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 Quote:  Stop lying. Manufacturers (at least all the major ones) belong to the OHA. The OHA has strict rules on what you can and can't do with Android. You can't modify Android such that it breaks compatibility with Google Play Store Apps or any Google services. And you can't release a device with an Android fork (just ask Acer how that went when they tried with their Aliyun phone- Google stepped in and shut them down). You're confusing AOSP with Android that OEMs use....
Yes. How many times has he stated that Google Play Services provides updates and security patches? I've explained to him several times that items in the actual OS itself can't be patched by Google Play Services. And here we are, with a security flaw that Google Play can't fix and requires the OEMs to recompile and issue that patch themselves.
What a load of crap. If company A has 1,000 complaints about their product and company B also has 1,000 complaints, does that make them equal? Hardly. If company A sold 1,000,000 devices then only 1/1,000 are complaining. If company B sold 1,000 devices then every single person who bought one has a complaint.This is how it is with iOS 8 vs Lollipop. iOS 8 has easily hit several hundred million users, and very likely hit 100 million within a week of launch. Lollipop is on...
Gee, I didn't know you could get over 2000 patents for rounded corners. /S
Don't buy that for a minute. At 60% of Apple that represents billions in revenue for Google. Yet they lump Google Play revenues in the "other" category on their financial statements.If they were actually making that much then it would deserve its own category.
 That's what I got. The 2013 figure is total revenue, the 2014 figure is paid to developers (which would make revenues $14.2 billion. A solid 40% increase from 2013). In 2013 Apple would have made $3 billion (30% cut from $10 billion revenues).
 That would be one huge porn fest.
Ahhh, isn't that nice of Apple. Instead of the usual announcement around the 20th they decided to postpone the news for one more week so all their competitors have a little breathing room. Or maybe Apple is having a little fun making them wait an extra week so they can suffer in agony waiting for the inevitable.
Nothing on the Nvidia X1 yet?   I'm REALLY curious what our resident processor expert will say about Nvidia abandoning their Denver K1 cores and going to stock ARM A57/A53 cores. ;)
 Sure, and smartphones are supposed to be phones first. Yet making calls is way down the list of what I do on my iPhone. Texting, e-mail, Internet browsing and company specific Apps take up most of my time. I even spend more time on social media or playing games than I do talking on the phone.
New Posts  All Forums: