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When you can't innovate in your R&D lab, you innovate by copying.Fixed it for ya.
 This. Apple is bringing bigger guns to the next trial. And based on the way the pre-trial motions are going, it's not looking good for Samsung. Then you have to look at the sanctions coming up against Samsung. They're going to have an even harder time trying to get access to any Apple documents or agreements after they screwed up with the Nokia/Apple deal.
Good way to add another few million sales to the holiday quarter. Plus some spill over into next year for the people who couldn't get one.   It's not just an iPad Christmas - it's an iPhone one as well.
Pay the money Samsung, and if the patent finally does become invalid then Apple can pay you back. Getting sick of all your "drama".
 Again you've just proved how much of an idiot you really are and a waste of time, but I will respond for the benefit of others (not to you, since you're worthless). This requires so many things to be wrong it's not even funny. - First they need to get a print. As has been proven already, these guys who "claim" to have unlocked an iPhone using the "fake fingerprint" are all scammers. There are numerous flaws in their techniques. They need a pristine print (which will never...
 Find My iPhone is the same as Activation Lock. If it's turned on, then Activation Lock is on. If it's turned off, then Activation Lock is off (meaning someone who has your iPhone could do a factory reset and then activate it/sell it). In order to turn Find My iPhone off, you need to enter in your iCloud account password (not the phone unlock PIN). This is the best way to ensure a used iPhone you're about to buy hasn't been stolen. If the user knows the account password...
 Source? I have not heard of anyone bypassing Activation Lock. And it doesn't take a "savvy hacker" to resell an Android device that's been "erased". Any 12 year old could do it.
 Wrong. Google has ZERO theft deterrents. The ONLY thing that would stop (or significantly reduce) rampant theft of smartphones would be a method to brick the device. Thieves have NO INTEREST in the data on your phone. Phones are stolen, wiped and then resold for profit. It's the physical device they're after, not your personal data. Since Google only offers a way to wipe clean your data, and no way to permanently lock/brick a device, it's not a deterrent. Now if you can...
 Sshhhh. Don't bring up what this is really about - theft deterrent. There's no theft deterrent with Android Device Manager like there is with iOS 7. I highly doubt GG has a response to this feature even though it's the point of the entire article.
 Technically, but there's a difference between coding for a specific controller (the Android way), using a third-party set of tools (like MOGA does with Android as well), or just using the API's that come with the OS and having guaranteed compatibility with any controller out there. Many people might be familiar with MOGA and their products for Android, so I think it worthwhile to explain that things are fundamentally different in iOS 7 when it comes to gaming controller...
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