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  Beat me to it. - Here in Canada The World Juniors are on, and they are always held over Christmas with the actual tournament starting on Boxing Day and exhibition games in the days leading up to it.- Where I live it's common for many Chinese restaurants to be open on Christmas Day, and they are packed. Over the years our entire family has gone out for Dim Sum on Christmas Day. People can get sick of turkey over and over.- Movie theatres are packed on Christmas Day and...
Wow did Apple hit it out of the park when they went in with App developers to donate 100% of App and in-App purchases to Red this year.   Since 2006 Apple has raised $70 million. This year they raised a whopping $20 million. That's a HUGE increase in donations from previous years.
 64bit is the new black.
This combined with the appeal of the eBooks case (where 2 of the judges seemed clearly in favor of Apple and even took shots at Amazon) and it's been a Merry Christmas week for Apple.
 Bull. A decade? As soon as a merchant gets stuck with the bill for a fraudulent purchase because they have an old terminal they're going to very quickly decide to get a new terminal. It doesn't matter if the banks take longer to issue chip/PIN cards - merchants will be upgrading hardware immediately to eliminate the risk of liability for fraud. And LoopPay will NOT be as secure as Apple Pay. In fact, any system that claims to work at "millions" of retailers/banks (like...
 Bingo. Pretty bad when I can price out a plan at all three carriers and it comes out to EXACTLY the same price. Every single time. And they want to pretend there's no collusion going on there?
I like this judge.   But wait, he's agreeing with Apple? Quick, somebody dig up his history and financial records. He must be an Apple shareholder. Or his family all got new iPads and iPhones for Christmas. Gotta be something.
Bull. I REGULALRY see flagships from Samsung, HTC or LG on sale by the Canadian carriers. It's like they can't give them away. To imply Apple is making it so carriers can't offer competitors products is beyond asinine.
Isn't this where a former VP of Android, Hugo Barra, moved to to after that little mixup between him and his girfriiend "trading up" to Sergey Brin?
I don't buy that. IMO, it would be impossible for Samsung to not know a fair bit about the A7 and it being 64bit. I think more likely is Samsung Mobile "acted" shocked so as not to alert Apple that they knew about the A7.It requires a significant amount of collaboration between a team of Samsung engineers and Apple engineers in order to fabricate a processor. It's not as simple as Apple emailing them a file and telling them to mass produce based on the "schematic".Another...
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