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Seems like a win for Apple to me as well. Before reading the decision I would have suggested a different tactic for Apple. Whenever Bromwich truesto talk to someone not related or tries to bring up something outside his scope, have the employee state firmly they refuse to answer questions. Let Bromwich complain to the court that Apple isn't co-operating and explain his justification for wanting to speak to them. But I see that isn't necessary as he's been restricted in...
Don't buy it. Apple has hired too many medical and health professionals to make another simple watch or fitness band. You don't need these types of employees for that, neither do you need a face-to-face with the FDA to release something that doesn't need their approval.
Don forget Coke. What have they introduced recently?
 Samsung can take Apple to court to have a judge decide how much Apple needs to pay for SEP's (like the one in the recently vetoed case), but Samsung doesn't want that. A judge is going to give them a fraction of what they want (just like what happened in the Motorola/Microsoft case). This is why Samsung tried the injunction route first, hoping that the threat of an injunction would cause Apple to settle for their demands. Apple didn't, and Samsung lost big-time when the...
 Not quite. If Obama didn't veto the ban, then Samsung could have gone ahead to enforce it. Since it never got that far, the DOJ didn't need to go any further. So Obama sort of prevented Samsung from doing anything anti-competitive by taking away their ability to seek a ban. Samsung isn't off the hook, since the DOJ said it will continue to monitor Samsung in future patent cases. Which is interesting since 2 of the 4 patents in the March trial between Samsung and Apple are...
Doubt it. When the Olympics were in Vancouver, Visa was a sponsor. You couldn't use any other credit card to buy tickets to events. Pissed me off as my MC has a higher limit since I use it more which meant I could only try to get tickets for a couple events before I maxed out.
Come on, would it have been too much work to color the Apple logos to match the rings?
In other words for something useful.
 The others were sued involving a procedure to actually manufacture the chips (it had to do with metals leeching into silicon during manufacture). And that procedure is applied to any type of chip, not just for processors. Samsung wouldn't license the '752 patent since Samsung doesn't design any processor that advanced. Their mobile processors are all ARM designs and their smaller processors (as used in simpler devices like appliances) don't have a need for advanced...
 Did everyone else on your list also settle over this exact same patent? I doubt it, and it appears you just wanted to add a bunch of names to your list to imply that Apple was using something that everyone else in this field already knew and licensed.
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