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What a terrible looking device. Apple would never have the top screen attach to the phone in such a way that it formed a lip like these pics show. Apple would have the screen flush with the sides.   This isn't an Apple device.
I ride Skytrain to work and I check e-mail and catch up on news. Most people I see on Skytrain seem to be playing games or checking out Facebook.Regardless, there have been several studies regarding smartphone use. Games are #1, which makes sense considering the top earners in the App Store.So instead of discussing whether or not 1080P is a gimmick based on perceived vs actual benefits you come back with that?
 There have been several studies of what people do on their smartphones. Watching TV/movies is way down the list (less than 10%). So a GPU/CPU having to scale videos for <10% of the time is going to use as much power as a high-PPI display that's sucking more power 100% of the time?
 1080P on a phone is a gimmick. It's far beyond what any person could ever notice in terms of pixel density. It's taking a number that people are familiar with (1080P TV's) and slapping it on a phone to make people go "oooohhh" when in fact it offers zero benefits and does nothing but suck more power.
Seems reasonable. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever that a phone needs to follow standardized resolutions like 720P or 1080P.
Let's throw the guesses out the window and make a prediction that's certain to be right:   That Apple will sell boatloads of all devices this fall and will break sales and revenue records in the process, all while stealing away sales from all the other vendors who rely in bigger screens as a selling point.
 Or did Apple decide to have 1GB of fast memory in the A8 itself with another 1GB external RAM to use when memory runs low or to keep processes in the background?
 True. Also remember Apple bought Anobit, a Flash memory company. Who knows what technology they might incorporate from this purchase? So maybe not an outright paging file, but some hybrid type of setup like Marvin said.
lilgto64 mentioned a paging file. This to me seems the most logical. Neither iOS or Android use a paging file which is why you run into memory limits (and why Apps get suspended and closed when memory is low). Paging files back in the days of hard disk drives sucked because of the speed compared to memory. Running Windows on a system with low memory was horribly slow. I'm sure we all remember the light for your hard drive blinking madly as Windows was constantly paging...
 First off, where is it written that because you make an album that you're ENTITLED to make your mortgage payment (or even make a living)? I'll expand on this below...  Nowhere in my post did I say I don't buy new music. I did say: "I also have a few radio stations/shows I listen to because they align with my tastes." This is how I discover new music. By listening to shows that I like and the stuff they decide to play.  Way to miss the point. There's a reason people like...
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