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Why do you keep posting this crap after I've clearly explained it to you in the past?Froyo (and up) devices DO NOT get all security updates. Google Play Services is not able to update MOST low level kernel components of Android, which requires Google to patch the source code, put it up for download, and users have to wait until the OEM incorporates the changed code and makes an update available. The last part is where support gets dropped, since OEMs rarely bother to...
Say what? The banks are the ONLY ones who see your purchases. The merchants and Apple don't.
But but but....the resident Google shills keep telling me that Google has Verify Apps to spot malware and misbehaving Apps.   And Android users keep telling me there is no malware problem with Android.   Why does Google keep fixing non-existent problems?
 Of course. How else can people continue to bash Jobs and Apple for years (everything from the iPad Mini to large screen phones) by taking things he said out of context?  On another note, did people miss the obvious here? The odds that two people share the same "rare" blood type are already low. The odds that two supermen from the same company (who both were fabulous CEOs) shared the same blood type must be astronomical.
 Oooooohhhhh, reality distortion meme. Shows you have nothing to actually contribute and lump everyone who disagrees with you into the same pot. Feel free to come back when you have an actual point to make instead of insulting everyone en masse.
54 million in a single quarter. And Samsung is expecting to sell 46 million of their S6/S6 Edge this year (over 3 quarters). And that's up from their original estimate of 38 million (that they increased due to better than expected demand from carriers).
I saw that. The poster you quoted sure understands what's going on, and made a fool of The Verge and all the commenters.
 Unless someone bugged their corner table at Masa while dining over their "victory", I don't think we'll ever know what transpired between them.
 Curious what your opinion is on Tesla (it's no secret I don't like them at all). I'm intimately familiar with BMW electronics and your car would be far more advanced than any Tesla in so many regards (depending on what options you have). BMW is like Apple - lots of technology going on underneath but they never really advertise it or talk about it. Where other manufacturers would list them all so they could show a huge long list of check marks.
New Posts  All Forums: