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 Why does she not have a choice? If other services don't offer what she thinks is reasonable compensation, then she doesn't HAVE to bring it to any of them. All she's saying is there's nothing in her agreement with Apple that makes it exclusive. That doesn't automatically mean it's going to be available on other services.  Not the same thing, as has already been explained. let's put it in plain English for you: The ONLY place you can stream 1989 without actually paying for...
 1. Who cares how lawyers bill - this is about streaming. Stupid analogy.2. Music has always favored the short pop song. Whether it's in actual sales or streaming. If they paid by the length of the song, then you'd have scammers increasing the lengths of songs just to get more money.3. Apple Music and Spotify have the basic same model. You pay $10 per month and 70% of that subscription price gets paid back to artist. There's nothing fraudulent about the Spotify or Apple...
I think everyone is calculating things wrong. Who cares about cost per song listened? That's just a way for artists to make it seem like they're not getting paid enough.   If a customer is paying $10 per month to stream music, then $7 of that (let's round all streaming to 70% for now and ignore the rumors of Apple paying 71, 72 or 73%) goes to artists/labels. There's no need to try and guess how many songs are being played or how much each song gets per play. This is...
Great idea, but how will this work with Audio Unit plug ins? The idea being that I can use an effect from one App inside another App. In order for this to work you kind of need to know what Apps are installed. Unless Apps can publish their "units" without the other App knowing which App it came from (just shows you a list of available units to pick from). Not that this will be an issue since most music production Apps aren't littered with ads, and are usually priced a lot...
 End of next year? I'm betting they don't survive to the end of the Apple Music 90 day free trial.
Who cares? I hate ad supported music, which is why I don't like radio stations. That and the fact they play crap I'm not interested in listening to anyway.
 I wonder what you think about this quote from the photographer in question:  Sounds to me like he wasn't "work for hire" as many seem to imply. This is from a lawyer who deals with rights related to photographers and their works.  The photographer in question has posted up his actual contract. Perhaps you'd like to point out where in that contract it states he was paid as a "work for hire" or that he received money for actual being at the concert and shooting the photos.
Unwired Planet truly is a patent troll. People still seem to think that owning a patent and seeking to get royalties from it without making anything (NPE) makes them a patent troll. This is not the case. Patents are assets and an owner is allowed to do whatever they want with their assets. Unwired Planet went far beyond that in this case using standard patent troll tactics (as mentioned in the article).
I want this car so badly.
 Eddy Cue has been in countless negotiations with artists/labels for years. He knows infinitely more about the business side of the music industry than Corgan ever could.  No, you get attacked for saying stupid things (and over a long period of time before Apple Music was ever announced).
New Posts  All Forums: