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Wait a second. You can afford to have 3 AC units plumbed in for 3 zones in your house and you're complaining about the cost of a thermostat?
The source is deafening. No comments on Nexus beings "hardware reference" when they made the phone 32bit and the tablet 64bit? Talk about fragmentation for developers.
 Yet they made one serious mistake this year. They introduced a 64bit tablet and a 32bit phone. Is Google telling us that phones should be 32bit and tablets should be 64bit? How can developers utilize Nexus devices as a "hardware reference platform" when they didn't even give them the same processor architecture?
Nowhere have I stated that DEDs article is 100% factual. I tend to steer away from the opinion side of things and deal with what I feel is the real topic at hand - the superiority of Apple processors. How they may or may not affect affect other companies business is of no concern to me.The poster I responded to "tooltalk" does little other than produce troll comments. It's beyond ironic to call a DED article bullshit when the person commenting is even worse.Do you have...
You obviously can't compare x86 to MIPS to ARM clock speeds since the processors are fundamentally different. However, the Denver K1 and A7/8 are both ARMv8 processors. It's perfectly fair to compare their performance per clock. Especially when performance per clock is what Nvidia was hyping when talking about the Denver K1 compared to OTHER ARM processors. Nvidia obviously thinks it's a fair comparison, so the question is, why don't you?The K1 is fast not because of...
 I already corrected that above. And no, she does not know more than me considering she refuses to get into any in-depth processor architecture discussions and continues to diminish the significance of Apple's processors.  Please. It's only faster because it's clocked a full 1.0GHz higher. 66% faster clock than the A8X and only 5% faster. This despite Nvidias constant hyping of the Denver K1 and the fact it's supposed to be more efficient and do more work per clock cycle...
I do remember something about that now that you mentioned it.Regardless, Relic has on numerous occasions tried to downplay the significance of Apple A Series processor when compared to the likes of Qualcomm or Nvidia. These are details I'm concerned about as I don't understand why people are so determined to distort the obvious truth about the superiority of Apple processors.
Same reason he left out the countless other processor and SoC manufacturers out there who already dominate those markets. Nvidia's presence in those areas is minuscule.For example, ones I've worked with include Freescale, Siemens, Infineon and ST Micro.
I don't think we'll ever see an A Series processor in a Mac.   - It would be a huge undertaking to port over OS X to a different processor architecture, despite Apple efforts to make it easier to port code (developers writing OS X and iOS Apps, for example). An OS is several orders of magnitude more work to convert than an App. - OS X on an A Series would also cause headaches for developers. They won't be simply "re-compiling" their Apps so they can run on the new...
 Another resident troll comment bashing an article while offering NOTHING to counter what was said. What's the problem? Can't discuss technology or microprocessor architecture? Please enlighten us with your great wisdom and point out all the flaws in this article, and why Apple isn't the world's most advanced mobile processor company.
New Posts  All Forums: