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 Why are you talking about magnetic induction? That's completely irrelevant to NFC in phones.  No, what's BS is stating that NFC is somehow more secure than other wireless technologies because of the small distance. Speaking of reading stripes, that actually happened here in Vancouver. Years ago people learned to swipe their own cards and not let your card out of sight (so an employee could skim your card in a separate reader). To get around that, POS terminals in stores...
 The "close proximity" argument is false. It's actually the opposite (as I explained in detail previously on AI). All a crook has to do is install a small NFC reader under the terminal. Every single transaction they record is going to be a financial transaction. This is a gold mine for criminals. Now think of BT. If a crook has a BT reader near the terminal it's going to be picking up a LOT of garbage. Not just transactions, but iBeacons, devices searching for others to...
Bull. You spend money inventing something you have every right to patent it and charge others to use it (or prevent others from using it).You don't have a clue what a patent troll is if you think it's the "epitome" of being a troll. Here's a hint: owning a patent and not using it doesn't make you a troll. Collecting money from patents you own (but don't use) does not make you a troll either. Even patent assertions entities that make nothing but license patents aren't...
 Companies patent things invented through R&D all the time. Not everything they work on in the lab gets into an actual device, but they still patent it. If you invented it, and spent money inventing it, then you need some protection even if you don't use it.
I don't think this is that far fetched. A lot of watch companies buy their "movements" (the actual internal workings of the watch) from other suppliers and then put the movement into their own case/band.   The iWatch could be nothing more than a movement that Apple makes available which has the processor, circuitry and display (perhaps a couple basic sizes) that watch companies then put into their own custom case/band.   I simply don't think a standard...
That's what Java and Android are for.
 Nah. A small tractor pulling tank of water from hole-to-hole is what you need.
Been waiting for this to come out when they announced it last year. Will be picking one up for sure. For automotive/racing use they are fantastic. I just couldn't justify spending a couple thousand for one.
 Secretary of Commerce: Yes, it's designed to bolster individual confidence in a previous domestic automobile purchase. Dave: So we're spending 47 million dollars to make people feel better about a car they've already bought? From the movie Dave.
I guess Samsung would have to tread carefully here. By showing a rumor article from a magazine they're covering their asses by giving away inside information they might already know (because they're a supplier of LCD screens).
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