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They should compare how much revenue each is generating. I use an Apple TV and rent/buy a lot of movies through iTunes. How much is Google Chromecast generating?
 Nah. I think the numbers are correct. The real problem with these numbers is they don't separate out the low-end budget phones that make up the majority of Android (and Samsung) sales and compare them to Apple, who only sells high-end phones. In essence they are comparing sales of BMW (Apple) to Toyota (Samsung). Toyota makes Lexus models, of which many compete at the same price point as several BMW models. However, Toyota also sells millions of the Corolla, Camry, Yaris...
A Corey Hart reference in a Samsung/Apple dispute? Now I've seen everything.
Why are you giving this POS any more publicity?
 Android consoles failed for three reasons: - They were garbage devices with underpowered processors.- There's hardly any truly good Android games worth playing to put on those consoles.- Because, Android.
 Because the iOS user base is growing (to the chagrin of Android users who like to think only Apple fanboys keep upgrading iPhones and they aren't actually getting new users).
 I don't think that's the killer feature. To me the killer feature is the tremendous pool of talent in the iOS development community. A lot of devs I talk to seem to think Apps have kind of peaked. We still see new and original Apps, but not at the pace we used to. Give these developers access to an Apple TV with a good processor and suddenly they've got a new market to start developing for. I think all the major iOS game companies will be jumping over themselves to get...
 No they don't. Single core performance is the most important since there's very little software that can actually utilize multiple cores (and keep all of them working all of the time). This is because outside of benchmarks it's extremely difficult to take an application and divide up the workload to keep so many cores busy. Add to this the fact that software basically just sits around idle waiting for user input before doing something. And this is before we start getting...
Uh, the Exynos 7420 gets 4099 on the S6 and 4386 on S6 Edge. Don't know where you got that 5048 number from, but it's not from Geekbench. Probably another "loaded" result, as is so common on Android devices.
Considering how many customers Spotify has (paying and free), for Dre to get 25 million on a brand new service is phenomenal.
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