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Typical Apple and their attention to detail. Speaking of bank vaults, I dated a girl in university who lived in an old bank and put her bedroom in the vault.
 Seriously? It's an App called "If This Then That". You set up conditions and when those conditions occur it will perform some action for you.
Nothing, of course.Here's the most telling passage from the FBI: "attempt to reset 1,987 unique iCloud account passwords, approximately 4,980 times."Password resets are done through phishing, usually by answering questions. And based on these numbers, it appears they averaged about 2.5 attempts per account. So they were probably locked out for many of the accounts, but were successful on others.That idiot who posted the script on Github claimed you could brute force iCloud...
Off topic, but why hasn't AI run the story about the FBI releasing some details about the iCloud accounts that were compromised last year?   They released some numbers about accounts and attempts to access, and it basically proves iCloud wasn't hacked. Also shows that idiot who claimed to have a script that would allow unlimited attempts to hack iCloud was lying (you remember him, they guy who said his script "used to work, but Apple quickly patched it" when others who...
 Tell that to Andy Rubin, who e-mailed Eric Schmidt before the Android purchase:  When the purchase was made is irrelevant. Google knew before the purchase there was no agreement in place with Sun regarding Java. And as I stated before, Google is soon going to lose badly to Oracle when everything is finished. As it should be. Better for the software industry as a whole.
Agreed. Apple could offer a $50 iTunes credit for people who buy an iPhone and want to switch from Android. Split it 50:50 with the developers (Apple pays $25 for the cost of the Apps and the developers agree to knock 50% off regular price).Then during the conversion the user gets to decide which Apps they want to use the $50 for.
Aren't these "executives" the ones who would have negotiated with Apple to make Music possible? How can they anonymously say they think it's not going to be successful? Or talk like they're not "worried" about it? Sounds more like something the "executives" of Spotify or Pandora would say, not someone actually in the music industry.
 Appeals court ruled in favor of Oracle (and against Aslup, who most feel was way off on copyright and his original ruling in favor of Google). Aslup learned Java and programming for this case, and proved the old saying true: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." However, many uneducated people assumed that because he learned Java that it meant anything he said was infallible. Clearly that was not the case. Google also lost another recent ruling just 2 weeks ago (they...
 Sure. Like Google decided to write their own language for Android when they were deciding between C# or Java. Oh wait, they didn't create their own, and that's why they're in trouble with Oracle.
Bottom Line:   APPLE EFFING KILLED IT WITH APPLE MUSIC.   The sheer amount of bitching and moaning both here at AI and on blogs everywhere else pretty much confirms it. You guys can keep your inferior competitors while pretending you have something Apple doesn't.   Went to Pandora today (for example) to see what they offer and got a message saying they are no longer able to operate outside of the US, Australia and New Zealand due to licensing. This is what separates...
New Posts  All Forums: