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Brilliant move by Microsoft. iPads already totally dominate tablet usage in Enterprise and being able to use Office on those devices just further adds to Apple's tablet dominance.
 Or you could just say that he calls it like he sees it. If he sees Apple do something he doesn't agree with he says so. It just happens he agrees with Apple/MS/Oracle far more often than he does with Google/Motorola/Samsung.
Where will the haters get their biased information when the Samsung/Apple trial starts? That coward PJ shut down Groklaw, so who's left? Going to be interesting to see comments this time around since there won't be someones opinion that can be copied/pasted to show Apple in a bad light while sounding "all legal and expert like."
  Yes I counted total iPhones since Apple doesn't break down numbers. But Samsung only provides channel shipments so nobody knows their REAL sales either. Pretty sure their real sales are lower than channel shipments, we just don't know how much lower.However, you stated Samsung matched Apple the last two years, which is 100% false. The GS3 (last model) isn't even close to Apple sales, and the GS4 is the only Samsung phone that "might" have matched iPhone sales. And for a...
 GS3 took 55 days to hit 10 million, so it's not even close to approaching Apple sales for a launch quarter. So let's throw the GS3 to the side since it's not even relevant. Neither are the GS2 or original S. GS4 shipped 10 million into the CHANNEL in 26 days. They shipped another 10 million in the next 41 days. Pretty big drop considering it took 50% longer to get the second 10 million. Samsung never announced when they hit 30 million, however they did announce 40 million...
Lies. No Galaxy has EVER outsold an iPhone in their launch quarter. The only numbers Samsung does publish is how fast phones like the GS3 or GS4 have hit milestones (like 5, 10 or 20 million). And based on those it appears Samsung has never done better than around 6.5 million per month during launch, way lower than Apple does.In fact, I doubt Samsung launch quarters for their Galaxy phones don't even beat the pre-launch quarter for iPhones (when sales are lowest because...
Want to know what a flop is? Any Nexus phone (like the recent 4 or 5). The 5C very likely sold more in the last quarter than the Nexus 4 and 5 combined have sold in their entire history. If that's not a flop, I don't know what is.
 The Apogee they used is pretty nice, but you don't need a $1,000 peripheral to do what they were doing. You can get some pretty good input devices for $200. My kids do stuff like this (8 and 10 years old). I got them an iPad based recording studio for them to play with and they love it. Before I let them play with my gear I figured I'd let them try out something simpler to start to see if they like it (gave them a couple old Shure SM58's as they are rugged as hell, and...
 What do notifications by jailbreakers have to do with Android's notification system? Same thing. Haters love to claim Apple copied Android/Samsung/Whoever while ignoring the fact the same ideas were around long before EITHER of them had an actual product/feature.
Wait until Apple releases a round smartwatch and everyone screams bloody murder for copying Motorola.   All while conveniently forgetting there have been several round iWatch renders and designs done by third parties that are over 1 year old now.
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