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Maybe they should go after the three big carriers for price fixing. It's funny how I can go to Rogers, Bell or Telus and all the various mobile plans they have are EXACTLY the same price.
Gotta laugh at Microsoft. On one hand they're running ads bashing the iPad and Macbook while on the other they're bringing Office to the iPad along with several other Apps.
Still waiting for the Watson powered Siri for vertical markets where you can ask a technical question for your related field and get a useful answer.
What about Face Unlock?
 Now THAT would be something. I still want to see the case go through and have Apple win (as they said, "on the merits"). To see some karma go back to the law firm would just be the icing on the cake.
"iOS still has some tablet experience apps lacking Android equivalents,"   Some? It's not even close.
 Google is now in a terrible position. They could change the underlying architecture of Wallet so it uses the same tokenization system that Apple Pay uses. This would give them increased security. However, it would change two other features about Wallet. First it will no longer work with ANY card, but only cards from participating financial institutions. Secondly, and the real biggie for Google, is they would lose their ability to mine user purchase data. And let's face...
Does anyone need anymore proof that Apple Pay offers a significant security benefit to banks/CC companies? They're actually spending their own money encouraging people to use Apple Pay. This despite it costing them 0.15% on every transaction.
 Just one person? What about the entire negotiating team for even a single supplier, which would likely comprise several high-level execs and their legal team. Surely they were made aware of the "information" so they could use it. Where did they think it came from?
While it's good they caught Devine, he's just a small fish. What position would someone need at a supplier where you could authorize millions in kickbacks for information and then give that information to execs to negotiate deals? Those are the ones who really need to go to prison.
New Posts  All Forums: