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 Don't forget Intrinsity for chip design, Anobit for flash controllers and Passif for low power semiconductors. I don't think any of them are laughing now. They're just lucky Apple doesn't sell their processors to other OEM's. Which reminds me of a strange dream I had the other day that Apple signed a deal with Microsoft to use A Series processors in their Windows Phones.
 Yes there are. Not a huge number, but there are 64bit Apps that can perform functions any A6 or earlier processor equipped device cannot. And that doesn't change the fact the A7 is the fastest, most advanced ARM processor out there. Of course it will take time to move to 64bit, but Apple will do this in record time (compared to Windows and even Mac OS). This fall Apple will likely no longer sell any 32bit devices (except perhaps in emerging markets) and developers will...
No, but I'll post the one that haters get upset about. The A7 processor - the worlds most advanced mobile ARM processor that's so far ahead of Samsung and Qualcomm that even one year later they're still behind. Even ARM's own high-end 64bit processor (the A57) is inferior to the A7, and it's not even shipping yet.NOBODY in mobile is even close to Apple in processor design.
 Never said that, so for the millionth time stop putting words in my mouth to use in your twisted logic. You knew exactly what I meant, but are being intentionally obtuse (like usual). I'll put it so a 5 year old can understand: Apple sues Samsung for copying IP and wins in court. Twice now. Then the loser trolls come out of the woodwork and say Apple is a hypocrite for suing Samsung when Apple has used ideas they didn't come up with (like notifications). The difference is...
Tesla is a lightweight if there ever was one. Compared to the big auto manufacturers (and the component suppliers like Bosch or Delphi), Tesla's patent portfolio is miniscule. They are also in financial difficulty and are starting to make desperate moves to stay relevant.   Someone should ask Musk to make available all the secret IP from SpaceX. Oh wait, he doesn't patent most of it. There's a very good reason for that too. Patents have two sides, but people only talk...
 Please. Where are the patents for those things you mentioned? If someone has a patent then I strongly encourage them to sue Apple and collect royalties.
I thought I read some time ago that Apple had talked about using an iPhone and your location to prevent fake reviews of restaurants or hotels. Basically your device had to actually visit (and spend time) at a location before you'd be allowed to submit a review. If you were at a restaurant over the lunch hour, then you could review it.   This would have a huge impact on the number of fake reviews, at it's just not worth someones time to "hang out" somewhere in person just...
LOL.   GoogleGuy in here as usual defending his employer. Funny how we hardly see him in the countless other topics here on AI, yet when Google is mentioned he's out in full force ensuring nothing bad is said about Google without being "clarified" by GG.
I remember from WWDC when they announced HomeKit and were showing slides of various types of devices. When they got to thermostats Apple showed Honeywell, not Nest. Quite the snub, I'd say.
Wonder what all the trolls will say about this. They're STILL yapping on saying Apple's iCloud servers were hacked into when the most likely scenario was people simply not being careful with their Apple ID's.
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