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I bet that since CurrentC isn't actuslly released that retailers can use any payment system they like. Once CurrentC is released is probably when fines can occur. Meijer is smart - use this time to accept Apple Pay and then decide later if they want to stay with MCX.
 I don't think it matters if it's legal or not. What matters is if MCX believes Apple if they say they'll block the CurrentC App. Apple could simply block CurrentC and take their chances in court. Besides, it would be a good precedent setting case for Apple to decide once and for all if Apple has the right to control what Apps get into the store they created and own. Or do to MCX what Samsung did to them - tie things up in court so long that they're no longer relevant by...
 I guarantee you that Apple has already told MCX this. It wouldn't be Tim Cook calling up MCX and saying "we're going to block your App before CurrentC ever gets going and you'll be dead in the water." MCX could then turn around and claim Apple was threatening them which doesn't make Apple look good. I'd bet cold, hard cash that Apple lawyers have chatted with MCX lawyers and explained the situation to them in confidence. The "situation" being something like: "Do you...
LOL. Extremetech. That lame article of theirs STILL gets referenced regularly by the trolls even though it was written after the A7 announcement and BEFORE anyone actually used it.
And people were saying Apple Pay wasn't going to have an impact. Boy were they wrong. It's caused two retailers who previously used to accept NFC to specifically turn the feature off. It's made a lot of people aware of CurrentC and how crappy it really is. And it's the hottest topic of conversation on all tech blogs.
Apple should release a statement on Monday something to the effect that "We are all for fair competition. We will agree to leave CurrentC in the App Store as long as MCX merchants continue to accept NFC payments. Let the consumers decide which system they want to use."
And so it starts. Retailers know Apple Pay is a great way to improve purchasing experiences and security at the same time.   Best Buy, Walmart and those losers at Rite Aid will soon learn they're not going to be able to force their stupid CurrentC system on consumers by INTENTIONALLY blocking Apple Pay.
The Nvidia Denver K1 is a complete joke of a processor compared to the A8X. Nvidia - over promise and under deliver. I alluded to this before, but let me expand and explain why the A8X is so damn impressive.   - The Denver K1 has HUGE caches. 128KB/64KB L1 and 2MB L2. A8X has 64KB/64KB L1 and 2MB L2. However, the K1 also has a 128MB (yes, MB) instruction cache. Advantage K1. - The Denver K1 is 7-wide. The A8X (and A7/A8) are 6-wide. Advantage K1. - The K1 is clocked at...
Boy are the haters raging tonight. They just can't stand the fact that Apple designs the best ARM processors in the world. 
 Apparently the Denver K1 scores 1900 single and 3250 multi running at 2.5GHz. So it has a 66% faster clock speed yet only manages to score 5.5% better than the A8 does. Now when you look at all the yapping Nvidia (and their legion of fanboys - some on this site) have done about the larger cache sizes of the K1, the fact it's 7-way superscalar (vs 6-way for the A8) and how it's supposed to optimize instructions on the fly (ala Transmeta) to improve performance it suddenly...
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