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 Sure. App Store vs Google Play, where there is no regional breakdown and revenues are worldwide. In that regard iOS completely dominates Android. There are several worldwide internet usage reports by they are all over the place. Statcounter puts Android at 48% vs iOS at 34% for all mobile and tablet combined. For tablets only they show iOS at 70% and Android at 26%. Net Applications most recent report for June 2014 has iOS at 45.61% and Android at 43.75% and they seem to...
This is news?   It doesn't matter if it's US or worldwide or whether you're tracking browsing/internet traffic, online sales, App revenue or downloads, digital content sales (music, TV, movies) or even ad revenue - iOS always comes out on top, in some case by a LOT (2X App revenue, 6X digital content revenue).   All those Android devices must be getting used for something. Just not the normal things people would do with a "smartphone".
 I also wonder about this. I consider myself a heavy user. I primarily make phone calls, text message and e-mail (the primary means of communication anyone "working" would likely use). My 5S battery lasts me all day at work with about 20% to spare. If I spent any more time on my phone then I wouldn't get any actual "work" done at my job. Which makes me question all these people who claim to run out of battery power. I challenge any of you to list ALL your daily activities...
There is no way to compare an Android device to an iOS device to prove or disprove battery efficiency, so your previous post asking for an Android device with better battery life is pointless.However, your statement that iOS is more efficient is absolutely 100% correct. More efficient at power consumption, more efficient in terms of how hardware is used, more efficient at everything.Android is a mess of hobbled together and "tacked on" features. iOS has been properly...
 Bingo. Sounds an awful lot like the argument made by a few other well-known trolls here at AI. Always demanding "proof" that something happened when they know damn well it's virtually impossible. A similar analogy would be to look at Windows. I myself have NEVER had an issue with any type of virus/malware on my PCs simply because I take steps to prevent it. However, I'd be a raving lunatic to claim that Windows PCs never get malware based on my experiences.
Nothing much to say except that Android is a cluster%uck of an OS with sub-par development tools.
I just noticed - Samsung used the full-sized iPad chargers in some of the shots. You know it was intentional, so why would they do that? To imply that iPhone users have to carry around a "brick" instead of the space-saving cube chargers that come with an iPhone? In another shot there's clearly an aftermarket charger as it looks nothing like anything Apple makes.
Quote: I'm gonna have to call BS on this story for two reasons. One, I have never seen a smartphone user of any kind approach a complete stranger to ask them to charge their phone. Two, your history of posting lies and troll comments.
Lightning headphones sound like a great way to get high quality sound. And why does Apple have to give up on the existing 3.5mm jack if they make Lightning headphones? People who don't care can continue to use existing earbuds while those that want higher quality can go the Lightning route.iOS already has the ability to run digital audio through the Lightning port (much the same as USB Audio). So Apple doesn't really have to do anything to make Lightning headphones, except...
Samsung has already announced to expect a weaker than usual quarter, due to slowing smartphone sales (which is a major part of their revenue).   Now I'm really curious what Apple will report. Esp since last quarter was better than expected.
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