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Tesla is on borrowed time. There is nothing special or groundbreaking about their cars. the only thing stopping Honda, Toyota or Ford from rolling over Tesla with their own electric cars are batteries. Once the next jump in battery technology occurs (say a 2x increase in capacity and/or a 50% decrease in cost) then EVERYONE will be making electric cars. When this happens there will be nothing to make a Tesla stand out from all the other electric vehicles out there. They...
Apple is OK. They've already invested in making their cores more powerful while everyone else was just ramping the clock and adding more cores. The A7 is still the fastest ARM 64bit core vs clock speed in the world. With a new process Apple can easily add cores and/or increase clock to get a significant performance boost for the A9. Everyone else has to look at making more efficient cores, a much more difficult task than clock/core count.A72 due in 2016. Even if it's early...
Plus Samsung Semiconductor is a different division from Samsung Mobile. Apple gets along with the former, not the latter.
 Only time I need new stickers is when I trade in my Honda Civic for a new one.
 Well, they need that capacity for SOMETHING. And now they're building another (by all accounts the largest) in Mesa. Search is one possibility. Another is streaming content that requires a large amount of storage and bandwidth. Like TV. ;)
 No. Uber could bring a self-driving car to market just as quick as Google. All they have to do is partner with one of the many companies working on this technology, who are just as far along (or farther) than Google is. Oh, wait, they just did. Carnegie Mellon.  There's two things I hate about tech blogs and the media. The attention and credit they give to Google over self-driving cars and the same for Tesla and their electric cars. Neither of these companies has actually...
 Liar. It has significant benefits over ALL other payment systems including Softcard, Google Wallet and the crappiest of them all, PayPal. This has all been explained here on AI multiple times. Since I'm 100% certain you've seen the explanations, I can only assume you're being intentionally obtuse and lying to troll (as usual).   More crap from you-know who. Touch ID isn't the primary security measure for Apple Pay. It's the fact it uses the latest tokenization technology...
Why don't you tell us how you really feel? BTW, I agree. It's getting so ridiculous that you can't even have a discussion online anywhere before the thread gets derailed by a bunch of Apple haters who will claim if Apple fanboys stop hijacking their threads they'll also stop (as a way to justify their trolling).
Of course it's the collapse of high-end phones that caused Samsung profit to plummet. Look at the Note 4. Samsung has been silent. When the Note 2 & 3 hit milestones (like 5 or 10 million) Samsung always issued a press release. Same for their Galaxy S Series. Not so with the Note 4. I wonder why Samsung doesn't want to provide the numbers? Probably sales are low - really low, despite all the Android nerds online who ALL claim to have the Note 4.
In reading through all the various forums I was expecting a rash of hate and countless comments bashing Apple. I'm surprised at how calm things are.   I have to wonder if Apple did so damn good that they are in utter shock and don't really know what to say? What other reason could there be for all the haters to be so quiet today (relatively speaking)?
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