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 If they aren't selling and need steep discounts (or special offers) to move, then how can you say they are comparable? S6 is only comparable if you look at the hardware specs. As an overall device, it's not even in the same league as an iPhone.
 Why would you not believe that? Cook would know how many were sold in Apple Retail as well as through Apple Online (at full retail price). And many carriers around the world DON'T subsidize phones on plans (which is very common in the US).
YES.Do us all a favor and don't bother engaging in any threads.
And it just keeps coming.   This is how you steamroll over the competition. Offer a superior product with world-class service/support.
I doubt this will have much impact. FCP is pretty well flushed out now (compared to launch) and I think the team of people still working on it are going to be fine maintaining and updating it.   Apple didn't nosedive after Jobs left, so why should FCP (and related software) die because Ubillos leaves? I'm sure this was known well in advance and Apple took steps to ensure a smooth transition for the team (and whoever heads it up in the future).
Meaningless just like Google Fiber. Designed to make Google look good (marketing gimmick). This is no different than a store offering a product below cost (loss leader) to get people in the store. If Google wants to shake up Internet or wireless they need to make it widely available. Limiting it to a small number of users (Nexus 6) or communities (Five) doesn't benefit enough people, nor will it do much to cause existing providers to be more competitive.
 Not accurate. Samsung uses off-the-shelf ARM processor designs like the A53/A57 in the new S6. Apple makes custom processors that run ARMv8 code. They are two completely different types of licenses from ARM. Apple processors are far ahead of anything by ARM (and by extension, Samsung).
 Of course they're not "working out of a basement". There are so many other issues I have with this that make me skeptical. - Would Apple even allow someone to download that many Apps? At what point do they realize this isn't normal behavior and investigate? Apple must monitor traffic and a large amount going to a certain IP should raise the alarm.- How are they downloading them? Surely they don't have a bunch of people using iTunes to download them. Which makes me think...
 I did read their blog. I don't have a problem with their methodology of scanning an App - this is how virus scanners work. What I find unbelievable is that they claim to have downloaded virtually all the Apps in the App Store. I'm curious how they would even do that, and also curious how much money that would cost them. Also curious how they could download them all fast enough to even keep up with updates. How much bandwidth would that even require?
First off, this isn't Apple's problem. It's a problem with code provided by AFNetworking (as pointed out by leavingthebigG).   Second, this company (SourceDNA) claims they have the ability to scan EVERY single App in the App Store to search for such flaws.   I'm REALLY curious how they can make such a claim.
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