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 Wrong. Google has ZERO theft deterrents. The ONLY thing that would stop (or significantly reduce) rampant theft of smartphones would be a method to brick the device. Thieves have NO INTEREST in the data on your phone. Phones are stolen, wiped and then resold for profit. It's the physical device they're after, not your personal data. Since Google only offers a way to wipe clean your data, and no way to permanently lock/brick a device, it's not a deterrent. Now if you can...
 Sshhhh. Don't bring up what this is really about - theft deterrent. There's no theft deterrent with Android Device Manager like there is with iOS 7. I highly doubt GG has a response to this feature even though it's the point of the entire article.
 Technically, but there's a difference between coding for a specific controller (the Android way), using a third-party set of tools (like MOGA does with Android as well), or just using the API's that come with the OS and having guaranteed compatibility with any controller out there. Many people might be familiar with MOGA and their products for Android, so I think it worthwhile to explain that things are fundamentally different in iOS 7 when it comes to gaming controller...
 Perhaps you'd like to explain why the GPU in the A7 is grossly under performing? Not when compared to other SoC's on the market (which is easily beats) but when compared to the previous 5 Series? Only thing I can think of is Apple hasn't yet "activated" the full performance capabilities of the 6 Series either by underclocking or even having unused cores.
A7X anyone?   I was surprised (as were others I think) that the new iPad Air still had an A7. Not because it doesn't have enough performance, but because Apple has been making X versions for higher resolution devices.   The 6 Series PowerVR inside the A7 is much faster than the 5 Series used in the A6X. If you look at Imaginations information it's several times faster than the 5 Series. Yet the A7's graphics performance is only slightly better than the A6X.   I think...
Saying games must be updated to support the controller is not 100% accurate. It implies devs have to specifically target this controller (they don't). What devs need to do is support Apple's new gaming controller API's in iOS 7. This will automatically give the game support for the MOGA and all other controllers coming out (like the Logitech).
Wow, that's a lot of ignorant people. Everyone who reviewed the Gear said it was junk (in the politest way possible) yet people still bought them. Who's the real sheep? Must be a lot of Dick Tracy wannabees out there. Or maybe nerds looking for something to match their Batman Utility Belt.
This makes no sense. Samsung previously tried to have major portions thrown out because Apple patents wee being reexamined by the USPTO and were "temporarily" invalid. Koh ruled against Samsung basically because the patents were valid at the time of the trial and there was no way to know if they would eventually be invalidated or stay valid in full or part. I'd like to hear her reasons. Is there any source posted yet that goes into this in detail?
Samsung knew of his background and Judge Koh brought that up when they tried to appeal over Hogan's "alleged" misconduct.Hogan did nothing wrong despite Samsung's (and numerous blogs) attempts to slander him.
I wonder who Samsung "let stay" as their "Hogan" on the jury this time so they could try to appeal later on.
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