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 Nah, just mentioned it to see how long it would take the Google shill to respond. Hook. Line. Sinker.
 No, the main issue with a Note is you're buying a device with last-years 32bit processor which will be obsolete in less than a year when 64bit Android devices FINALLY start shipping. Who in their right mind would spend that much money on old technology?
Hey Google, where are your numbers?   Oh, I forgot. They're so pathetic you don't even break them out on your earnings calls.
Well, they did make an A5/A5X and also an A6/A6X. However, I think the A7 allowed Apple to combine both increased performance (suitable for the iPad) and reduced power consumption (for the iPhone) into a single device. I don't see them going back to making an A8/A8X.
You can download AOSP and remove large portions of the code leaving only the bare minimum you need. Then add in any additional features you require (like secure encrypted communication) and modify what's remaining to perform only the functions you require.A criminal/terrorist group could write their own bare-bones OS just for communicating with their own ranks. The NSA would have no way of knowing if such on OS even existed unless they got their hands on an actual...
Meh.   It's obvious terrorist organizations would use Android. That's because they can modify it to do what they wish.   Organizations that need customized security (the US military, for example) have also used modified versions of Android in the past.   While it's a fact that Android isn't as secure as iOS, I highly doubt that people using Android should fear terrorists getting information from their devices just because criminals/terrorists are also using it. Their...
Where's GatorGuy? How many times has he run his trap claiming there's no "proof" MS actually collects royalties from Samsung (or anyone else) over MS IP in Android. Or that Android even infringes MS IP?   No, seriously, he has actually stated that numerous times. Would love to hear his spin on this case.
 What would cause a supplier not to give Apple what they need? Are you suggesting that someone like Samsung would play games and cut off Apple? Would never happen. They would shot themselves in the foot and nobody else would ever trust them again to supply parts if they ran their business like 12 year olds and ignored contracts with customers. If you're referring to something larger (political or natural disaster) then there's nothing Apple (or anyone else) could do to...
 It fits your original comment which stated "The title is indeed somewhat misleading as there are no real world examples of this vulnerability being used by malware." I'm dying for you to tell me how you know there are no real world examples.  On a related note: - If you download apps from Google Play and avoid third party sites, then you won't get malware.- If you're too stupid to check the permissions of an app you install, you deserve to get malware.- Google will fix...
  I have never had a malware issue on my Windows PC. I guess that means Windows malware doesn't exist, and nobody has ever exploited it, right? Android is a clusterfu&^ of an OS. A patched together hobbled pile of doo doo. Google is NOT Apple (or Microsoft), who have combined close to 70 years of OS development experience.
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