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 Funny, I was sure I actually mentioned ASP in my original post. Why, yes I did.  No. And neither do you. We do know the overall ASP for Samsung from the previous quarter. It was $200 per phone overall (based on 99 million phones sold), and somewhere around $230 if you only count "smartphones" (of which Samsung claims over 80% of that 99 million sold). Now let me guess. You're going to claim that most phones sold in the US were only high-end phones so you can somehow claim...
 Only at the tip.
 The number of times we see you whining on AI seems directly proportional to how good Apple is doing/bad competitors are doing.  Oh, so now you're picking and choosing numbers? Sorry, but those total sales for Samsung are made up mostly of their low-end junk phones, NOT the S5 or S6. The ridiculously low ASP that Samsung themselves announced is concrete proof of this. You DO know Grade 6 math, don't you? You ARE capable of figuring out something as simple as ASP, right? Or...
 Apple provides sales figures. Everyone else is afraid to. So they have to guess Android sales.
 Did you even read that Kantar article? The Galaxy S5 from last year is OUTSELLING the Galaxy S6 from this year. How can anybody spin this as a positive for Samsung? Even worse, although Samsung holds #2 and #3, combined they aren't even close to the #1 selling iPhone. This isn't a photo finish between 3 top devices. This is a slaughter by the iPhone with the S5 and S6 fighting over table scraps.
OMFG. A company making a new product better than the previous version. How dare Apple (or anyone) do this.
 So you know how much flash storage costs Apple and the mix of sales for every device to make this claim?
So you're saying Apple is giving people a great deal by giving them far more storage while keeping the same $100 price difference.
WTH are you talking about? Where are you getting this $200 figure from?
Possible. I'm just pointing out the original assumption was wrong. How many of a certain device in stores has NOTHING to do with the percentage of people buying them. There are many possibilities for a certain model being in stock and another being out of stock.To draw any conclusions about what Apple should change for minimum storage based on anecdotal evidence of what your local store has in stock is beyond idiotic.
New Posts  All Forums: