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On another note, I love how companies spend so much time trying to "predict" what Apple might be doing and beating them to market. Remember Smart TV's last year when the Apple TV rumors really started picking up? Apple is the elephant in the room even when they're doing/announcing nothing.
  MS gets royalties from pretty much every Android vendor out there, except for Motorola who has been battling MS in court and losing spectacularly. Even heavy-hitters like Samsung have signed up. However, nobody knows how much MS is getting per device. There have been figures from $4 to $15 thrown around, but since MS makes sure there's an NDA, we never find out.   The real issue isn't how much MS makes per device - it's that Google is giving away a "free, open source"...
  ASLR for starters.
  Irrelevant. You don't create malware "for fun" - you create it to steal information or generate revenue. The fact that these people continue to produce new versions of "viruses" for Android shows there's money to be made and/or data to be stolen. You don't invest that much in so many pieces of malware to get "a few hundred" users.
  For someone with "droid" in their username you sure aren't well informed about the differences between each version.   The ONLY secure version of Android is Jelly Bean. GB and earlier versions are terrible. Google attempted a fix with ICS, but it was a half-baked affair that meant nothing (think of locking your front door but leaving the key under the mat). You CANNOT fix an older version to plug these holes. They are an integral part of the core OS itself, and not...
"If you get malware on your Android device it's your own fault for being so stupid." - typical Android user   "If your kids make in App purchases on your device it's Apple's fault." - typical Android user
  Fend off? iOS is already dominating enterprise even before they introduced these management tools. This will cement their position as the new platform of choice.
Game changer. iOS already dominates enterprise compared to Android and this is the final nail in the coffin. Only bad thing is I like BB and prefer the market to have a couple strong competitors to spur each other along. I feel this could be tragedy for BB.
  SEP's aren't toothless. If you have SEP's related to wireless, then you get royalties on billions of devices per year (literally every single device sold, since they are all based on a standard). Even if your entire portfolio of patents is only worth $0.10 per device that still gives you 100's of millions of dollars per year. That's significant enough for a company to invest in R&D.   Google/Android/Samsung don't decide what the standards are - there are SSO's (standard...
  If you find KD's position rational then I don't really know what to say. He has repeated this same pattern of cherry picking certain decisions and then applying them to the whole industry over and over on AI. He's very similar to MacRulez, where his pattern is to ignore the results of numerous studies while emphasizing the single one that supports his position.   These idiots aren't here to have rational discussions - they are nothing more than shills/trolls posting the...
New Posts  All Forums: