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Come on guys, it's obvious. At the WWDC keynote Tim Cook said they had a lot of other stuff they didn't have time to go over.   We all know there's the new iPad, Mini, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro along with the possibility of an Apple TV or iWatch. Having a lot to cover simply means they have a lot of things to show us in terms of number of products.
For all the people who think 64bit doesn't give any advantage until you have 4GB of RAM, I have a some very simple questions for you:   - Does this mean that only Apps that are 4GB or larger get any benefit? - Does it mean only Apps that load files that are 4GB or larger get any benefit? - What if I'm running several Apps that only require 200MB of RAM (code & data)? Does that mean I don't get any benefit until I'm running 20 or more at the same time until I hit the...
I've debated the validity of Crittercism with many a hater. Here are some key points to remember about their "studies":   - It's a tool used by developers to track App crashes while they are testing Apps. - Developers have to specifically insert code into their App in order for Crittercism to track crashes for that App. - Crittercism DOES NOT track all crashes that happen on your device as they have no such access to the OS. They only track crashes in Apps where a...
I'm on the train so can't check Crittercism's site at length, but last time I did they only released ONE study when iOS 5 came out. AFAIK they have only now done two studies - iOS 5 release and iOS 7 release. They have never done a test 6 months later to see if the numbers have changed nor have they done a test after a new version of Android is released to see how their developers are doing. Oh, and Google is an investor , BTW.
Crittercism. Enough said. They trot out reports like this right when iOS is released and compare it to Android from last version and imply iOS crashes more. They did this back when iOS 5 came out and fandroids are STILL linking to that bogus study as proof that Android is more stable.
If phones like the GS3 and GS4 Mini were actually just smaller versions of the real GS3/GS4 then I think they would have sold. The problem (as mentioned) is the Mini's were junk phones. They had crappy screens, slower processors, poor cameras - everything about them was cheap. Samsung was trying to capitalize on the success and brand recognition of the GS3/GS4 by implying the Mini was "just as good but smaller" when they clearly weren't.
Not surprised at this. Just like those idiots that are suing Apple over location tracking. It will be difficult to prove any actual harm. Besides, Google already paid a $22 million fine over this.
You win the Internet.
 I think Samsung was surprised by Apple's 64bit A7 even though they were working on it. Apple could have been sampling the A7 while at the same time putting in large orders for the A6 (to power the 5c and maybe iPad Mini 2). Processors take a long time to develop so Samsung could have just assumed Apple was sticking with the A6 (because of the orders) and simply testing out the A7 while they redo iOS 7/8 for 64bit support. Then maybe a couple months before the iPhone 5s...
iPad 5 with A7X.   The fastest SoC available outside of Apple is the Snapdragon 800. It represents the fastest ARM processor you can buy and its only been out for 2 months. Yet Apple has a processor in an iPhone that's just as fast as the SD 800 (which is really more of a tablet SoC that vendors are stuffing into phablets).   If there is indeed an A7X then Apple will have the top 2 mobile processors on the planet. And if the A7X offers similar gains to previous...
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