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 This is what I want to know. If I can pay $10 a month and listen to anything I want from the iTunes catalog (like building my own 100% custom playlists) then I agree buying music will die. I'd never buy anything again if I could pay monthly and listen to what I want when I want.
Kdarling is on MR as well, still pretending to be a touchscreen hardware engineer. Every once in awhile I ask him why he left here after several of us called him on it (I myself have worked with touch screens since the 80's when we used infrared LEDs and photo detectors in a grudge across the front of a CRT to detect touch).This usually results in several private messages thanking me for the laughs from people who are also sick of him.
 Even worse, the App was approved just yesterday. And now the tech blogs are reporting that "Apple caved in to demands from Pebble users".
You were on a roll, why stop there?Blaming Apple for criminals using stolen identity information to add credit cards to Apple Pay?Claimng iCloud was hacked when a few celebrities were phished and had their pictures stolen?Refusing to give magazines the credit card numbers and personal details of Apple users so they could process in-App subscriptions themselves, instead of going through Apple (seriously, they actually wanted Apple to do this)?
Considering the widespread corruption in the construction industry, this doesn't surprise me. Perhaps they just aren't used to dealing with Apple, run by Tim Cook - the master of supply chains and organization, and thought they could continue with their usual nickel & diming on charges without anyone taking notice. Seriously, it must be an eye opener for people used to doing business a certain way and running into Apple and their way of doing things.
 And how smart is it for an exec at a company like NBC to be bad-mouthing Apple publicly? Usually it's the people who have nothing to lose (or don't matter in the industry) who are always complaining about Apple. Or cowards hiding behind an "anonymous source".
Sounds fishy to me as well. There are already devices that have these types of converters built in to provide a stable voltage for the circuitry under changing battery conditions, and they don't last any longer.
 I'm sure Apple will have an App. But developers could also come up with their take. For example, there are lots of popular "to do" Apps. You could add HomeKit devices to your "to do" lists (for example, scheduling your sprinklers). And then we have the App Worlflow. HomeKit seems like an ideal addition where you could assign single icons on your phone to do popular things (lock all doors and close the garage, for example). One popular concept with home automation is the...
Great timing. Now Apple can demo real devices at WWDC and developers can start coming up with new ways to utilize HomeKit. Now I wonder, who will be first developer with the killer App that will let you control devices from multiple manufacturers all seamlessly from a single App? Or perhaps Apple will show this?
Are they sure they aren't going to use the Beats brand name right away? What would be the purpose of acquiring them if you're not going to capitalize on the brand recognition (plus the likes of Iovine, Dre and Reznor, who I understand will play a big part in their new service)?   I think it would make more sense to bring over the users from iTunes Radio into Beats and consolidate all their music offerings under Beats.
New Posts  All Forums: