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Happens all the time. We had a case here where the trial was too large to manage because of the evidence and number of murder victims. They split the case up and grouped the victims together in such a way as to make things more manageable.I've mentioned this before - the issue isn't restricting the number of patents in a case - it's the time it takes to get to trial. In time-sensitive IP cases they need a special court where you can fast track the case while IP is still...
Please. Relatively short time? So 3 years is too short to see how things are working or to get some ideas for your own personal use? Long time ago? Most current operating systems are based on ideas that are 20+ years old. This isn't a smartphone patent before anyone thought of smartphones - this is an OS level patent.The HTC trial never completed as they settled. So we don't know what Apple would have brought up as evidence regarding Rubin. It must be more than "Rubin...
 Samsung doesn't want to throw Google completely under the bus - they just want to run over their big toe.
So Koh directed the jury back to exhibits already presented. That's pretty vague. Was it a sweeping comment simply telling them "stick to what was presented to you" or did Koh mention specific exhibits that were relevant to the questions asked? Depending on how you read it you could suggest the jury is going off on a tangent (looking for things that weren't talked about) or were just asking for information on something that was actually presented during trial.   The...
No kidding. And they also have QuickOffice that they acquired. They're all over the place.
Google knows where the users are. /S Edited: forgot the sarcasm tag.
So any guesses on the final damages award? Let's see who's closest.   Samsung seems to have contradicted themselves. First saying the patents are worth $38 million, then saying Apple would be "dancing" if they got $100 million. Mixed message. Is Samsung saying they're OK with damages being increased to $100 million from $38 million?   The jury can cut Apples award in half to make it seem like they're agreeing with some of Samsungs arguments, but still give Apple a nice...
Overpriced? The single user version is, but the Home Premium for up to 5 users is a bargain.
A couple years ago Samsung pulled a Google - change their accounting method. In one quarter their feature phone sales dropped while their smartphone sales climbed. They didn't suddenly sell half as many feature phones while doubling smartphone sakes in one quarter - they just changed the definition of a "smartphone".
Isn't the correct term "coached"? All witnesses are "prepped" before a case (for example, explained how things will go and the types of questions they'll be asked).   "Coaching", IMO, is when the lawyers are telling the witness what to say beforehand when asked a specific question.   Regardless, chalk up another one for Samsung.
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