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Good move by MS. Allow the worlds top developers the ability to bring their class leading Apps to Windows mobile devices. Maybe we'll see Apps hit iOS first and Windows second (instead of Android).
Come on AI, I expect this kind of article title from other sites, but here?   Samsung sold 99 million phones with an ASP of $200 (according to Samsung). That means those 83 million devices Samsung calls smartphones could have an ASP of no more than $240 (or so). Compared to $659 for Apple.   Most of those phones Samsung sold were junk phones for $100. If you do the math, you realize Samsung probably didn't even hit 15 million flagship phones. I'd say Apple selling 61...
 Landfill? Hardly. It's already on a flight to South Korea for analysis.
Perhaps DJI should have made sure the App was available before selling people devices. Why is this Apple's fault?
 Seems you're a little sensitive to what was obviously a joke.
And offset by the drop after Apple posts record earnings that still fall short of some "analyst".
Exactly. Apple agreements with carriers have come under fire before for their strict rules. Even to the point of raising antitrust suspicions (ridiculous IMO).
Not to Apple. But to naysayers who imply that without carrier subsidies Apple sales wouldn't be anywhere near the levels they are.
Uh, where did I say 75% were sold directly by Apple? 75% would be those sold by Apple PLUS sales by carriers without subsidies PLUS those sold by carriers who offer a subsidy, but the customer bought outright anyway PLUS those sold by stores that don't deal with carriers (like buying online from Amazon without a plan).I'm sure Apple knows EXACTLY how many iPhones were sold by a carrier with a subsidy and at retail. I'd bet $$$ that those numbers are required reporting from...
 If they aren't selling and need steep discounts (or special offers) to move, then how can you say they are comparable? S6 is only comparable if you look at the hardware specs. As an overall device, it's not even in the same league as an iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: