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Possible. I'm just pointing out the original assumption was wrong. How many of a certain device in stores has NOTHING to do with the percentage of people buying them. There are many possibilities for a certain model being in stock and another being out of stock.To draw any conclusions about what Apple should change for minimum storage based on anecdotal evidence of what your local store has in stock is beyond idiotic.
And why don't they have them? Because the salespeople have already sold out of those higher capacity models via up sells. Now you know why they have 16GB in stock.
 And the salesperson at the store would NEVER talk a person into buying the higher capacity iPhone.
Why do I get the feeling we're going to see more and more announcements about radio shows from various artists/producers and others in the music industry? Every day it seems like there's something new. I think Apple wants to keep Apple Music/Beats 1 in the news during the first 90 days to really get people to tune in.   I like Apple Music and the custom playlists it's always showing me in For You. I've already heard some new stuff I hadn't before that is relevant to my...
Yet another stupid comment. So now Apple should forget about optimizing their OS and improving the update procedures and just give everyone more space instead? Ridiculous. I guess you forget when you had to download a full iOS package from Apple and connect your iPhone to your PC in order to install the new version of iOS. Then came OTA updates with reduced file sizes. Apple is simply taking the next logical step in optimizing OS updates.Then we have App thinning. Remember...
Way to skirt the issue. paxman mentioned itube. Please explain how content downloaded from YouTube using one of the many illegal Apps out there is going to make any royalties for the owner when it's played offline countless times on your PC after being "ripped" from YouTube.
Not that Comscore is any better, but did anyone see the Kantar Worldpanel the other day? All the Android sites were referencing it with the headline "Galaxy S6 powers Samsung to retake smartphone lead in U.S." Or similar. Which is funny since they listed the top 3 phones as the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. S5 sells more yet they claim the S6 is driving sales. Even funnier is Kantar stating Android in the U.S. is around 65% with iOS at 30%. And this is for the same...
 My iOS 8.4 update took 5 minutes to download and maybe 10 minutes to complete the installation. Apple Music fired up right away and seemed to work fine without any glitches (so far).
 Really? You checked them all out? I tried the first 3 songs he played and was able to locate all of them on Apple Music. Do you have a comprehensive list of the first songs played showing which ones are and aren't available?
 This is something I don't like. Talk before the song, talk after, but don't talk DURING the song. Especially short little sound bites like "Always On". Hopefully this is only during a short launch period (not the 90 days) and not permanent. Then again, I've never listened to Zane Lowe, so not sure if this is his thing or a Beats 1 thing.
New Posts  All Forums: