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 I don't think Google got caught with their pants down. More like their jaw dropped when they realized how little pull they have with carriers and how much pull Apple has.
 You are incorrect. They both use tokens, but Apple Pay uses network tokenization where you bank/issuer is the one who issues the tokens. Google Wallet does not. Apple Pay is superior to Google Wallet, LoopPay and Softcard since only Apple Pay is currently using the latest EMVco teoknization technology.
 It's been mentioned before. It's used to measure distance traveled. Far more accurate than a vehicle odometer (which is often out by 5-10%).
I bet these become very popular shortly. I can see Apple testing out a small fleet of these while they optimize the software and make sure the data being captured for Apple Maps is working correctly. Once they are running smoothly I can see them expanding the fleet greatly.   It's rumored Google has 250-300 vehicles for mapping. I could see Apple going far beyond that so they can bring Apple Maps version of "street view" up to speed much quicker.
Waaaiiit, I thought the naysayers were saying this was going to be an Android exclusive?   Google knows where the money is - and it's not on Android.
Have you experienced issues with getting content from Apple? I regularly stream movies I've bought, or purchased music and Apps and I very rarely experience a slowdown. Only time I can honestly say things get slow is when a new version of iOS comes out and millions of people are all trying to get it at once.Meanwhile, I regularly experience pauses or slowdowns from other online services (like Youtube). I just don't see Apple doubling their capacity to fix a non-existent...
Are people missing the obvious here?   Apple already has plenty of data centre capacity. Now they're building a huge centre in Mesa and two more in Europe. I'm curious what services Apple is planning that require such a large increase in capacity. TV streaming perhaps? Apple Search? Making Apple Maps available to all in a browser?
I was at a school play with my kids and there were 3 parents with tripods, full-blown DSLR's (I recognized a D4 and EOS 1D for sure) with external bracket mounted flashes. These are FAR more intrusive than an iPad. Who needs $10K of gear just to snap a few pics of their kids?Now THOSE are what I'd call dicks. And I'm sure you've all come across them before.
Apple copying again. First Android gets ART now Apple copies by introducing ARC.
 The interesting thing about tokens is that LoopPay states that issuing banks must update their back end software to support tokens (just like Apple Pay). This tells me LoopPay is using network tokenization (like Apple), unlike Google using gateway tokenization. So on that front LoopPay looks to be as good as Apple Pay. Except for one big difference: If your issuing bank doesn't support tokens, then LoopPay simply transmits your card magnetic stripe data as if you swiped...
New Posts  All Forums: