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 Bingo. Who cares how many instructions it can perform in parallel? Where is the compiler coming from to take advantage of it? Is Google going to make changes to the Android SDK to take advantage if this? Is Nvidia going to develop an add-in compiler tool to work with Android? And when we have Exynos and Snapdragon 64bit processors, what then? If they all have different widths (very likely) and different methods of dispatching instructions (very likely) than what happens...
Here's the big problem for Nvidia:   They built a powerful processor that isn't suitable for phones (tablets only due to power consumption). Apple (1st) and Samsung (2nd) have the high-end tablet market locked down. That leaves a very small market of potential customers that could actually use this processor.   Nvidia should have been thinking of who they could sell a processor to instead of making a "beat" (we'll have to wait and see on this one) that has a very...
 Wrong. A patent is an asset. It can be bought & sold, rented out or locked away. It's up to the owners of a patent to decide how they want to use it. And what are you talking about buying patents to prevent others from using them? Why would a NPE spend money on a patent and then never license it out? Who would throw away money like that? Their best bet at being profitable it to have a strong portfolio of useful patents that they can get on-going license fees from....
 Not feasible. As with Samsung, just because a patent is being re-examined (and possibly rejected at early stages of this re-examination) does not make it invalid. It takes years for the final outcome, and during that time the patent is considered valid.
I know a lot of people think VirnetX is a patent troll, but they really aren't. What they are doing is perfectly legal. They own patents and think Apple infringes, and are going through the courts to get a determination.   Besides, Apple could never (because of their nature) ever fall victim to a patent troll. If VirnetX was a patent troll, they'd be sending demand letters to the users of FaceTime (perhaps small businesses or companies that rely on it for work) trying to...
 They're not invalidated. The patents were granted and remain valid until all avenues of appeal have been exhausted. This could take years. Apple will now make a submission to the USPTO which they will review and this can go back and forth several times.
Why not? They shocked everyone with the 64bit A7 and iOS 7 also being fully 64bit. That was a monumental undertaking in terms of the resources it would have taken.
There will be more press coverage of the banners Apple puts up ahead of their announcement (and the possible meanings of the images/colors) then there will be of the Note 4. Something I saw posted at The Verge that made me chuckle. Samsung would kill for that kind of free press.
 Nah, just mentioned it to see how long it would take the Google shill to respond. Hook. Line. Sinker.
 No, the main issue with a Note is you're buying a device with last-years 32bit processor which will be obsolete in less than a year when 64bit Android devices FINALLY start shipping. Who in their right mind would spend that much money on old technology?
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