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I thought the Google shills said Apple was "afraid" of Google and that's why they never sue them. So much for that.
Did they test the iPad Air? No? Meaningless.
Take your own advice.Please explain these FACTS to me so we can understand them better:- Why the iPad has the highest Internet usage beating all other tablets combined by a wide margin.- Why developers favor iOS over Android despite the lower market share.- Why Apple still has more than double the revenue in the App Store with lower market share.- Why iTunes generates 6X the revenue of Google Play for digital content ( like music) with lower market share.Market share is...
To quote the article: "Finally an analyst gets it!" Seriously, this analyst is dead on.
Just wait. iTunes Radio is brand-new. When they start to tune their algorithms for music selection it will only get better. Pandora wasn't that good when it first came out, and I bet iTunes Radio gets better a lot faster than Pandora did.
People seem to be confusing anti-poaching with anti-hiring. I don't see Google stating they would never hire an employee who worked (or still works) at Apple. It's more like Google wouldn't make "offers" to existing employees to get them to "switch sides". In other words, "recruit".
 This. My understanding is that they decided not to actively recruit (steal) other employees. But no employee was ever prevented from actually leaving one company to work at another. I'm not sure how they can claim that wages were "held down" when employees are free to leave when they want to.
Peppiopoiioppppaaqqqqmlllpppppoiiopppqqqwqwqwqwopooppooiilpoipp Worked good so far. I call BS on their testing methods. Apple applies a lot of heuristics to the touch input to weed out false touches from what the user actually wants. Thus would make it practically impossible to do this type of automated testing because you have no way of knowing if and under what circumstances the heuristics are doing anything. Less than 1mm is "accurate"? Where did they get this figure...
- Please, everyone knows the marketing firm Samsung hired did this on their own. - Samsung isn't responsible if someone they hire steps out of bounds. - Apple does it too, so it's OK. Did I miss any?
Samsung: We'll agree to obey the law for 5 years, after which time we'll go back to breaking the law.   What kind of agreement is that?
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