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He knew EXACTLY what was meant by the original comment. As usual he's trying to make a point (very poorly) by picking only one aspect of size (diagonal) while ignoring the ones that really matter (aspect ratio and area).
Only thing I want to see Apple prevail on is the willful infringement part. I'm still surprised Samsung's argument was good enough for Koh to avoid tripling damages.   "We knew we were using the patents but we didn't think they were valid. Therefore we weren't willfully infringing." Lame.
 Samsung has won a few SEP decisions (as they should have). Apple is using Samsung IP in certain devices. Apple has never claimed they don't use any Samsung SEP's - they have only argued against the amount Samsung is seeking. And while Samsung has a few victories under their belt, they are all very minor. I don't think Apple has paid out more than a couple million (as in single digit millions) for ALL of the Samsung SEP victories combined. I most case the legal bills would...
Don't waste your time. They both understand EXACTLY what you meant, as did I and everyone else. As usual they're trying muddy the waters.
They will be settled in court. Samsung will have to file a suit that deals specifically with licensing fees for their SEP's. This is what Apple wants - for a judge to decide the fees. Samsung wants to negotiate under the threat of an injunction hoping to get more than they deserve.
Watch how the haters try to spin this. The EU investigates Samsung over SEP's. Shortly afterwards Samsung drops SEP injunction requests in 5 European countries. The FTC already said they were "continuing to monitor" Samsung and their use of SEP's after the veto. Now Samsung drops SEP's from this case. Is there anyone who thinks the FTC's prior announcement wasn't the reason they were dropped thus time? Forgot to add. I agree with the outcome in the first case with the...
I think Apple has no choice but to use Samsung for the A8.   I believe that the A8 is only going to be the A7 with two more cores and possible clock speed increase. Apple isn't going to come up with a whole new architecture like they did from the A6 to A7. The A7 is over 2X as fast as any core that Samsung or Qualcomm currently make. It is far more advanced than anything out on the market and looks like it will still be by fall this year. So there's no need for Apple to...
 Shall I go back over your history and give you a list of all the topics/questions you skirt around or avoid? It's your MO, and everyone here knows it. You are a liar if you claim you don't avoid questions. Outright, plain and simple liar.
You mean like GG? A poster who knows absolutely nothing about the underlying architecture of Android or how to code for it, yet posts up opinions as if they were facts? And when you try to engage him he switches lanes as he lacks the technical knowledge to go beneath the surface?If so I agree.
DroidFTW and Gatorguy. I know neither of you are developers, but do you have any acquaintances that are? If so, then ask them to log into their developer account at Google. Then head over to distribution and see the percentages for Apps they developed and compare them to Google's distribution. And if we have any other developers here I encourage them to do the same (I'll be posting after the weekend from the office - I need to remove identifying info for clients before...
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