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 Remember when Chipworks "examined" the A7 die to get an idea how it works? I guarantee you Samsung would know a lot more than Chipworks would since they make the processor. They might not know how it would perform or how many instructions it can do per clock (6, BTW), but they'd definitely know it was 64 bit along with how much cache it had and many other details.  That's not what I said. I said they could be sampling the processors and then asked Samsung to ramp up to...
That would have been me. I'm sure Apple has more than a few designs going at any given time that it asks Samsung to build in sample quantities. I'm sure Samsung knew about the A7 being 64bit but they were caught off guard by the fact Apple planned to use it so soon.All Samsung would know about is the processor itself. They had no access to iOS 7 and didn't realize Apple completely re-wrote it for 64bit. That would have tipped Apple's plans to actually release the A7.
 As a person from a Native background I find your username highly offensive. You're a fucking racist POS. Probably going to get a ban for it, but at this point I don't care.
How about selling out as an artist to a corrupt company?There were numerous reports of complaints about Samsung 's App for their promotion. It crashed for many, wouldn't download the music for others and was found to be collecting data on users. I wonder if the bad press over all the problems made up for whatever money Jay-Z made?Meanwhile Beyoncé announces a surprise album and it breaks records.As Rogifan said, iTunes is still relevant.
I mentioned this a few days ago and wondered what Jay-Z will think when this album sets sales records (compared to his stupid Samsung stunt with his album Magna Carta).
The significance of this isn't that she released an album on iTunes. It's that Jay-Z did something similar this summer when he released Magna Carta through that stupid Samsung App (that crashed, didn't download songs for others, and collected lots of personal information).   The real difference between these album releases (besides the sales) is this:   - Samsung paid Jay-Z a huge chunk of money for the publicity stunt of having his album available to Samsung users...
China Labor Watch said the boy was assessed on Sept 4th and was found healthy but died in October. What are they trying to imply? That it's rare for someone to get sick and due in only one month? That he was healthy one day and died since starting work so work must be the reason?
 Only by your twisted (and so often incorrect view). Tell that to the dozens of Android OEMs that are paying Microsoft royalties for IP in Android that Google used (without even bothering to get a license for). Or how about VP8 that Google claimed was "free from patent encumbrances" and then later had to settle with MPEG-LA. Even now others (like Nokia) are going after VP8 as there's still more IP involved. There's also a big difference between a company being found guilty...
 A double win? So Google can steal IP and use it until they come up with something better and not have to pay any consequences for past infringement all those years?  Still funny hearing whiners complaining about Mueller. Sure he's been under the employment of Oracle and Microsoft, but that doesn't change whether or not Google is guilty of anything. And he still provides links to original documents so anyone can read the source for themselves. It's too bad Groklaw isn't...
 Probably not, but Apple selling on China Mobile is certainly going to bring in millions of customers which will translate into billions of $$$. If it launches on Dec 18th, and if Apple has enough stock to meet demand, I can see the China Mobile launch adding a few million more iPhone sales in the first week alone. Apple's going to have a killer holiday quarter.
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