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Nothing like an Apple/Samsung article to bring out the trolls. Half my screen is "This post is hidden because the user is in your block list".   AI should change the text to: "This post is hidden because the user is an idiot."
 I'm not saying you bought into that line of thinking. Just pointing out that there are a LOT of people who assume that because Safari/Webkit shows up in the user agent that somehow Android devices are getting counted as iOS devices. And this isn't just the odd person here or there - every single time an analytics company (Flurry, SA, Chitika, IBM...) does a study regarding iOS vs Android usage there are always several people who immediately bring up the user agent to show...
Thank you for proving what I've said countless times. Aside from it reporting Safari/WebKit, what else do I see? The version of Android you're running and the device type. So much for the idiots claiming user agents confuse analytics software. I could care less what browser you've got - I know you're using Android and which version. This allows me to determine how many iOS users vs Android users visit my site (for example).
^ LOL. I have a bumper sticker on my truck targeting Honda Civics with fart can exhausts. It reads: "My lug nuts require more torque to tighten then what your engine produces."
There's one very important issue people are missing. People spend their time in Apps. Once they unlock their phone it's straight to an App to play games, check mail, text or whatever else they're doing. Yet Apple haters/Android users constantly criticize iOS as being nothing but a "glorified App launcher" with no ability to customize their home screen. Why do I need to customize my home screen? I don't get any work done there anyway. My first page on my iPhone has the...
I think the real trick is getting the lenses to work together. When there's no lens attached you use the one in the phone for everyday shots. When you attach a lens it's going through two sets of lenses. I know this has been done, but it's not ideal. The absolute best scenario is no lens in the phone and an external lens that images directly on the sensor. This isn't practical on a phone, so there's always some compromise between the lenses in he camera and how they work...
Normally I'd think this would be difficult to make where it's both durable and compact. Then I remembered liquid metal. An ideal use would be for a bayonet mount. It could be very small and yet still have good strength. And why does the bayonet have to protrude? Why not have it flush where there's a "notch" in the phone body that the lens attaches to?
 So what you're saying is that you completely fabricated that 3-4X performance number. I'll go out on a limb and predict the Airmont SoC for mobile (not the one for laptops) will only be 50% faster than the current Z3770. We can come back to this thread in several months when it's out to see who's right (if you're still here).
 Where do you get this stuff from? A single A7 core is actually about 40% faster than a single Z3770 core. The only reason the Z3770 is faster overall than an A7 is because it has 4 cores and is clocked higher (similar to Exynos or Qualcomm). What's impressive about needing double the cores and higher clock to get a measly 20% overall increase in performance? And this is based on raw processor scores. Look at results from actual applications and the A7 looks even...
So is the former IBM employee going to be the one Samsung and their legion of fans vilify for "helping" the jury to understand patents? Who will Samsung "knowingly" leave on the jury as an excuse for a possible mistrial?
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