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When is Apple going to make an investment into Intel? Start getting Intel to fab all their chips, get early access to their new 3D memory and also their cellular modems?   I've heard some people say Apple should just buy Intel, but they don't need to. Just make some kind of deal and put a few billion into capex to expand their capacity.
 Um, are you absolutely sure that radio stations pay artists? Because they are lobbying right now against legislation that would actually force them to pay per play.
I predict next earnings call Apple notifies us of another multi-billion dollar share buy back.
 Apple is not opposed to using a stylus. Jobs (Apple) was opposed to any device (phone or tablet) that REQUIRED a stylus to be operated. There's a key difference. An iPad Pro with multi-touch for operation that ALSO accepted stylus input for certain graphic related software would be a great idea. And as mentioned above, would KILL the Wacom Cintiq.
Apple doesn't have to change a damn thing about their App Store policies regarding subscriptions. The solution is extremely simple.   Companies like Spotify can drop In-App Purchases (IAP) altogether. They can require that ALL customers requiring a subscription to sign up at their website instead. Nobody is forcing companies to use the IAP model. Others already avoid IAPs by doing exactly this.   Problem solved. At least the IAP problem. The other problem of having to...
They'd almost certainly need to have a large staff just for curation simply because of the enormous amount of music in their library.   All I know is the For You playlists Apple Music keeps recommending to me are fantastic. A great mix of music I already like plus some other stuff I haven't heard before which suits my tastes. It's almost uncanny the stuff it comes up with.
IBM and Apple just keeps getting better. I'm still waiting for something regarding Watson, where IBM sets up specific use cases for industries that would benefit from Watson, and then links that into Siri on your iPhone providing invaluable information to users in those industries.
Funny how Windows PCs come in a huge variety of hardware configurations requiring a myriad selection of drivers for each hardware component and yet Microsoft has no problems sending out updates to everyone directly without having to go through Dell, Lenovo, HP or all the other countless OEMs.
 There could be a setting to allow you to change how much force is required before it takes action. Just like selecting double-click mouse speed.
I don't think so. That technique is already used. The problem is how to detect the difference between a large finger pressing lightly or a smaller finger pressing hard if they both present the same size of contact point. Further, people have skin/fingers with many variations. For example, a person with calluses would see their contact point change very little under pressure while someone with soft skin could see a large change in finger shape.The only way to make force...
New Posts  All Forums: