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Funny how Windows PCs come in a huge variety of hardware configurations requiring a myriad selection of drivers for each hardware component and yet Microsoft has no problems sending out updates to everyone directly without having to go through Dell, Lenovo, HP or all the other countless OEMs.
 There could be a setting to allow you to change how much force is required before it takes action. Just like selecting double-click mouse speed.
I don't think so. That technique is already used. The problem is how to detect the difference between a large finger pressing lightly or a smaller finger pressing hard if they both present the same size of contact point. Further, people have skin/fingers with many variations. For example, a person with calluses would see their contact point change very little under pressure while someone with soft skin could see a large change in finger shape.The only way to make force...
"It has become one of the most popular searched products" Interesting that people are looking for Apple Watch at a store that doesn't sell them. Just goes to show the general public isn't even aware that the Apple Watch was online only to start, and only hit Apple Stores last month. This makes me think a lot of people are interested.
Don't worry. Google Play Services will send out a fix right away. /s
How come they're blaming the shortfall in not anticipating demand for the S6 Edge when my local carrier store has them in stock?
The OHA is where the rules regarding patches/security fixes should be. How is this hard for anyone to understand? If Google can impose a set of restrictions via the OHA they can also impose rules regarding updates.Google likes to put their foot down when it suits them (Acer) and looks the other way when it doesn't (taking responsibility for the security mess named Android).Just like Google left all the OEMs high and dry regarding the stolen IP from Microsoft in Android...
How can Google stop Acer from releasing an Aliyun phone (forked version of Android)?
Oh the irony of the biggest liar on AI calling some dishonest.Everyone knows your MO. You make a generic blanket statement which is actually incorrect. Then after being called out on it several times you "modify" your original post by expanding on it. This way you can "pretend" you aren't actually lying the first time around.Of course I can't find a post where you said "all security issues can be handled by Google Play Services" because that's not how you worded it. You...
 WTH do features available for certain phones have to do with security updates? Oh, yeah, absolutely NOTHING. And I've never claimed Google Play Services couldn't update security issues. I've claimed that it can't update low level patches (such as kernel exploits). On the other hand, you have stated MANY times that Google Play Services can update ALL issues. Are you so forgetful that you don't remember how many times I've had to correct you on this in the past? Or are you...
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