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 Really? You checked them all out? I tried the first 3 songs he played and was able to locate all of them on Apple Music. Do you have a comprehensive list of the first songs played showing which ones are and aren't available?
 This is something I don't like. Talk before the song, talk after, but don't talk DURING the song. Especially short little sound bites like "Always On". Hopefully this is only during a short launch period (not the 90 days) and not permanent. Then again, I've never listened to Zane Lowe, so not sure if this is his thing or a Beats 1 thing.
 So we can expect you'll have no comments on the e-book case then?
Couldn't let the launch of Apple Music go without some negative news to offset it.
Ditto. When Toms tests video cards they run a slew of benchmarks using multiple games with multiple resolutions and different quality settings to see how they perform. This review is the exact opposite of what I've come to expect at Toms - a few carefully picked tests to come to a conclusion.This does not make sense. You say you don't care if a phone has 1000 dumb cores? I'm curious, as a developer how are you going to write your code to utilize those cores? Because the...
So a new version of iTunes comes out tomorrow.   Is it too much to hope for a completely overhauled iTunes and not the current version with Apple Music added in as an afterthought?
I read Anandtech so not sure how I missed that one. Still, it's a fairly limited test. Can't really tell the performance with only a few results. We need more benchmarks to update.Would also be nice to see results from Metal when it's being used for compute intensive tasks and not just graphics, since it's also capable of this.Noooooo. I don't want this to degenerate into a full-on Windows style system of profiles for power management. Apple should be able to do this for...
So they update for iOS 9 and low power mode. When are benchmarks going to update for Metal?
 Why does she not have a choice? If other services don't offer what she thinks is reasonable compensation, then she doesn't HAVE to bring it to any of them. All she's saying is there's nothing in her agreement with Apple that makes it exclusive. That doesn't automatically mean it's going to be available on other services.  Not the same thing, as has already been explained. let's put it in plain English for you: The ONLY place you can stream 1989 without actually paying for...
 1. Who cares how lawyers bill - this is about streaming. Stupid analogy.2. Music has always favored the short pop song. Whether it's in actual sales or streaming. If they paid by the length of the song, then you'd have scammers increasing the lengths of songs just to get more money.3. Apple Music and Spotify have the basic same model. You pay $10 per month and 70% of that subscription price gets paid back to artist. There's nothing fraudulent about the Spotify or Apple...
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