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 Curious, since in browser benchmarks (Kraken, Octane, Sunspider, Basemark) iOS devices routinely beat Android devices.
Sounds like someone is upset that Apple is far ahead of Samsung in processor design.No, wait. Samsung doesn't design processors, so we really can't say Apple is ahead. Maybe in a year or two Samsung will finally create their own processor and then we can compare. Until then, Apples custom processor cores are far ahead of Samsung's rubber stamping of someone else's designs.
Uh, why did you not pick scores from Geekbench's Results Browser? And you accuse AI of cherry picking?Edited:Here are the actual scores for the S6 and S6 Edge from Geekbench.S6: 1207/4109S6 Edge: 1317/4405A far cry from your posted result. Geekbench averages out results as opposed to many individuals who post "loaded" results (both faster or slower than usual).And here are the iPhone 6S scores:6S: 2487/43276S Plus: 2460/4315The real difference is Apple devices are...
Disingenous indeed.People who read that article are coming to the wrong conclusions. Any modern OS worth its salt is able to distribute multiple threads across multiple cores. I'm not sure why this is a surprise to anyone that Android would send threads to all 8 cores in an Exynos BIG/little processor. Of COURSE it would do that.When people talk about not being able to take advantage of so many cores they're not talking about each core having threads to execute. It's...
 Surely you've been here long enough to recognize sarcasm when you see it? Or that I'm not one of the local trolls who constantly sneak in negative comments about Apple?
But...but...but....it's only a minor upgrade from the 6. Who'd waste money to buy what's essentially the same phone again?
Bad Tim Cook, bad. Using a sick child to promote your company. Jobs would never have done this.
 Bullshit. The whiny minority that actually post online claim that. It's asinine to think the few who complain are representative of the entire iOS user base. The fact 16GB models have, and still continue to sell, shows that consumers are happy with them. With a large chunk of the iPhone user base being those who upgraded from previous iPhones, if there was a problem with many of them running out of storage, then we should see a sharp decline of 16GB models and a sharp...
Here we go again. Apple has made a huge update with the 6S. Much better cameras front & rear, the world's most intelligent selfie flash, 4K recording, worlds most advanced processor, faster Touch ID, 3D Touch on the screen and also managed to make it stronger (new aluminum and glass).   And yet people are going to try and control the narrative to talk about whether they should have made a 16GB phone or why the battery life should be better.
 My wife and daughters get by perfectly fine with 16GB iPhones. But I guess when Apple makes a stellar product people have to fine SOMETHING to complain about.
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