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How can Google stop Acer from releasing an Aliyun phone (forked version of Android)?
Oh the irony of the biggest liar on AI calling some dishonest.Everyone knows your MO. You make a generic blanket statement which is actually incorrect. Then after being called out on it several times you "modify" your original post by expanding on it. This way you can "pretend" you aren't actually lying the first time around.Of course I can't find a post where you said "all security issues can be handled by Google Play Services" because that's not how you worded it. You...
 WTH do features available for certain phones have to do with security updates? Oh, yeah, absolutely NOTHING. And I've never claimed Google Play Services couldn't update security issues. I've claimed that it can't update low level patches (such as kernel exploits). On the other hand, you have stated MANY times that Google Play Services can update ALL issues. Are you so forgetful that you don't remember how many times I've had to correct you on this in the past? Or are you...
That's quite the claim. You have any actual proof other than "if it happened it would have made the news"?Thank God we have Google Play Services so it can send out the fix to all affected devices at once. Oh wait, it can't. Like I've been saying for years now.
Never underestimate Intel.
But Gatorguy keeps telling me that Google Play Services can send out security fixes to almost all Android devices.   Add this to the growing list of vulnerabilities that are OUTSIDE the scope of what Google Play Services can fix.
 Telsa battery technology is the same as everyone else. BMW decided to go with a modular packaging technology whereby they could replace individual parts of a battery pack instead of the entire pack when issues arise. This has made their pack larger in volume and heavier. All the Tesla fanboys always look at the weight/size and assume that Tesla makes more efficient batteries, but that's not true. BMW made a choice to make their packs the way they do - it has nothing to do...
He's missing one key point.   Apple Music isn't designed to get people to leave their current service and change sides. It's to get the huge number of people who aren't using any streaming service to sign up and become a subscriber.
Stupid IDC again comparing all Samsung phones from the $100 junk ones up to the GS6 and Note 4 against the iPhone. Strip out the 50 million junk phones and suddenly Samsungs 20 million (if they're lucky) looks quite poor against Apples 47 million.
New Posts  All Forums: