due for an upgrade its more then just $50. There was a report that you could lock in a gazelle price for $330 I believe which is better then the max $280 it says apple is willing to give out. I'm not one for going to an apple store on launch day, so I would rather skip the lines. I...
Doesn't apple usually give notice two weeks before an event? But i was expecting two events this fall, they cant show everything at one, iphone, ipad, mac, and ipod. The only thing I would like to see is more macs with the new ac wifi , i would be curious about the next iphone as it seems gazelle is offering good deals and the possible apple trade in for credit as well.
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