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 For someone who "honestly doesn't care" you sure do write a lot on the subject. Over and over and over. Face it, Nvidia LIED when they promoted the Denver K1. It's only marginally faster than older 32bit ARM architectures clock vs clock, and is behind ALL of Apple's 64bit processors clock vs clock.
 How dense can you be. I've CLEARLY explained this to you several times and yet you keep coming back with the same response. It's getting to the point of trolling when you REFUSE to look at the FACTS. When you adjust the processor for a baseline clock speed of 1.0GHz, the Denver K1 is even slower than the A7. Now some people claim you can't compare clock speeds, but you can since we're talking about the same architecture (ARMv8 vs ARMv8). Where you CAN'T compare clock...
Sure they will. And Santa Claus is going to bring you one for Christmas.Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia and Mediatek are lightweights compared to Apple when it comes to processor design.
That's not entirely true.JavaApps will run fine on a 64bit VM just like 32bit iOS Apps run fine on a 64bit processor.But those Java Apps won't be taking full advantage of 64bit processors. In order to do that you'll need to write Android Apps with the NDK, not Java.
Gee, wasn't someone yapping in the other thread about Apple's legal counsel and how "amateur" they were?
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Apple is so far ahead of everyone it's actually embarrassing. Even the Denver K1, which Nvidia hyped to no end, is still behind the Apple A7 from one year ago. PATHETIC.
Please. You knew EXACTLY what snova meant by that comment and still had to find a way to troll it.
Devices sales, like Android market share, don't mean much. Apple still trounces Google for digital content sales. Google sells so little they don't even bother to break out the numbers from their "Other" category on their earnings calls.   Of course a dirt-cheap streaming stick is going to sell like crazy. Doesn't mean it's actually being USED.   I rent/buy all my movies on Apple TV. They often have $0.99 rentals and I've picked up a ton of good movies from their $10...
 Try playing a DVD for Japan in another region and see what happens. DVDs will NOT play in any player.  Yeah, let's forget about all the hassles people had with ebooks and not being able to read purchases from one bookstore on the device from another. Or how certain stores "patched" the so-called bugs that let people get around this. Electronic content has been locked to devices for years by numerous companies.  It seems quite clear from your comments that you don't have a...
 Slam dunk troll with another stupid comment. You want to complain, talk to the record labels or movie studios who are the ones deciding whether your content can be moved freely from device to device.
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