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DING DING DINGWe have a winner. Funny to see the uninformed responses claiming you're wrong. Google Play Servics IS NOT the Android kernel, and it can't make changes to the kernel to correct security flaws.
You know exactly how to do that since it's you're trademark. Don't get offended when someone returns the favor.You shouldn't talk about security when you know nothing about how OS's are designed. For starters read this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Address_space_layout_randomizationOnly Android JB has fully implemented this feature.
There, fixed another one of your posts.
If you're part of the OHA you're not allowed to release a device running a forked version of Android. So that means Samsung can sell Android, Windows or Tizen phones. Now it appears Google doesn't even want to share the same device with another OS. It makes sense. Nothing will show a user how utterly $hitty Android is then to run it on the same device as Windows and let the user experience the glaring shortcomings first hand. And people wonder why Apple says they won't...
But but but, Android users are always telling us how Koh favours Apple and is biased against Samsung.
Who cares? Tesla is a niche player in the automotive market. Why should Apple waste time trying to get them on board?
I can see Apple finally making the move to quad core with a smaller process (like 20-22nm). The A7 cores are so far ahead of everyone else who uses ARM I just don't see how Apple is going to be able to make their usual "double the performance of last year" claim with the A8 simply by sticking to two cores and the same clock speed. But a quad core A8 (using A7 cores) would be a beast. I think Intel should be worried. Apple has been making huge improvements to their...
Not only that, but who says there are only two ways to do things? What if they are using aspects of both systems plus a few sprinked in from others to come up with their own unique way?This is just another logical fallacy. Show two possible ways, A & B. Show that Apple isn't A (for example) and conclude they must be B.
Wouldn't that make Digitimes a reliable source?http://youtu.be/cKUvKE3bQlY
Ah, Chuck Norris jokes..... Chuck Norris once downloaded an iOS App from Google Play. (or... Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac from Burger King. And he got one.)
New Posts  All Forums: