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All I care about is the selection of colours. I'll take one if it comes in Blue Steel.
The way I see it is like this:   Say you drive a Ford Focus and it has a 4 Star crash rating. Ford decides to update the Focus and it now receives a 5 Star crash rating. Sure it's a safer car, but that doesn't mean the old Focus was a death trap - it was still pretty safe.   So Apple improves iCloud. It doesn't mean the old iCloud was a sieve that leaked personal data to whoever wanted it.
 If you have 2fa set up, then which device receives the notification with the verification code to allow you to access iCloud from a new computer (as an example)? It's going to be your iPhone, of course. The device you usually carry with you and can give you an immediate notification if there's activity on your iCloud account. So what if your phone quits working, gets lost or stolen? You have your new iPhone you want to restore from iCloud. Where does the 2fa notification...
I already stated that Apple should be in a position to negotiate lower fees. If they pass these on the the merchants, then they would be more inclined to adopt an Apple payment system (even if it means updating or adding new POS hardware).   I've said all along there has to be some other benefit here other than tapping your phone instead of your cards. Lower fees would definitely fall into that category.
I just looked up the top selling albums first week of sales and none of them have cracked 3 million. If U2 did come pre-loaded, or with a voucher, then they would instantly smash all music records in the first weekend. It would make Jay-Z's deal with Samsung look even more pathetic than it was.
Hard to believe something said by Ive would actually get leaked.   However, it makes for a good news story. The Swiss are quite stubborn (and arrogant) when it comes to watches. So much so they stood by and watched as Asian manufacturers embraced quartz while they stood by their time-tested mechanical watch industry.   The quote sort of implies that Apple is going to do a repeat of the Asians in terms of taking a huge bite out of Swiss watch producers.
 So much crap I don't even know which end to start shoveling from. As soon as you said iPad Apps don't take advantage of screen real estate you made yourself look like a fool. It's Android tablets that don't know how to use screen real estate, not the iPad. Android developers are too lazy to optimize for tablets, so they let their "phone" Apps scale up. That's the worst method to use when adapting for a larger screen. There's no Office for Android. So how are you going to...
What a joke. So they have a 32bit version in some countries and a 64bit version for others?   Even worse, it's going to be hilarious when a dual core A8 64bit processor outperforms an 8 core Exynos 64bit processor.
 I don't think it works like that. If you backup your iPhone to your PC, then it creates a single file with everything in it. On iCloud, not everything is backed up. Apple knows what music, Apps and other content you've purchased so these aren't backed up. Photos and videos are usually stored in Photostream, so I don't think these are backed up in another location (like a single backup file). Basically iCloud backups are usually quite small consisting of user data on your...
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