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I hope it's $199 with high-end internals (like an A9X) and more storage so it'll remain powerful enough for a couple years. All they need to completely turn the gaming industry upside down would be a partnership with Nintendo (as unlikely as that is). Apple hardware with Nintendos franchise games would be a killer combo.
Higher security for a special guest (like Taylor Swift"? Are you shitting me? How about security for the top executives (including Cook) of the world's largest and most powerful tech company? The only special guests I could think of that would warrant measures over and above the usual for Apple execs would be for the President.
This is like printing money.
So stoked for Sep 9th. Huge venue, early announcement and lots of tidbits along the way.
 I've never been in a position where I had to charge my iPhone AND use headphones at the same time. Only times I actually use headphones is relaxing at home (like in bed or on the couch) or when out of the house (exercising or on the train). And to gain the extra functionality of a Lightning headphone would be well worth the very rare occasion I might find myself in that I need to charge and listen.
MPEG-LA has a great licensing program. Low fees, a $6.5 million yearly cap and free to use for small companies/websites.If HEVC Advance starts gouging users (like their $100 million cap) then it "might" cause some to consider VP10. If that happens I expect HEVC Advance to "reconsider" their fees.
So which stolen IP is Google going to use us VP10? And HEVC Advance doesn't control HEVC (H.265). They have a bunch of patents as does MPEG-LA. Except their patents haven't been confirmed as being necessary for HECVC, so their 0.5% royalty claim is ridiculous. Who's going to sign up to pay them without a full understanding of the patents involved and whether or not they're even valid? And with MPEG-LA charging less for their HEVC patens, how will HEVC Advance justify...
 Thanks for making me spit my coffee out from laughing.
I hope they release a 16GB version just to piss off all the experts who think Apple MUST make 32GB the base model.
Why is this a surprise? The odds are excellent that with Apple acquiring Beats there would be some overlap of staff/executives, and that some people would be leaving.   Just another non-story people will try to spin as a negative to show there's internal strife at Apple and employees are unhappy.
New Posts  All Forums: