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Uh, the Exynos 7420 gets 4099 on the S6 and 4386 on S6 Edge. Don't know where you got that 5048 number from, but it's not from Geekbench. Probably another "loaded" result, as is so common on Android devices.
Considering how many customers Spotify has (paying and free), for Dre to get 25 million on a brand new service is phenomenal.
 Complete and utter bullshit. Google acquired Android in August 2005. Apple already had basic prototypes of the iPhone in 2005, which means they would have had to been working on it for some time already.
Patches? We don't need no stinking patches.
 Please. Apple Pay is built on the latest EMVco tokenization system that was NOT developed by Apple, but was developed by the major credit card companies and financial institutions. It IS a standard. Apple just happened to be the first company to use this new STANDARD. The only thing Apple added was using Touch ID instead of a PIN, but this doesn't change how this INDUSTRY STANDARD works (including all the backend processing that goes on).  You got the confusing part...
LoopPay is mixed. Some older cards will actually transmit raw card data wirelessly. Most cards will use tokenization/HCE so reading the wireless signal doesn't matter. The third type (which LoopPay says is coming) will use the exact same tokenization system Apple uses. So you've got a mixed bag of security from not at all up to the best available.All it's going to take is one "hacker" to show how they skimmed a card from a Samsung phone by putting an antenna beside the...
Too bad for Samsung, banks/issuers won't all be updating their back end systems to allow chip/PIN cards to work using MST. So Samsung/LoopPays promise of working with all terminals won't ever be fully realized.
 No. If you add a chip/PIN card to Samsung Pay, and try to use MST (the mag stripe system), the terminal will decline and tell you to insert your card. However, if your chip/PIN card is from a bank that's been updated (like banks have to update their system for Apple Pay), then you can use MST to make the payment and it will work. The real problem I see is how does Samsung explain this to people? Why can some people add cards and they work and others add cards and they...
Utterly lame announcements. Still using the same Exynos 7420 (when people were swearing up & down the Exynos 7422 "Apple A9 killer" was going to be out). All they did is release a bigger, mildly tweaked version of the S6 and added another 1GB RAM to help run that horribly in-efficient OS.   Can't wait to see Samsung fans try to spin this in a positive way.
 Nothing like billions of dollars in extra revenue to make one question their "pride". Intel could provide everything for Apple: processors, RAM, flash storage, modems and even other misc chips. All the while providing Apple with better security against potential copycats.
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