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I was at a school play with my kids and there were 3 parents with tripods, full-blown DSLR's (I recognized a D4 and EOS 1D for sure) with external bracket mounted flashes. These are FAR more intrusive than an iPad. Who needs $10K of gear just to snap a few pics of their kids?Now THOSE are what I'd call dicks. And I'm sure you've all come across them before.
Apple copying again. First Android gets ART now Apple copies by introducing ARC.
 The interesting thing about tokens is that LoopPay states that issuing banks must update their back end software to support tokens (just like Apple Pay). This tells me LoopPay is using network tokenization (like Apple), unlike Google using gateway tokenization. So on that front LoopPay looks to be as good as Apple Pay. Except for one big difference: If your issuing bank doesn't support tokens, then LoopPay simply transmits your card magnetic stripe data as if you swiped...
 In other news, with iOS and Android having an equal number of users, iOS users still accounted for 70% of sales. Yet ANOTHER metric that shows iOS users spend more and do more with their devices than Android users.
Just hurry up and release them already. My daughters need them for school and I hate the idea of buying a current Macbook Air when a new model is coming (unless there's a price drop).
 You have any links to patents that describe a headset with a slide in smartphone? Like the Samsung Gear VR or this Apple patent?
The trolls are going to have a heyday with this patent claiming Apple copied Samsung. Until they see the filing date of 2008. BAM
 That makes some sense. But they could simply say "We have authorized certain vehicles with special equipment to be used on the roads - the license you provided is one of those vehicles. You have nothing to worry about" without giving away any information about who owns the vehicle.
 What business is it of the motor vehicle department to confirm a license plate belongs to a certain individual or company? I had a situation in the past where I spotted vandals and got the license plate and wanted to find out who they were. The motor vehicle department said they weren't allowed to release any information and I had to give the license plate to the police, who would then be able to follow up on it. Seems sketchy to me.
You have limited space on your steering wheel. So you either set up the available controls for popular functions and are left going back to the touchscreen for others (which is useless) or you set up a menu system for wheel controls to get more than one function available (which is also stupid because it requires an extra step - select function THEN adjust).If you study ergonomics in controls you'll find the rotary dial is pretty much the best method for changing settings....
New Posts  All Forums: