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Don't forget updates on what's fixed or changed in each new iOS 8 beta.I love this time of year. Not because I'm a die-hard Apple freak who's starving for any news no matter how trivial, but more for the entertainment provided by all the trolls who get so upset about something they claim to not care about.
I wonder if we'll see a storage price war? With Apple introducing Extensibility it's now possible for someone like Dropbox or Google to make their files open in any App. You'd just get the equivalent of a "File/Open" dialog box where you can browse files. I bet they're already thinking about it. Basically Apple has made it possible for any App to open any files on your device as well as any competing cloud service. To take it even further, an App could set aside storage...
 No, they are not "much the same now". iOS is more secure than Android (including being FIPS 140-2 certified). This is one reason why iOS totally dominates the Enterprise. This is a simple FACT that you can't spin no matter how hard you try. iOS also has higher quality Apps than Android, and this is especially (and painfully) true of tablets. iOS has a superior development environment for developers, and after todays announcement it's pulled much further ahead. Switching...
 That sounds like a GG comment. Putting words into people's mouth's so you can use them to argue a point later on. You can't "copy" something that's a) used in numerous devices and b) not protected by any patent. Which things in iOS 8 do you think are copied, and who are they copied from. Be specific please. I'm really curious where you think most tech in mobile devices actually originated from.
 Lies. Just because a patent is under review doesn't mean there are "serious doubts as to its validity". Why do you insist on making a statement that's an outright LIE? That makes you a liar.
 Google isn't suing because none of it's patented. I'm still waiting for someone to show me anything in iOS (any version of iOS, not just 8) that was a copy of something another company (like Google/Android) have a patent on. Apple never sued Samsung over some imaginary concepts - they had actual patents that they developed. This is the logical fallacy with people saying Apple and their fans are hypocrites when Apple adds a new feature that previously existed. They list...
I called it. I said that developer resources at Apple would have been primarily used to convert iOS to 64bit, which is why iOS 7 wasn't a huge update.Now that the difficult 64bit transition is done, Apple could devote resources back to iOS 8 itself. And boy did they deliver.
Please feel free to show all the patents covering these features. You can't rip something off that isn't patented/protected. There are a gazillion ideas/features in computers that everyone uses and have been around for ages.Apple only accuses people of "ripping" off something they patented. Huge difference, which apparently you and several others can't seem to grasp.
The Internet will be on fire today with legions of trolls posting non-stop. I wonder, do that many losers take the day off to troll, or do they simply have no job? I'm betting the latter.
LOL at the sick day comments. Me? I work 4 10's so I get Monday off anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: