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Yes it is good, which is why it linked it yesterday. The really pathetic part of this article is the writer didn't list ALL the things Samsung has been caught doing, just the main ones.
Vanity Fair has an article that I'm sure Samsung won't be happy with. Smartphone War
Pointless study trying to take numbers and twist them to their advantage. Who I work for has 2,000 employees across Canada. We use Office exclusively. The majority of people accessing documents are doing exactly what this study says - viewing or light editing. So our work numbers would match this study closely. So we should ditch Office, right? Not so fast. In reality we could never replace Office with an inferior solution like Google Docs. While many documents are only...
 No, they are trolls (esp GG). If we are to use their logic, than guilt is yes/no, black/white. Therefore it doesn't matter if a poster is saying nothing but "Apple sucks balls" or is constructing arguments to explain why Apple isn't perfect. There are worse trolls than the idiots who post nothing but garbage for a day or two until they get banned. They are the ones who are trolling, but are very careful not to say anything obnoxious or insult people and try to explain...
Funny when all the trolls come out from under the bridge. Even funnier to see them agreeing with and supporting each other, as if it adds any weight to their pathetic arguments.
 People (and trolls/haters) like you tend to ignore penalties and try to convert this to a black and white affair as if all companies who do something wrong are all equal. They aren't. If you commit a crime you could get a weekend in jail or 50 years in prison. Depends on the severity of that crime. Samsung has to pay 757 times as much as Apple does. Clearly Apples patents are far more valuable and/or Samsung was the bigger thief.  Reading Foss over the last few weeks it's...
So maybe a verdict today? Wasn't the last verdict on a Friday? Nothing like spoiling he weekend for a whole bunch of haters/trolls/losers.
Yeah, that anti-competitive agreement.Perhaps MS should make it so that any OEM that ships a PC with Windows 8 is prevented from making PC's that also ship with Win 7. This is the closest analogy available, and shows how stupid Googles agreement is. Google is essentially preventing companies from selling two lines of devices - one with Google Android and one with AOSP.Why should Google care if Acer sells Google devices that are 100% compliant (compatible) and ALSO makes...
What business does Google have performing compatibility testing on AOSP? Or Aliyun? There's no Google services installed nor access to Google Play.
Lame. Health is interesting, but it's not worth an entire announcement event all on its own.
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