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Damn. I was planning on getting a MacBook Pro last week when the rumors of a new one came out. So to my surprise, the rumor was right. Then the price increase.
How ironic. Just like commenters who claim "it doesn't work for me, must not work anywhere else in the world".
So where are the idiots who thought Hogan was a biased juror and Samsung should get a retrial because of him? Guess that argument didn't fly with the appeals court either.
 Do you not remember this? http://allthingsd.com/20120720/google-claims-popularity-has-made-some-apple-patents-de-facto-essentials/
 According to Google, if you create something that could be considered a "fundamental technology", then you should be forced to license it to everyone as a SEP, even if you don't want to declare it as such.
 Why should that cause you any grief? I didn't even realize he showed up until you quoted him. Just add him to your block list like most of us have.
Does this really matter anymore? Apple was more interested in setting an example for everyone that they will pursue anyone who violates their IP. The money never really mattered (even though many tried to imply Apple sues when they can't compete).     Apple has already won the war by creating superior products that people want making them the most valuable tech company on the planet.
 For Apple, yes. For many other businesses, it's a rather slow pace. Most retail stores or fast food chains can set up pretty damn quickly and 25 stores a year would be childs play. Apple, however, is very picky about locations for their stores, often preferring sites inside historic buildings or other unique locations (that is, outside of their mall stores). After finding a location, they're going to do renovations to make sure it fits in with their overall design...
Why would Google come up? Did you seriously ask that question?When people are talking about privacy issues then of course Google would come up. They have arguably the biggest treasure trove of data on people of any company out there.
Or Siri+Insteon, already available. Or Siri plus several other smart home devices.I find Siri quite reliable. And it's not like Siri will make a mistake and leave lights on or doors unlocked. You say "Please close the garage door" to which Siri might respond "The door is already closed" or "I'm closing it now.......it's closed".
New Posts  All Forums: