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Wrong. Your analogy is just as stupid as the Ford example.The App Store is like Walmart. Just like Walmart has expenses (operating the store, utility and electrical costs, paying employees to run the store, property taxes) so does the App Store. And just like Walmart has goods in stock, so does the App Store. They might be digital goods, but they are goods nonetheless.Walmart has a right to make a profit on anything that goes through their store. So does Apple.
 Marvel and DC are separate (although they sell through Comixology). It would be interesting if Apple talked to them and made a deal whereby their comics are made available through Apple. Even funnier if they became exclusives.
So then a thread that acts as the analyzer server and another thread that's the client. Simple, any App that can do this function infringes.
What a stupid comment.The Walmart analogy I've used in the past is far more appropriate. Let's say I have a vending machine and I want to install it in a high traffic location to increase sales. I choose Walmart because they are always extremely busy. Do you think Walmart should let me place my machine in their store without getting a cut? I'm taking up a certain amount of square footage in their store, collecting money from customers who came to see Walmart (not my...
The term "server" is pretty generic. Technically speaking, a single App that has one thread dedicated to "serving" requests made by other threads in the same App could be a server. Or a process running in iOS that serves requests by multiple Apps is also a server. Or the term most people think of - a separate physical machine somewhere on the Internet that serves numerous applications on numerous machines. The core concept to me is a separate process that analyzes data...
When Apple misses by one billion their stock tanks. So by making one billion plus over expectations is the stock going to soar?
Here's a video for Jamstik, but it shows several iOS Apps and gives a great example of how quickly you can lay down tracks/loops.I'm surprised this video doesn't have more views. It's production quality I find quite good.
"have long thought"So does Google have an official indemnification policy or not? Care to provide a link to it? And no, a "personalized" version for a specific company doesn't count. It has to be an official policy that applies to all companies equally, like Microsoft has listed on their website.
 Wow, thanks for proving my point. Did you even read these agreements? The Motorola one INCLUDES the Android OS itself, the HTC one DOES NOT. Just like I called it - Google picks and chooses what to cover depending on which company they're dealing with. And still Google runs away like a coward leaving their Android partners out to dry after giving away a "free" OS that stole Microsoft IP.
The thread can be found here if anyone wants to read it in its entirety:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/177199/microsoft-reveals-windows-phone-8-1-with-siri-like-cortana-personal-assistant   Here's the posts in the order in which they appeared.   Me: The HUGE difference (which will be a big selling point) is MS has an indemnification policy (something Google lacks, and MS loves to make fun of). GG: I vaguely recall something about Microsoft and indemnification...
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