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 Being very sneaky. They're claiming almost all merchants accept Samsung Pay (because they can use the magnetic stripe via LoopPay). What Samsung fails to tell you is that you first need to get your bank to update their software so that your card is supported. Then, and only then, will your card work at those merchants. And this is the area where Apple is light years ahead. By the time Samsung gets most banks to support Samsung Pay, the majority of merchants will have new...
Come on, TD Canada, get this going. I've been waiting for a year now to start using Apple Pay.
Boy the moderators are working full time at The Guardian. Only took a couple posts before I received a message saying all my comments are flagged for "pre-moderation". Took me 1 minute to create an account and less than 5 to see the stereotypes about The Guardian are true. Sent them a request to delete my account, it'll be interesting if they bother asking why.
No. Most Android phones are low end junk running older versions. Only flagship devices would be on a version as new as Lollipop. And the iPhone decimates Android when we look at a "headcount" of high end devices only.Plus the idea Android has 80% market share while iOS has 15% is a myth, making that 23.5% much smaller than it actually is.
Of course it plays a key role. How could a product that sells 40-50 million per year and generates $25 billion in revenue NOT be a key product for your company?
  This is that same loser that posts constantly on BGR. So stupid to even use the same username.
  Much larger? Last year Samsung Group had revenues of $304 billion, and have been on the decline. Apple is at $234 billion and climbing. And Samsung Electronics revenues account for 2/3 of Samsung Group, so any drops by them have a significant impact on Samsung overall. Years ago people said Apple would never catch Samsung Electronics (which they have easily passed). It's not too much of a stretch to see Apple approaching Samsung Group in a year.
 This. The guidance for the holidays is insane. Previously I didn't think Apple could beat last year and they'd come in around the same (or slightly less). However, with the new Apple TV, iPad Pro, iPhone 6S and the Apple Watch (probably a hot item for gifts) I can see them having a monster quarter. BTW, did anyone notice Apple is now ahead of Samsung Electronics, and by next year could actually have revenues matching Samsung (the ENTIRE Samsung including things like...
I'm buying two of these when they're available. I find that 2.5 million figure highly suspect. This is almost a new product segment for Apple (seriously powerful iPad with first-rate stylus) and I bet they sell like hotcakes.   Several people I know at work want one, and they never get excited about new iPads.
  This graph perfectly illustrates how Apple is killing Samsung in the market. We have seen it repeated every quarter now for almost 2 years how Apple iPhone sales are climbing YOY and Samsung flagships are falling YOY. And look at Apple vs Samsung in this graph. Apple climbing and Samsung falling while the other major players are doing their own thing. You'd have to be delusional to think that other phone makers are responsible for Samsung's losses - it's Apple. Forget...
New Posts  All Forums: