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I have a hard time buying the Python hack. You can use Python to log into iCloud (simulating the way you might go to icloud.com and log in with a browser), but this won't accept a brute force attack. And Find My iPhone is something you get access to AFTER you've already logged in.
I can see one potential downside of this.   Anand wrote the most comprehensive articles on the architecture of the A6 and A7 (esp the A7). Articles that the haters absolutely despised due to his accurate portrayal of the A7 as a highly advanced ARM processor far ahead of everyone else on the market. To quote Anand:   "Looking at Cyclone makes one thing very clear: the rest of the players in the ultra mobile CPU space didn't aim high enough."   Now his hiring by Apple...
 The only way I can see Apple doing payments properly is if they become the payment processor cutting out the middle man and dealing with banks directly. If all Apple does is allow you to make payments using EXISTING systems then their system will be a failure. If I have a contactless Visa in my wallet, then why would I use my iPhone to make a contactless payment? It's actually slower as I'd probably need to have an App open before I can make a payment. Or I'll have to use...
What if the lens is movable? That is, when focusing it's capable of moving out past the surface, but normally it remains flush.
Of course the two at the beginning don't appear again - Samsung has to cherry pick the responses to make sure good comments about the iPad are buried.
 And a phone that acts just like a chip card is doomed to fail. If the only thing my phone can do is act like a chip card, then what incentive is there for me to use it instead of my chip cards I already have? Your phones data connection can be just as secure as any other method of transmission. Security lies in the type of data you send, not the medium it's travelling over. CC numbers and personal information can be replaced by tokens and ID numbers that are useless to...
 I've commented on this before. Some developer just needs to write an App to perform the functions of a car stereo. Pair it up with any of the numerous I/O modules and you've got a high-end deck. Using the audio capabilities of iOS you could even have numerous outputs - subs, mids and highs all with custom crossovers, EQ and time delay. Imagine an iPhone with a 16 channel audio interface to connect to all your amps and even support an external input or two.
Gotta love it. With just a few simple words Apple is generating a huge amount of hype.
Isn't this a little early for Apple? I thought they only announced the dates 1 week in advance. This is closer to 2 weeks.   Unless Apple is trolling the other companies with their announcements coming up.
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