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 Sure, and smartphones are supposed to be phones first. Yet making calls is way down the list of what I do on my iPhone. Texting, e-mail, Internet browsing and company specific Apps take up most of my time. I even spend more time on social media or playing games than I do talking on the phone.
 That's because Google Wallet is designed to benefit Google by allowing them another source of data to mine. Apple Pay is designed to benefit the consumers AND financial institutions (through better privacy, security and reduced fraud). What's really funny are all the idiots running around claiming that because Google Wallet uses tokens and Apple Pay uses tokens that they are somehow the same. Or that because they both use NFC that they are the same. All the time...
^ Google could make Wallet using the same EMVco tokenization technology Apple Pay uses. It would be just as secure, private and easy to use as Apple Pay. The problem is that Google would lose their ability to mine user dat on transactions. Whether or not Google updates Wallet will tell us EXACTLY where their priorities are.
I think the Apple case and Amazon case are significantly different. By the sounds of it, at Amazon you could have long lines of people waiting to pass through screening simply because of the large number of employees. Apple stores have a much smaller number of employees and not everyone starts/ends at the same time. Maybe someone who works at an Apple Store can chime in, but I can't see how this could add up to more than a couple minutes a day.
 That would be disaster for Samsung. Samsung Mobile can copy some design elements or features from Apple, but those are often subjective as to infringement. If Samsung Semiconductor used Apple IP in an Exynos processor, it would be very easy for Apple to determine this through both a chip teardown/analysis and also actual testing of the chip. It would also be much easier to prove in court as we're dealing with something concrete and physical. Nobody in the world would...
I can settle this right now.   It DOESN'T MATTER if Samsung or TSMC ends up getting the whole order, or a part of the order.   All we know for sure is that the A9 will be the world's most advanced ARM processor, just like the A8 and A7 were before it. Nothing that Qualcomm, Samsung or Nvidia has will even come close.   I don't really care WHO builds it. It's still 100% Apple designed.
 Please. Anyone with an IQ over 60 knows this is about Apple in the tech world, not the ENTIRE world. Your comment tells me all I need to know.
 Say what? Flurry doesn't install "tracking software" into your phone. App developers include it with their Apps so they can capture data about how the App is being used. Similar to how App developers install crash detection and monitoring software to capture data when Apps crash to help with eliminating bugs. Lots of App developers use Flurry, and I'm quite sure if there was something going on (like Flurry is recording information about you) that it would have been picked...
 Now hold on. How many actually LIE about Android numbers? I've never seen an Android report that claimed they have more App revenue for developers or have higher usage in Enterprise (for example). The ONLY area they seem to win is in market share, and I have no doubt Android has a much greater market share than iOS due to the incredibly large number of $100 Android phones available around the world.
 Stop lying. You're not trying to "keep straight which analytics firms are considered credible". You're just looking for an excuse to troll. Flurry is far superior to clowns at places like IDC who simply fabricate numbers (since they have no actual access to real data). Flurry (like Chitika and others) actually monitors usage of devices in the real world. I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but for those that are ACTUALLY interested in how Flurry works, developers...
New Posts  All Forums: