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 I can't use my Visa card at terminals/merchants that only accept Mastercard. How dare Mastercard make a system that only accepts their own cards and not my Visa.
Lame. Samsung Galaxy S3 had 9 million pre-orders. It then went on to sell 10 million in 55 days. Sooooooooo they sold 9 million right away, but it took another 55 days to get the next 1 million?
The haters are not going to be happy tomorrow when Apple announces the sales figures. I can hear it already: "Those were sales of the 5C, 5S and 6 combined. Most people bought the older iPhone 5C because it was free and the 5S because it was on sale. The 6 didn't sell." So any predictions? I'm going with 12 million, a significant jump from last years 9 million.
I didn't pre order this year as I actually want to try them both in my hands first, since they are a considerable departure from past iPhones. At work it seems an even split between the two sizes. However, several people are going to pick up the 5S at a lower price. Makes sense as the 5S is still a great phone. Bottom line is that Apple now has devices at multiple size points to cater to everyone. They are going straight at the Android venders who have been "left alone"...
I thought everyone knew what ¡ means. Otherwise I would have used /s.
Now it's becoming clear why the A8 has twice the transistors. First they announce improved image signal processing for the camera. Now we see it has H.265 encoding/decoding. I'm betting these two features sucked up a good chunk of those extra transistors. Add in an extra GPU core and storage for the secure enclave and that's probably where that extra billion transistors went. BTW, when is iOS going to support the royalty free and vastly superior VP9¡
 Please show me where someone has tested the Apple Watch and confirmed it gets the same battery life as other smart watches.
The Moto 360 was torn down, and found to have an outdated TI OMAP processor in it. We know Apple has made a custom SoC for the Apple Watch (called the S1), so you've gotta think that with Apples tight control over the hardware and software that they will have an advantage in this area compared to everyone else using off-the-shelf processors.
 Yes and no. I don't think (haven't tired) that you can play 24 bit music files on your iOS device. However, you can record and play 24bit audio using any USB Audio compatible device. Most music recording/production Apps for iOS support 24bit/96KHz. And you can record/play 2,4,8 or even 16 channels at the same time. So it's probably that the Music App doesn't support playing them - it has nothing to do with whether iOS itself can handle 24bit audio. It most certainly can.
Wasn't interested in a watch before, and still not sure if I would be. I'd have to see it in person when they are finally available.   However, it's clear Apple thought about this more than the other companies out there who did just what Apple said not to - take the phone experience and shrink it down to a watch sized device. It shows Apple still pays attention to details (except for that stupid protruding camera ring on the iPhone 6).
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