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Bull. I REGULALRY see flagships from Samsung, HTC or LG on sale by the Canadian carriers. It's like they can't give them away. To imply Apple is making it so carriers can't offer competitors products is beyond asinine.
Isn't this where a former VP of Android, Hugo Barra, moved to to after that little mixup between him and his girfriiend "trading up" to Sergey Brin?
I don't buy that. IMO, it would be impossible for Samsung to not know a fair bit about the A7 and it being 64bit. I think more likely is Samsung Mobile "acted" shocked so as not to alert Apple that they knew about the A7.It requires a significant amount of collaboration between a team of Samsung engineers and Apple engineers in order to fabricate a processor. It's not as simple as Apple emailing them a file and telling them to mass produce based on the "schematic".Another...
 Complete bull. You left out the audio production Apps, which can consume a LOT of processor power when rendering real-time effects.
 Oil for now, in the future....water?
Maybe they should go after the three big carriers for price fixing. It's funny how I can go to Rogers, Bell or Telus and all the various mobile plans they have are EXACTLY the same price.
Gotta laugh at Microsoft. On one hand they're running ads bashing the iPad and Macbook while on the other they're bringing Office to the iPad along with several other Apps.
Still waiting for the Watson powered Siri for vertical markets where you can ask a technical question for your related field and get a useful answer.
What about Face Unlock?
 Now THAT would be something. I still want to see the case go through and have Apple win (as they said, "on the merits"). To see some karma go back to the law firm would just be the icing on the cake.
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