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 No kidding. Imagine that - the architects/developers of an operating system have ways to gain access to portions of it that normal people never would.
 Poor little baby. What are you, 12? How clever changing my from Bee to Wit. How many hours did it take you to come up with that nugget of genius? I suppose you have a long list of words you can add an "i" in front of in order to make yourself appear witty as well. I stand by my comments. It's one thing for someone to claim the government is spying without having concrete proof. It's quite another for someone to claim (and list ) modules in an OS that supposedly do this,...
I want to see this guy demonstrate this function.   I'm so sick of people talking about what "could be happening" or that it's "possible". Quit talking out of your ass to make a name for yourself and show us a working, functioning exploit where you've successfully pulled data off a device. Like he claims forensics agencies are doing.   Otherwise STFU.
How did Apple manage to con those poor starving artists to work for free? /s
A LEGO version would be cool.Edited: Should have read all of the above first.
WOW.   This is a BIG deal. iOS already dominates enterprise use (for mobile) over Android, BB and MS. Now they're adding an 800lb gorilla to fill in the gaps and round out their enterprise offerings.   I'm also surprised that IBM is going to exclusively sell iOS devices to their enterprise customers.
Ridiculous theory.This is about the fact that of all mobile shopping a small percentage was done using an Android device. It's irrelevant as to whether they used WiFi, LTE or 3G to get online - they clearly have some way to connect.
 Not really. A true "tattletale" or "rat" is someone who goes anonymously behind your back to "inform". If you know the person who provided the information, and they make no bones about it, then it's not really the same. The real tattletales are those who filed patent examinations against Apple. Those requests were anonymous, so people can speculate if it was Google or Samsung or someone else, but we don't really know since nobody has the balls to own up to it.
Samsung is going to have 2 more lousy quarters.   iPhone 6 will likely launch in September. In the months leading up to the launch, smartphone sales (of high end phones) will drop as people are waiting to see what the iPhone 6 will be like. Then when the iPhone 6 does launch, it will dominate sales right through the holiday season and into the new year.   The real problem for Samsung (and HTC or LG) is for the first time ever Apple will be competing directly in their...
 Sure. App Store vs Google Play, where there is no regional breakdown and revenues are worldwide. In that regard iOS completely dominates Android. There are several worldwide internet usage reports by they are all over the place. Statcounter puts Android at 48% vs iOS at 34% for all mobile and tablet combined. For tablets only they show iOS at 70% and Android at 26%. Net Applications most recent report for June 2014 has iOS at 45.61% and Android at 43.75% and they seem to...
New Posts  All Forums: