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Whenever I see the AT&T logo I always think of Candy Crush.
Don't waste time responding to this idiot - he's clearly a troll outed in the first thread he started flooding. He'll soon get the idea if people ignore him (or block).
This is a little odd.   With Apple, the iPhone represents almost 2/3rd of their entire revenue/profit. Samsung Electronics is divided up into many sections from Mobile to Semiconductors to LCD's and so on. The S4 only accounts for about 1/10th (or less) of Samsung revenue (based on their 10 million units shipped).   So it doesn't really make sense for Samsung shares to drop so much when they have another 90% of business spread out over many other...
  Which is also why I think Jobs e-mails are going to be useless (he's not here to explain them in context) as are comments in his biography (did Isaacson correctly portray what Steve was thinking when he made comments).
How come there's no mention of Judge Cote's comment when she adjourned? "Let's allow Mr. Turvey to escape so he can enjoy his Thursday." Gold, Jerry, Gold.
Orin Snyder handling it like a bawsss. Seriously, this guy is worth whatever he charges based on how he's handled several witnesses so far.
Googles data has always reflected those that can access Google Play. That's where activations come from - devices that can't access Play aren't counted.The big change they made are devices that have "recently" accessed Google Play. This weeds out older devices that people might not be using as much. It's more useful for developers as they need to know who's using their phones, but the fandroids like to take the data and claim JB is on 34% of ALL Android phones, which isn't...
  There are a gazillion places that repair iPhones/iPads. Seems once someone posts up a DIY on how to do it a bunch of people go "hey, I can make money fixing iPhones". Here in Vancouver there are dozens - call one up and they come to your house and fix it in their minivan. Real professional.
^ You still don't get it. This type of information should not be available to developers at all, regardless of whether they are Sony or other company (poor choice, BTW, considering Sony's history - remember the "malware" they installed on PC's). Having this available to developers means that unscrupulous people can write their own test Apps and start trying to reverse engineer what's going on inside the device when various "find my phone" functions are executed. This is...
  Sure it does. In order for a 3rd party to offer advanced features (like locking or bricking a phone) they need access to API's. If they can access them what's to stop someone from using this API in a regular App to screw a bunch of people over?   This type of functionality should not even be made available to developers.
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