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Of course it's OK for you to make blanket statements. Oh the irony.
As obtuse as ever.Please show where typing in a search term today somehow finds me information that it didn't one year ago. Or two years ago. Google search is actually worse now that the first set of hits are sponsored and don't accurately reflect what a person is looking for.And adding new features to their services doesn't increase their operating costs. Or are you going to claim that tweaking their algorithms suddenly doubles the server workload? Or that it costs a...
Really had to stretch to make your list longer, didn't you?Google was self-supportive (and profitable) for a long time. What pisses people off about Google is increasing ads by a substantial amount to increase their profits while not doing anything to make their existing products better.
Apple doesn't make a "ton of money" on consumer information. Read their earnings calls - Apple makes money on devices first and foremost. Then on iTunes and The App Store. iAd is so far down the list I can't even find it.Contrast this with Google whose primary source of revenue is advertisements.
As to Safari crashing I've noticed in on my 5S and Air on several sites, not just AI. It's a real issue and not something I expect from Apple. I attribute it to the change to 64bit and the growing pains caused by it. One good thing is I now get to experience Android with the random crashes and force closes. Twice just typing this single post from my 5S.
NNow you sound like my kids. "I know you are but what am I?"Do you have any actual points to make?
No they wouldn't. If there were third party stores for iOS Apps nobody would use them over issues like security. Just like Android apologists keep saying "stick with Google Play and avoid third party app stores and you won't get malware."Or another way to put it: I could install my vending machine at the entrance to Walmart and pay them a cut of sales, or I could put it on a side street somewhere and keep 100%.
Going around in circles are we? Brilliant reasoning skills there.The App Store is a multi-billion dollar industry that DID NOT EXIST until Apple created the iPhone and the entire ecosystem surrounding it. As TS said, this isn't a "chicken and egg" case where they both started together and share credit for its success. Apple deserves most of the credit.
Fixed another one for you.
Fixed it for you.Pray tell which platform would that be? Nobody is even close to Apple for revenue generated by, well, anything. Moving from Apple would be like taking your goods out of Walmart and selling them through local dollar stores.
New Posts  All Forums: