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 Please. Are you telling me that Company A never advertises for employees or has any other methods to let the tech industry know about positions?
Where's the actual damage to the employees?   From what I've seen this "agreement" doesn't prevent an employee from looking for work where they choose to - it prevents company A from actively trying to lure away an employee from company B. As such, I don't see how any employee could be harmed. Nobody is "forcing" them to stay with the company they're currently employed with.
I propose AI start up a "beer fund". It works like this:   People make a guess as to how many new troll accounts will appear during the time the entire Samsung trial is on. When you make a guess you agree to contribute a 6-pack of beer. If you want to make more than one guess, you can, each guess costs one 6-pack. Only members with 500+ posts can guess.   When the verdict is handed down, we wait another 2 days for the aftershocks to go away (all the people still...
 Shouldn't open your mouth about things if you don't know what you're talking about. There are a lot of patents involving ABS, and automakers do actually license them (both from each other and from component manufacturers like Delphi, Bosch and Seimens). NOBODY has an overall patent on "ABS" just like nobody has a patent on "word processing" or "spreadsheets".
 Trying to move the goalposts again I see. Do I have to write this so a 5 year old can understand? There are brand-new, latest model Android tablets (as in they were just introduced and aren't a 2-3 year old model that happens to sell for a cheap price now that the newer version is out) which can barely compete with an iPad 1 (which is now exactly 4 years old). There are brand-new, latest model Android phones which are no better than an iPhone 3GS (which would have...
So do you agree or disagree with me that a large number of Android tablets are useless crap?
This is an interesting point. While there have been phones like the GS3/4 Mini they have been junk. They weren't a smaller version of the flagship - they were also crippled in terms of features, performance and quality. I have never seen a compact Android phone with a top-end processor or screen quality of a flagship.I'm wondering, do Android venders assume that nobody would buy a smaller premium device? Apple sells them by the gazillions, so why aren't they attacking...
Nope. One was a significant upgrade to a previous device, with the world's most advanced ARM processor, double the performance, 64bit OS and excellent implementation of fingerprint technology while the other is minor upgrade with a crappy fingerprint system added on and a processor that's barely 10% faster than last year..
This part makes sense to me. The case would be far too complicated and too long if Apple used more patents (say 20). Trials involving serial killers often break the cases down into smaller, more manageable trials instead of presenting ALL the evidence at a single trial.The real problem isn't limiting patents - it's the time it takes to get to trial. A much better idea (IMO), would be to fast-track patent cases due to how fast the technology industry changes. It's...
Fine. You want to alter the definition of low-end, then let's clarify further.A large number of Android tablets sold are crap. Garbage. Useless.
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