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 You must have missed my post earlier. The Samsung Store by me has a huge LED TV set up in the mall outside their store with a banner that reads "The phone worth lining up for". Then there's the "Matrix style" security guards. Oh, and the fact previous Galaxy S launches DID in fact have lines, especially in places like Sydney where everyone gets the phone first (reviewers, iFixit and others usually source their phones from here as well, to get a head start on their...
This is the funniest thing I've seen at the MR thread, esp after my own experience with no line-ups at my local Samsung Store.   Tweeted by Craig Federighi himself.   https://twitter.com/_HairForceOne/status/586313943943000064/photo/1    
They can bring Android Wear to iOS but that doesn't mean anyone will actually use it. There are very few Android Wear devices out there, and most of them were probably bought by die-hard Android fans who'd never go near an iPhone. Then again, it would be funny if sales of Android Wear devices took off and iOS users buying them surpassed Android users. What a slap to the face that would be.
Slightly off-topic. Walked by the Samsung Store in our local mall to see a giant LED TV/billboard out in front. Just had to snap a picture. Click for full size.       To clarify, since it's kinda dark, there are ZERO customers in the Samsung Store. So much for the "worth lining up for" on their giant TV. And yes, there are people in the mall (it's just after lunch). Since a lot of people don't like someone snapping their picture I had to wait a couple minutes until...
A solar plant in Oregon? Hydro seems like a no brainer instead.
So basically we're seeing the same comments that we did when the first iPhone came out. Back then nobody could see the advantage of multi-touch (for example).   I'm still not buying one, but my Wife is getting one for her birthday next month. She's into fitness/running, and has dropped a few "hints" about the Apple Watch. After playing with hers I'll see if it does enough to warrant getting one.
Forgot one more. Haters claim the iPhone 6 bends at 70lbs at the volume buttons. Samsung says 66lbs is what a phone is subjected to when sitting. Samsung just stated the iPhone 6 can't bend in your pocket.
Samsung should have kept quiet. Now they made things worse. - Insulting Squaretrade by claiming their testing is only to "satisfy sadistic pleasures"? - Claiming 66lbs is a normal force exerted when sitting on a phone? Does that stay the same for someone who weighs 100, 150 or 200 lbs? Is it the same when sitting on a soft couch (cushions) vs a hard wooden chair or bench? - Using pencils as a prop? Seriously, can't you come up with anything original? - Talking about the...
When I first saw Squaretrade's video it had 19,000 views. Now it's up to 115,000.   It'll be very interesting to see the post count by tomorrow. Then we'll really know just how true the idea that "bad news about Apple sells" while "bad news about Android gets quickly forgotten".
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