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I still don't see Apple doing this. As I posted before, this is how I think Apple will do things. Everybody is stuck in the current paradigm of passing payment information like CC or debit card information from your device to the merchants POS terminal. I think Apple will "reverse" things and your device will be the POS terminal and the merchant will pass information to you. This way no sensitive data ever gets passed over the airwaves for a crook to intercept. This is my...
 No they shouldn't. The only thing a patent holding company should be blocked from doing is seeking an injunction to block sales, for the simple reason they don't have any products that could be blocked in a suit brought against them. Owning patents and making money off them by licensing and/or suing others is perfectly legal and acceptable. Let's say I'm a physicist and I invent a new method to make even smaller transistors for microchips. The problem is that it would...
I posted this last time they were in "mediation" but it's worth repeating. I bet a sticking point is publication of the settlement. Samsung would want the details secret. That way their army of shills can make it sound like Samsung came out in top and Apple had to concede. Apple would probably want to publish details so the world would really know Samsung had to concede. The money at this point is trivial for both, IMO.
Not how it works Bromwich. You're not allowed to question Apple employees that aren't involved in eBooks nor are you allowed to discuss issues that were not part of the original trial.There, fixed it for you.
Funny seeing all the new trolls on AI the last week or so. Surely they sprang from under the Golden Gate, as no normal bridge would be large enough to contain them.
Seems we just went through this the other day and people are still back to the same arguments (which are factually incorrect).   Audi is NOT running Android in their vehicle. They have made it possible to connect an Android device to the vehicle. There's a big difference.   GM is part of iOS In The Car. They are also part of the OAA. And they have their own App Store coming out with OnStar. There's no reason a manufacturer can't make a car that works with iOS and...
Hate to say I told you so, but...........
Source? I don't know how anyone could make that statement since there's no data available to prove it.
That's it, thanks for digging it up. I was on my iPhone and searching for old threads can be painful.
Bingo. Even though they're not attending people are still comparing everything to what Apple currently has or what Apple "might" have.
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