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So you searched through the 20 benchmarks to find one where they were close? Figures.The A7 is only dual core (where the Bay Trail in the T100 is quad core). The Air's A7 runs at 1.4GHZ while the Bay Trail in the T100 is anywhere from 1.33-1.86GHz (jumping often to 1.86GHz when running benchmarks or more demanding tasks). I'd say it's very embarrassing to have a quad core processor running at a significantly higher clock speed from the king of processor design (Intel) that...
Anandtech lists all the T100 benchmark results in the iPad Air review. It's quite embarrassing how badly the Air beats the T100.I'll trust those results before you saying things like "the T100 is very snappy".
You mentioned there are better alternatives several times but haven't provided us with examples. This is the third time I've asked you to specifically mention which offerings on Android are "superior" (your description). They might be better than Office Movile but I guarantee you they won't be anywhere near as good as Office for iPad. And that's all that really matters.BTW, MS answered my question about the names. Office 365 Hone Premium has been renamed to Office 365...
There won't be any experts. Samsung will use their picks to remove them when it's time to whittle the jury down to the final 10. They might again try and leave a "Hogan" in the jury so they can later try and get the verdict thrown out by pretending they didn't know something about them.
Don't let the tricky wording used by DroidFTW trick you. Office on Android is a severely limited version. There is no tablet-optimized, feature rich version of Office for Android.Here's a simple way to look at it. Office for Android is a 27MB download. That's for the entire package. Word for the iPad is a whopping 250MB. If you get all four Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) it's over 900MB.I wonder, do you actually think a 27MB App contains the same functionality...
 Mail and Drive offer more than iCloud for sure, but this article is about Office and similar packages, which means we're talking about the big 3 - word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.
Quote: Oh FFS. iWork now works in browsers. Apple demonstrated it running in both IE and Chrome on Windows PC's. So now iWork is available on any device with a browser. Just like Google Docs.
 I'm still waiting for your list of "superior" Android alternatives. iWork has been out for a long time, and is free with any new iDevice purchase, so it won't have a "spike" of downloads like you would with a newly released product (like Office). Google Docs only had one big advantage over iWork, which is collaboration. And between Apple's first showing of iWork running in a browser and the iPad Air announcement Apple added collaboration. Google Docs is not very...
 Please list these "superior" options. iOS had iWork, which is superior to anything Google has in Google Docs and also superior to anything on Android. So people aren't flocking to Office on iOS because of "poor alternatives".
 It's also quite a bit slower than the iPad (Air). And as a Windows machine, it's only average for performance and only suited to simpler tasks. And touch optimized Apps are scarce, making its use as a tablet, well, useless.
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