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 Who in their right mind would buy a used iPhone without actually seeing it work first?
Not sure who would use this. When you're checking out a used device all you have to do is see if Find My iPhone is turned off. If it's disabled you're good to go. If it's on then ask the seller to turn it off. If they can't, then run away.
 LOL. I actually understood this since my first job as a developer was for a company that wrote accounting software. I had to take a crash course in accounting principles when I started working for them.
 Oh the sheer irony of you making that statement.
Hilarious. When governments are broke it seems they'll stop at nothing to try and milk more money from successful corporations. Just like the senate hearings I predict this will go NOWHERE. And like after the senate hearings the losers/haters will claim Apple is "breaking the law" when all they're really doing is minimizing their taxes through any legal means necessary. They are no different then me when I use every possible deduction I can to lower my personal income tax.
Man, the water bill is going to go through the roof with all the toilet flushing going on.
This guy bending phones is basically a TV evangelist. He'll get tons of views and followers only because they like what he has to say.   But in the end, he's not getting many people to switch sides. All he's really doing is preaching to the choir - making people who already hate Apple happy about seeing something new they can feel good about inside. Quite pathetic, actually.
 More crap. Nothing needs to be redesigned because there's no flaw. And he didn't bend it "with ease". As pointed out on The Verge, the average male can easily exert 200 lbs of force using both hands on something like a phone. There must be an awful lot of wimps in the world if they think it's impossible for a person to exert the 110 lbs necessary to bend an iPhone using 2 hands. Hell, I exert more torque in my right hand when I ........... never mind.
 Complete and utter BS. Several people at work already got their 6's and not one of them buys any of this bendgate crap. Their general opinion of the whole thing is "if you're an idiot, then you might bend your phone". Not one of them has had second thoughts about their purchase because of this "imagined" issue. This is why Apple will still report record sales of the 6/6P at the next two earnings calls. Because the average consumer doesn't care. If they were concerned...
The Apple Store near me STILL had a line yesterday afternoon when I walked by (a shorter reservation line, but still a line). The tables where the iPhone 6/6P were being displayed were so full you'd have to wait before you could even try one. I just have to laugh at all the losers who try so hard to smear Apple (that includes everyone from trolls spamming comment sections to blog/tech writers) almost like they're on a crusade. And despite all this Apple comes away selling...
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