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I assume this is directed at me. I have 4 zone climate control (Tesla has only 2 zone), heads-up display, superior heated & cooled ventilated seats, an all around camera system (Tesla is rear only) and soft close doors (to name a few). And my car uses the navigation and elevation changes to conserve energy (by altering things like your alternator charging rate or A/C compressor load). Something that should be mandatory on electrics/hybrids yet all they do is keep track of...
 I work in the automotive industry and am quite familiar with the technology used in modern cars. Tesla has no future. Once battery technology improves they will be steamrolled by BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and GM. Tesla has no technology that others can't duplicate with ease. And the other manufacturers have an order of magnitude more experience with manufacturing cars in production quantities.
 Actually my current daily driver is a BMW 550i. It's very fast, but still way behind a Model S in 0-60 or 1.4 mile. The big difference is this car will be fast all day where the Model S will reduce power due to overheating batteries, motors and controllers after a short period of spirited driving. That's why Tesla advertises 0-60 runs, but never puts the Model S on a track. It wouldn't even make one lap before slowing down. Anyone who's driven a BMW with the twin-turbo V8...
I don't want Apple buying Tesla. They can duplicate anything Tesla has done and come up with a better vehicle by starting from scratch. Musk makes stupid decisions with his cars.   Like giving the Model S insane 0-60 acceleration (which is useless in real-world driving) when he could have used less powerful motors. Nobody would have complained if the Model S took 7 seconds to hit 60. The cost savings would have been significant. Cheaper motors, wiring, motor controllers...
 The greatest improvements in fuel efficiency don't come from better powertrains - they come from aerodynamics and reduction in rolling resistance (skinny tires). When you see an "ugly" design it's likely the result of wind tunnel testing to get the best possible shape within the confines of the vehicle type they're trying to make. The funny thing with aerodynamics is a shape that looks sleek might not actually be very aerodynamic and could have higher drag than a shape...
 True, but who gives a damn what the media says. I know 3 people at work who are getting this JUST for the improved seflies (better camera and flash). Personally I hate selfies, but I realize that they are important to an awful lot of people.
Apple nailed it with the 6S. There's something for everyone from the techies to the selfie takers that makes this both a great upgrade and a great first-time iPhone for switchers.
Ordering 4 tonight. 6S Plus for me and my older daughter and 6S for my wife and younger daughter. Then 2 more iPad Pros for the girls for Christmas along with Pencil and keyboard cases. Damn piggy bank is going to be empty this holiday season.
Even if Apple screwed up and intended to charge it solely via the iPad, after all the people talking about it I bet they ship it with a stand (goes in between your charger and iPad).
Are we sure the ONLY way to charge the pencil is plugging into the iPad? That seems more like an emergency thing when you're on the road or lose power in the middle of working. I wonder if Apple will include a cable or adaptor that lets you charge the pencil like your iPhone. Like a desktop dock/stand that also charges.
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