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Exactly. The only tech we haven't seen (but know Apple has worked on via patent filings) is a way to read your fingerprint directly from the screen.No more physical Home button and you can unlock by doing a firm press anywhere on the screen. You get Taptic feedback to let you know your "home button" press was recognized and your print gets read by the screen. You could even use the "double tap" that 3D Touch gives when you try a hard press somewhere it's not supported to...
Funny, they take a questionable report that can't be verified as fact, yet ignore that Apple is getting TSMC and Samsung to make their A9 processor.   If they knew anything about fabs they'd realize it would have cost Apple a LOT of money to produce their processor using two different fabs. There's no reason for Apple to outlay that much money on such an expensive endeavor if they weren't concerned with having enough processors to meet demand.   Here's a perfect example...
What difference does it make if their smartphones aren't selling? Companies are using Microsoft IP, so they want to get paid for it.
Really? And you have a source for that?
My God, that's a lot of money for a company that sells devices with a "toy" OS.
Nice version of a Touch ID sensor/ring on the back there. Worst place ever to put a fingerprint sensor. What about mobile payments? Turn your phone over to scan your fingerprint? And what about people who like cases? You're going to have a cutout for the sensor? Lame.   And how dare they make the Nexus 5X with only 16GB of storage.
Keeping mine - it's a no brainer.   Several co-workers are going to get it as well (even an Android user). I always play my For You lists at work and everyone is quite impressed with the music. I often get asked "who's that" to which I reply "I don't know - it's just what Apple cued up". They initially thought I had all this great music on my iPhone without realizing it was all picked by Apple and streamed.
Great timing Apple. Just when Google is going to have their Nexus/Android keynote this morning, remind everyone about data collection and privacy. :)
Except that every single tear down done to date shows a TSMC processor. I'd say that rumor is debunked, unless you can find a tear down with a Samsung processor.Surely with Samsung supplying 40% of the chips you'd think SOMEONE would have seen one by now.On the other hand, Chipworks discovered TSMC and Samsung A9 processors right away.
 Chipworks stated they found the two processors in two identical phones.
New Posts  All Forums: