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If they give Apple the opportunity to bring back foreign earnings with a tax break, Apple should simply refuse and leave their money (and billions in tax revenue for the government) overseas. i bet they get the hint really quick and stop with these bogus investigations. Maybe they'll start to harass those causing real problems (like Amazon or Google, who both seem to be made of Teflon).
All these stupid top-10 lists are meaningless without posting the actual numbers.   It would be very interesting to see the gaps between Apple and everyone else.
What are you trying to say? That because other companies support Samsung it must mean they're correct?
Not surprised Google supports Samsung. After all, Google is a thief who doesn't respect other companies IP. Their stance on patents and the idea that popular IP should become defacto standards and treated as SEP's WITHOUT the permission of the patent holder should scare the hell out of any company that spends money on R&D.
What exactly are you trying to say? First you claim that your Fiio E6 is an "absolute must have" then you're complaining the iPod doesn't have a betterDAC/amplifier built in? If it had an amplifier then what happens to your "must have" E6?Reminds me of another post of yours talking how you're using a bunch of Jetson K1 development boards to convert HD video. Or your BB to start compile jobs remotely.Nobody really cares for your 1 in 1,000,000 bizarre use-case scenarios...
 Maybe not, but there are a hell of a lot more quality Apps on the App Store than on Android (or Windows or Blackberry). Only people who compare the obvious apps (like Facebook or popular games like Candy Crush) could ever claim the quality is comparable on both. Once you go deeper down the rabbit hole you realize the true depth of what's available on the App Store and how far ahead it is from everyone else.
Of course someone has to get in the "stronger material" dig at Apple.   How else can they continue to complain that the iPhone 6 is "bendy" and Apple made a mistake with its design? A mistake that they are now "correcting" with a new stronger material.   I wonder how someone is able to handle a part and determine the strength of such part based on how it "feels"?
 Why not? Apple sells such a large volume of devices that splitting production across two processes wouldn't pose any difficulty. They would still enjoy economies of scale on both processes. Most likely TSMC would be making the ones that go into iPads while the smaller process devices from Samsung would go into iPhones (where battery life and power consumption are more important). Better to go to two processes and guarantee yourself enough capacity to meet orders than...
Stupid Samsung.   You should never launch a product within +/- a few weeks of an iPhone launch. You will not only be drowned under the publicity given to Apple, but you're not going to sell many of your devices.   Samsung should launch their devices every year like Apple, but do so around Spring when iPhone sales have slowed down, and before rumors of the next iPhone start appearing. Any other time of the year is suicide.
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