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 Only by your twisted (and so often incorrect view). Tell that to the dozens of Android OEMs that are paying Microsoft royalties for IP in Android that Google used (without even bothering to get a license for). Or how about VP8 that Google claimed was "free from patent encumbrances" and then later had to settle with MPEG-LA. Even now others (like Nokia) are going after VP8 as there's still more IP involved. There's also a big difference between a company being found guilty...
 A double win? So Google can steal IP and use it until they come up with something better and not have to pay any consequences for past infringement all those years?  Still funny hearing whiners complaining about Mueller. Sure he's been under the employment of Oracle and Microsoft, but that doesn't change whether or not Google is guilty of anything. And he still provides links to original documents so anyone can read the source for themselves. It's too bad Groklaw isn't...
 Probably not, but Apple selling on China Mobile is certainly going to bring in millions of customers which will translate into billions of $$$. If it launches on Dec 18th, and if Apple has enough stock to meet demand, I can see the China Mobile launch adding a few million more iPhone sales in the first week alone. Apple's going to have a killer holiday quarter.
This proves that not all Android users in the world are as stupid as the minority who flood blogs with their garbage are.
 A pity you don't get sarcasm. Not only in my original post, but even after I explicitly commented on it just a few posts above yours.
Several people here need to adjust their sarcasm detectors (or perhaps turn them on).
 We shouldn't believe IBM. They said pretty much the same thing last year (iOS dominating Android for online sales on Black Friday). It's impossible that iOS, with such a small market share, can do so well against all those Android devices. Equally impossible is the data IBM provided that said the average iOS user spent $131 while the average Android user spent $111. There are only two possible reasons for this discrepancy: - IBM is being sponsored by Apple, so the numbers...
Good move. I thought Koh was a little off her rocker for allowing it to originally proceed, but glad she made the right decision in the end.
Please. Doyou even know what Samsung did? They specifically checked for certain benchmark Apps and modified the performance when they ran. No user would ever see that performance in a game or other App since the phone only runs "wide open" for certain benchmarks. Even after this was discovered Samsung still had the nerve to claim they weren't cheating.
Funny when an idiot troll tries to sound intelligent but makes themselves look stupid. Nothing in your link even applies to my comment. Would you like to try again? Perhaps you need to read my post very carefully to make sure you understand it before responding. Then I won't have to clean up the coffee I spit over my monitor from laughing out loud at your post.
New Posts  All Forums: