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Apple would need to allow the Apple Watch to interface DIRECTLY with the vehicle through their existing systems. Remote unlocking via smartphone is handy for certain situations, but keyless entry needs to be instant. Nobody is going to wait around their car waiting for a signal from your watch/phone to a central server and then down to your car to open your doors. Even if it only took a couple seconds, that's still too long.   I think it would be very difficult to...
 Where did I say Ericsson is demanding cross-licensing? My comment was a reply to yours stating cross-licensing is not illegal. However, in some cases it can actually be (in the case of SEP's). And I'm not ignoring anything. Funny how you can take a single sentence of mine and extrapolate that out and form a complete and detailed opinion of what I think about this case.
 And you'd be mistaken if you think it's OK to demand cross-licensing in exchange for access to SEP's.
 "More than you can afford, pal. Apple".
Makes sense. If the A9 uses the package-on-package assembly, then the SoC and DRAM would be manufactured together.   I don't really care who fabs processors for Apple. As long as they are using the best available process and can make them in quantity.
 Because people would normally use Touch ID to unlock their phone and ONLY use the PIN under certain circumstances (like dirty hands, wet fingers, wearing gloves or something that would prevent Touch ID from working). That makes it very difficult for a crook to intercept (such as by using a camera in a store to record you entering a PIN or a crook looking over your shoulder) since it's not something you use all the time to unlock/authorize.
 That CR article has already been debunked. They're using ridiculous criteria to make up their "list" while ignoring more important features. There's NO WAY IN HELL anyone could ever come to the conclusion Apple Pay is less secure than LoopPay, Wallet or Softcard. Even worse, several items on their security list don't exist in Apple Pay because of how it works. So Apple Pay can't get a point for something stupid like "need password and PIN to access credentials" since...
 I don't think Google got caught with their pants down. More like their jaw dropped when they realized how little pull they have with carriers and how much pull Apple has.
 You are incorrect. They both use tokens, but Apple Pay uses network tokenization where you bank/issuer is the one who issues the tokens. Google Wallet does not. Apple Pay is superior to Google Wallet, LoopPay and Softcard since only Apple Pay is currently using the latest EMVco teoknization technology.
 It's been mentioned before. It's used to measure distance traveled. Far more accurate than a vehicle odometer (which is often out by 5-10%).
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