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Is it even a full second? I bet if measured it's probably a fraction of a second. And it doesn't need to be at the 3x brightness for the entire time, only when taking the photo. Which means it's probably at full brightness for a very short time (perhaps 1/20th of a second).It's not going to have any effect on battery. Looking at the picture you just took, showing your friends, editing & cropping it and posting to Facebook are going to consume far more power from the screen...
Brilliant. And so much better than other phones (like LG) which just turn the screen on full white (and don't even have the 3X overdrive ability).
Awesome for people into music production. Now you can have two full-sized Apps on the screen (iPad Pro in portrait, both Apps in landscape one on top of the other). You can leave your DAW on the bottom and swap out other Apps on top for recording, effects and so on.
Wacom Cintiq who?
I am STOKED that they put in an A9X processor into this iPad.   And I don't have any issues with a stylus that needs charging. That just means it has superior electronics to measure things like tilt and pressure, and (if what Apple claims is correct) ridiculous precision and speed. Those are worth it to lose a little in usability by having to charge your stylus.
 Once Apple Pay arrives in Canada I'll be using it all the time. It used to be that I was always inserting my card and entering my PIN and occasionally I'd get a surprise by finding a merchant I can tap. Now I usually tap and it's the odd time when I come across a merchant where I have to insert my card. Hurry the eff up and get Apple Pay going in Canada (whoever is responsible for the delay).
 How could Apple have possibly underestimated console gaming when they aren't even in that market (yet)?
 They sure did when mobile gaming came to the iPhone. Where are all the handhelds now?
 I used to be into PC gaming (spending thousands on gaming rigs with multiple GPU's), but the novelty has worn off. There just aren't many "wow" titles anymore that would make me actually want to go and spend money on a new gaming rig. I bought the kids a Wii U a couple weeks ago. They love it and even though the games aren't as visually stunning as a PS4, the game play is excellent. And that's all that really matters. I can remember DOS based games that didn't even have...
Should have waited until after tomorrows announcement before making up their list.
New Posts  All Forums: