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Every single day hundreds of people get their bank accounts hacked because someone got their user ID and password and proceeded to transferred money out. Several billion dollars worth.   Yet where are the news reports when this happens? I guess if the person doesn't have "Jobs" or "Apple" in their name, it's not newsworthy. But a small number of people lose their Apple ID and suddenly it's front page news.
WWDC will bring the holy grail......Widgets!
 I don't have an aversion to WiFi - I have an aversion to trying to connect a large number of devices to a single router over WiFi. I have used several routers over the years and they have all worked great, but I've had issues when I lived in a condo because everyone had a router. Over a hundred routers in a high-rise makes for a lot of interference and overlapping channels. I actually switched several devices back to wired as I often had connection issues or bandwidth...
It won't do the remote checking or opening for the UPS guy. That's what traditional connections are for (like power line networking, which works without having to put WiFi in the garage).However, an iBeacon will detect when your iPhone leaves the garage and can close your garage door if you forget. Likewise an iBeacon could lock your front door as soon as you leave the house.
 There are two types of iBeacons - those that are "dumb" and only transmit and those that allow data transfer between your iPhone and the iBeacon. I don't need an iBeacon on my fridge, but an iBeacon in every room that automatically configures my iPhone depending on where I am is one application. There are lots of advanced remote controls that allow you to save multiple setups. You switch setups based on where you are (one for the home theatre in the living room and one...
iBeacons are the cheapest and easiest way for an iPhone to determine where you are in your house. Adding location awareness to home automation is how I think Apple will differentiate themselves from everyone else.
One word: iBeacons
I think DED left out a few things. Google received their initial funding from two venture capitalists with nothing more than patent protection for their search algorithm. Without this patent it's very unlikely Google could have convinced anyone to give then any cash. DED is correct about the main point of this article - that Google only exists today because of a single patent. They never would have got off the ground nor survived against competitors without patent...
No. But try explaining that to the ignorant trolls.
Why are people wasting time responding to that troll JeffDenver? I've owned his a$$ countless times on BGR and now I see he's up to his usual tricks again. All he'll do is post a bunch of garbage and run away like the little coward he is. It's his MO.
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