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Here we go again. Apple has made a huge update with the 6S. Much better cameras front & rear, the world's most intelligent selfie flash, 4K recording, worlds most advanced processor, faster Touch ID, 3D Touch on the screen and also managed to make it stronger (new aluminum and glass).   And yet people are going to try and control the narrative to talk about whether they should have made a 16GB phone or why the battery life should be better.
 My wife and daughters get by perfectly fine with 16GB iPhones. But I guess when Apple makes a stellar product people have to fine SOMETHING to complain about.
Apple once again proving they are the premiere mobile ARM processor designer.   2500 on Geekbench single core is incredible performance. And before someone chimes in about the clock speed increase from 1.4GHz to 1.8GHz, that only gets you to around 2070 on Geekbench.   So Apple has clearly done some optimizations to the A9 to give it a significant boost in performance BEFORE they added a slight clock increase.
And the subsequent bashing by trolls in the comment section.Such a shame to write an in-depth article discussing technology only to have a legion of idiots respond and destroy the ability to have a civil discussion. Same thing happens at Toms and site owners don't seem to want to do anything about it.
Proactive is already picking out my routine and I didn't even notice it. Until Saturday when I took my kids out to a new place, a good drive from home. When I got into my car, I noticed my iPhone lit up with a notification. I thought it was a text, so looked at my phone and it as Siri with the message: Traffic is heavy right now, you are 45 minutes from home. Siri guessed I was going home and gave me an estimate. Not sure where Apple pulled the traffic data from, but it...
 Crysis 3 was also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's hardly fitting of the phrase "can it run Crysis" anymore since the hardware you run it on will have a direct impact on visuals and gameplay. It's misleading to use Crysis 3 as an example considering it can scale across a wide range of hardware. And if the Shield TV was actually capable of playing full AAA titles, then there would be no need to offer streaming from your PC or GRID> And have you seen the reviews of...
  The Shield TV isn't so great for gaming. On paper it looks good, but developers aren't flocking to it with titles to use that power since it doesn't have the sales of another platform to match. So like the Ouya before it, it will fail as a gaming console because MOST of the games are just ports of run-of-the-mill Android games, which are inferior. There will be more Metal equipped games within a month after the ATV comes out then there will be Shield TV games after a...
And with that Google just saw billions in ad revenue go out the window.
 Killing the high-end market? By selling cars by the thousands instead of millions? By selling "luxury" cars that are only slightly more equipped than an Accord or Camry? They're not killing anything. Gigafactory doesn't mean squat. Anyone can build such a factory. And even though Tesla is in bed with Panasonic, as soon as Toyota or GM flash billions in cash under their noses Panasonic will be selling to them as well. Or maybe it'll be Samsung. Bottom line is there are...
Which button do I click? Dis' like or dat like?
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