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K1 is garbage as I already explained to Relic countless times.What's really funny is that after Nvidia spent all that time and money developing a custom 64bit mobile ARM processor, they stopped using it. Their latest ARM processor is now using.......wait for it........A57 cores, just like everyone else.
 He voted for that system year after year? How do you know? Did 100% of Greeks vote, and of that 100% voted for the socialist system? I don't feel bad for the people that voted their leaders in, but I do for the ones who voted against them and are suffering over something they couldn't control (other than cast their vote).
Apple is only "ripe" for an investigation because of their billions of dollars in cash, not because of anything they have done wrong.
Of course you do.
Best comment of the year over at MacRumors: "The 1% who don't love their iPhones all have accounts on Macrumors."
Never noticed until you mentioned it. Typical Apple and their attention to detail. I counted the last frame and sure enough there are 100 iPhones in 5 rows of 20. And the 1 out of 100 that didn't love their iPhone was turned down.
I would love to sit in on a conversation between Cook and Gates.
No, but if you want perpetual access to Apples hundreds of millions of customer who are willing to pay for things, then you should expect to pay them perpetually.
Then you can name them. If they're that big they'd have hundreds if not thousands of employees, so nobody is going to figure out who posted.
All you need to do is go to Slices website and look at their previous reports. They have everything from interest in the movie Frozen to Keurig coffee cups to gas BBQ's. Then we have a bunch of reports on Apple, with most of them being the Apple Watch. Oh, and nothing on competing products. Where's the Galaxy S5 vs S6 numbers (which would be a popular topic)? Apple TV vs Roku? iPad vs all other tablets? Or the real kicker: iPhone sales by model/capacity vs other...
New Posts  All Forums: