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  So you fabricate what you think my position is and argue against that? Even to the point of predicting my responses? Pathetic.
Up to your usual tricks. You left out a very important detail. Google requires that devices that meet a minimum performance standard have encryption enabled. And with the inferior and performance sapping software encryption in Android it basically means only flagships will enable it.Wait, what am I thinking. Only a few flagships will ever get Marshmallow so it's a moot point.
Android is a joke for security. It will NEVER even begin to approach iOS, no matter what band-aids Google uses to stop the bleeding.
Great idea to run an ad during the CMAs. I'm not a Country fan, but it's a significant chunk of the market and it's good to see Apple address those listeners. They need more of these targeted at all the genres.
Says who? Do you how many people are hanging on to their older iPhone because they like the size? Or how many 5S iPhones Apple is still selling?The latter is important and something Apple would be looking at. If they're still moving lots of the 5S then there's obviously a market for a smaller iPhone.
  Of course Android isn't 100x as bad - it's just a joke. Your source is not exactly accurate either. First you have the severity of the issue (as you mentioned). Then you have to look at how long it took before it was patched. And some issues could show up as multiple exploits but be caused by a single piece of code. Strictly looking at the number of exploits is a poor way to measure security (and one that happens to be very common on Android forums). It's impossible to...
 Or as Phil Schiller would say: Shenanigans. Oh wait, that was for Samsung benchmark cheating.
  If they get rid of the 5TB/Office 365 bundle then I'll be supremely pissed. I never used the unlimited plan nor the free plan, so I'm not really concerned about what MS has done there. I never expect to get anything for free, so I always opt to pay for the next highest tier. I would never rely on any type of free service for anything, nor would I feel sorry for those that did and are now forced to change.
 Microsoft Office is superior to anything Apple (or anyone else) has. Their 5TB for $99 a year is also better than anyone else. All my mobile devices are iOS. My home computers are a mix of Macs and PCs. My work computer is a PC because much of the software I use is Windows only. I have 50GB iCloud Drive storage so all my photos/videos get backed up and I don't have to worry about running out of space. My long-term storage is on OneDrive because of the large amount of...
Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with this. They didn't need to offer an unlimited plan when their current plans were good anyway. Their Office 365 Home is a bargain with 5TB for $99 a year and the full version of Office (including Access) thrown in for free.   If they never made the ridiculous offer in the first place they wouldn't suffer the backlash of cancelling it later.
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