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Fine. You want to alter the definition of low-end, then let's clarify further.A large number of Android tablets sold are crap. Garbage. Useless.
No longer dominates? iOS completely dominates Android in high-end devices, enterprise use, App sales & revenue, content sales, online shopping, internet usage, tablet optimized Apps - I don't know, did I miss any? Oh yeah, overall market share which is meaningless to Apple.
Google will go nowhere with this. They don't have anywhere near the pull Apple has with content providers, and even Apple (as far as we know) hasn't had success in changing how providers distribute their content. Apple completely dwarfs Google in terms of how much content they currently sell and Apples customer base of people willing to spend money also dwarfs Googles. All Google can do is release a product that's similar to Apple TV/Roku/Amazon Fire - a set top box that...
This. The real issue is not benchmarking, but that after all the benchmarking two things happened:- Samsung discovered Apple's method was actually superior.- Samsung used Apple's method instead of one of their own methods.If Samsung tested five ways of doing unlock, and used the one that was closest to Apple in terms of usability, then that would be considered benchmarking. Choosing Apple's method after benchmarking s copying.
People like to claim Apple has borrowed (or stolen) many deals from Android, to which. Have two questiions: 1. Why hasn't Apple been sued (or counter sued) for their "stealing"? 2. Are you sure Android actually had the idea first?
Gee, didn't I just list basically the same things the other day in response to someone mentioning the Neonode? I'll say it straight up: if you think the Neonode version of slide to lock in any way resembled Apples version, or that Apples version isn't clearly and obviously superior, than you're an idiot.
 So wait a second. He's claiming patents are written to make them hard to discover by other companies, yet he successfully finds prior art on a Microsoft patent in 10 minutes? So what's he complaining about then, if he was able to find prior art on a patent so easily? Software engineers are more likely to oppose software patents? Bull. I'm a software engineer and most of the people I work with are in favor of patents. There are a few people I know against them, but they...
Apple outsells Samsung at the high end by over 2:1 (Galaxy S and variants hit 200 million recently according to Samsung's own announcement while iPhone sales over the exact same time period as the Galaxy was 430 million).   Samsung is a distant second place to Apple and 3rd, 4th and 5th are so far behind they're hardly even relevant.   I don't see how anyone could assume that Apple is "concerned" considering the sales numbers they're consistently putting up.
No they don't. They want simple people easily swayed. People who understand patents would get the true depth of Samsung's IP theft.
So Apple, IBM, Microsoft and others formed their own advocacy group regarding patents (specifically software patents).   One of the jurors is a former IBM software systems manager.   How long after the guilty verdict can we expect Samsung to declare a mistrial over this jury member? After they let Hogan stay (even though they had a chance to question him during "voir dire", I'm expecting the same behavior this time around.
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