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"The hairy one's a dude. Oh, and the metal one too. All dudes."
I think this is more useful as a teaching tool and not something to rely on before driving (for example). In many situations (not only drinking) people often assume they are in one state when in reality they are in another. I bet most people would guess wrong about their blood alcohol (they would think it's lower than it is). This could be fun (and educational) at parties by showing people where they actually are. I bet this would be an eye opener for many. Anything to...
 Anytime you want to start actually discussing the topic at hand instead of patting others on the back, feel free. I doubt you will.
Still rambling on I see?Java is popular because it's great for rapid prototyping and development. That's the reason it's used by organizations. As an actual language, it's inferior to all the variants of C. For example, you can't even optimize Java code to take advantage of things like additional registers on a processor because it's a high-level language. Which is why you wouldn't pick Java for applications that require performance (photo/video editing, audio production,...
 Wow, did you actually just say that? How utterly ridiculous. You might as well have said that since the Android NDK uses C/C++ and most software is written in C/C++, that it's possible to take any piece of software and easily port it to Android. This is simply not the case. Both Apple and Microsoft have made significant changes to their development environments to make it easy to port code over from their desktop software to mobile. This requires far more than just using...
Apple is lying. They fabricated the sales records to move the purchase dates. Why should we believe anything Apple says or any documents they produce? ¡
 Bingo. Developers of Mac 64bit software are finding it easier to port that code over to iOS. Android completely lacks this. There's no "parent" OS that has a long history of development and huge software base to draw from like you get with Windows or Mac. And before someone pipes up and says Androids parent is Linux, sorry, no. Android is a stripped down version of Linux that is completely incapable of running actual Linux software.
 For someone who "honestly doesn't care" you sure do write a lot on the subject. Over and over and over. Face it, Nvidia LIED when they promoted the Denver K1. It's only marginally faster than older 32bit ARM architectures clock vs clock, and is behind ALL of Apple's 64bit processors clock vs clock.
 How dense can you be. I've CLEARLY explained this to you several times and yet you keep coming back with the same response. It's getting to the point of trolling when you REFUSE to look at the FACTS. When you adjust the processor for a baseline clock speed of 1.0GHz, the Denver K1 is even slower than the A7. Now some people claim you can't compare clock speeds, but you can since we're talking about the same architecture (ARMv8 vs ARMv8). Where you CAN'T compare clock...
Sure they will. And Santa Claus is going to bring you one for Christmas.Qualcomm, Samsung, Nvidia and Mediatek are lightweights compared to Apple when it comes to processor design.
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