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Apple has always maintained that Apps should take advantage of the screen size. This is why they make fun of Android and their scaled Apps vs iPad optimized Apps that utilize the full screen to display additional information.What Apple does with the 6 Plus is along the same philosophy as iPad Apps - use the extra screen space for more information.To imply this is the same as split screen is asinine. That's the exact opposite. Instead of having a single App become MORE...
Where is your proof that Google said they would address it? You have none because he hasn't produced the Google e-mails. That right there speaks volumes.As far as you know? Please provide a link or source to show Google implemented a fix. Likewise provide proof those fixes were "probably prompted" by Balics e-mail.You are simply talking out of your ass and making huge assumptions without facts to back them up. The more things change.....
 Correct, I switched them around and edited my post. However, that still doesn't change anything. He claims Google had this flaw as well. And he claimed in twice. So how come nobody is talking about Google having an exploit? Why hasn't he published his Google e-mails as well as the Apple e-mails?
Did nobody read the e-mails?   He clearly states that the same vulnerability also worked on Google. He said it in both letters. He also stated that Google had gotten back to him either.   Funny how everyone seems to be missing this part of his letters. It's like as soon as they see the word "Apple" they put on blinders.     Edited: He stated Google did respond. I was thinking of something else.
 Wow, did you make this all by yourself? Earlier this year Samsung announced they sold 200 million Galaxy S phones. Over the exact same time period Apple sold 413 million iPhones. Apple is slaughtering Samsung at the high end. Even if you add in the Note (which sells far less than the Galaxy) then Apple is still way ahead.
I call BS on his not being able to bend the iPhone 5S. If you do a Google search there are lots of people who have actually bent their 5S's.
 Do you think listing all the supposed Apple devices in your sig makes us believe any of the bullshit you post? In fact, it's the opposite - it just shows you're a troll trying to use the oldest trick in the book to add validity to your comments. "I'm of African American descent but I hate it when my fellow people do......" is another example of this technique.
Some coder screwed up big time. They would have obviously tested functionality for every change made to the code, but someone probably fixed "one last thing" and didn't think it needed to be tested because the code change was so small.   I've seen this countless times over the years when developing software.
 Let's play a game. It's called Spot the Troll. First up? Taking a 4 year old quote of Steve Jobs and trying to hold the Apple (and market) of today to that out-of-date quote.
LOL? Cult Of Mac has a great take on this showing the history of bent phones (like the iPhone 4, 5 and 5S, Galaxy S4, Experia Z1, BB Q10 and even the Oppo).   Funny how all these users reported their bent phone resulting from "normal" activities yet none of them (except the iPhones) ever actually made news headlines.
New Posts  All Forums: