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I see Relic is back with his usual useless posts. How come you keep talking shit and then run away after you've been proven wrong? I have pointed out errors in your logic on the Denver K1 several times and you're back spouting the same garbage AGAIN? The Denver K1 does not live up to the hype. Since you don't seem to get it, I'll go over the main reasons why once more. - Nvidia was extensively hyping up their Dynamc Code Optimization of the K1. They clam this allows the...
Got the 6+ to see how I'd like it. Felt way too big in my hands. I'm always making mistakes typing as I'm used to a smaller keyboard. One-handed use is tough and I don't find the one-handed mode that useful. I was going to take it back and get a 6 but a co-worker said to stick it out until you get used to it. So I kept it and after a week he was right. The things that initially bothered me don't anymore and overall I really like this phone. Edited: Forgot about the...
4 pages of comments and all I see is politics. Let's get back to the topic at hand, bashing Android.
 Say what? Nobody uses Google+, not even die-hard Android users. Despite Google's endless attempts to try and get people to use it and attaching it to every single service they have.
But...but...but, iPad sales are dropping at a record pace. How is this possible? ¡
People keep missing the "auditing" portion.   Further proof Apple has no idea what you buy since they can't come up with the numbers themselves (to get their 0.15% cut). Hence the agreements to allow audits of the CC companies numbers to make sure everything is on the up and up.
Of course. iOS leads in every single metric EXCEPT market share. More App revenue for developers, more developer interest, more App downloads, domination of Enterprise usage, more online shopping, more content purchases. Yup, basically everything that counts.
I really wanted to see BatJobs.
 You seem to be confusing CurrentC and Apple Pay. There's no linking to your accounts with Apple Pay.
 Well, Apple didn't set out to make a product that would hurt Samsung, but that's exactly what happened. They say the best revenge is success. And the iPhone 6/6P serve up a huge portion of that.
New Posts  All Forums: