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Does anyone else think the logo is a finger pressing down (Force Touch)? I think iPad Pro will be in October to coincide with Adobe announcing their new mobile "photoshop". What better device to debut it with than a new iPad Pro and a proper stylus?
More interested in the A9 and what Apple has done to the image processing. This is as important (if not more important) than the sensor itself.
What a load of crap. 4S brought a much faster processor, better camera, and was the first phone in the world with BT 4.0 support.5S brought Touch ID and the world's first (and most advanced) 64bit ARM processor.These are hardly "extra touches". They are major upgrades.
In other news, McDonalds will continue to sell more burgers than Fatburger, In-N-Out and Five Guys.
But...but...but...Apple Watch is a failure and nobody's buying them.
 Hardly junk at all. It's not something needed, or even something most people would use, but for artists and similar it would be fantastic. And, no, third party accessories won't cut it. Proper stylus support for something as precise as drawing would require a digitizer of some sort in the screen. Have you ever used a digitizer (like a Wacom) and compared it to a pen on an iPad? It's not even close.
They're removing most of the seats and installing an indoor track to demo the Apple Car.
Say what? They only replace the camera, not the entire phone (as I understand it).
My iPhone qualifies, yet it's always taken great pictures. I wonder if I should take it in now, or just wait until it fails, since it's covered for 3 years anyway.
I agree. For an advanced infotainment system you'd still want a variety of engineers of all backgrounds to ensure it works well with the vehicle it's integrated in. But Apple appears to be hiring too many senior engineers for a simple project.
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