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 Exactly. So to say Apple is cooperating implies Apple is caving in to Bromwich when in fact his scope was significantly narrowed (which is what Apple really wanted).
 EXACTLY. You haven't used something yet you can still post an opinion about how good it is compared to others, then hide behind the "I thought we were talking about Office Mobile). Numerous people pointed this out to you - nobody believes that's what you were talking about, or that you didn't understand what people were actually talking about. The very definition of a troll.
Sounds like DED got under his skin. Even when Groklaw called out Mueller by name he never "struck back". He would only say something like "another blog made the statement that......" and proceed to calmly explain his opinion.Doesn't sound too professional to complain about DED so many times - better to just ignore him. Now he looks childish as well.
Bull. The thread was about Office 365, not mobile. And I was the one who brought up the 27MB size of Office Mobile and compared it to the almost 900MB size of Office for iPad and posed the question about whether there was feature parity between two Apps of such wildly different sizes.But we can clear this up right away. Office for iPad is superior to ALL suites available for Android. Better than your list, better than Quickoffice and better than Kingoffice.
Another troll added to the block list. Funny how a block list swells in size when certain articles are posted.
I'm on mobile so can't link directly.The thread is "Why did Microsoft port Office to iPad". You claimed there were several better alternatives for Android. I asked you THREE times to list them.So I'll ask a 4th time. List all the Android suites better than Office.
You better believe you understand. All trolls understand what I meant.Now, shall I bring up the numerous times I asked you to back up claims you've made? Or are you going to continue being a coward and run away when challenged?In case you forgot, just ask and I'll even do the work of locating the threads and posting links to the topic at hand.
 When your patent is a non-SEP you're allowed to license it to whoever you want (and charge whatever you want). These Apple patents aren't SEP's, so Apple can do as they see fit. Now Samsung, on the other hand, dropped their SEP's from this case. Good thing too, since they have been under scrutiny by the FTC for their obvious abuse of SEP obligations. Too bad, I hoped Samsung was stupid enough to bring their SEP's up in this case just to see the end result.
 What a joke. First off, the link you provided for the Neonode is wrong. They claim "Nionode N1 was the first mobile where performing a gesture on an image unlocked the device". This is an outright lie. The Neonode never had a gesture on an image. You swiped on the lower edge of the screen to select "yes" (you could not do gestures anywhere on the screen - it was permanently fixed to the lower edge). Secondly, Apple provided the user manual for the Neonode phone to the...
 So easy getting a rise out of a troll. You know how to add numbers, right? You understand Grade 3 math? Then you're all set. I suggest going to a tech blog that gets a large number of users/comments (and that isn't heavily moderated). Engadget is a good example (though any blog will do). Read the following review. When you get to the comments, click on the "Top Comments" to see who got the most votes. You'll see that the majority of them are anti-Apple...
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