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I'm convinced because I work in this industry. We have mechanical engineers even though our primary work is electronics and software. Having a mechanical engineer as your head doesn't mean you're making mechanical devices. They could be there because they have a good OVERALL understanding of automotive.I'm aware of the right steering wheel controls, which are just as stupid. They are still slower than just turning a knob on your dash.
 I'm convinced it's 2 or 3, leaning towards 3. Integrating a system into a car to control your dash or infotainment is pretty straightforward. Building a system for autonomous driving where it has to deeply integrate into the engine, transmission, braking, stability control and steering systems is FAR more complex. Which is why I'm skeptical of the self-driving idea.  Have you used the Model S touchscreen? It's garbage. Several manufacturers flirted with having your...
 Waaaiiiiit a second. Samsung is introducing a new Galaxy in March?
Just because Apple is hiring automotive engineers with the expertise in designing and manufacturing cars doesn't mean Apple is going to make cars. All the top automotive suppliers (Valeo, Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Hitachi, QNX, Continental, Dunlop....) who make all the components, sub-systems and modules in your car ALSO have automotive engineers on staff who would be the type of people you're looking for if you wanted to start manufacturing your own car.   Understanding...
Yet your instrument cluster (or other dash modules) basically run on 4 wires: 12V, ground, CAN-H and CAN-L (CAN being the network). All the information you see (engine RPM, speed, fuel level, coolant temperature, oil temperature) were sent to your cluster over the CAN network from the engine computer. Or LIN or FlexRay (two other popular networks). This way sensor count is reduced. If the climate control needs the coolant temperature (so it can regulate cabin heat) it gets...
I don't think Apple wants to get into cars. The profit margin is low and you need a network of dealers to provide service. I don't see Apple wanting to get into that mess.   But going up against QNX and offering a complete vehicle system for multimedia and navigation (that also properly interfaces with EXISTING vehicle systems and networks) is something I could see them doing. Automotive manufacturers have crappy infotainment systems with utterly horrible controls/UI....
And so it begins.   Next up is making Apple Maps accessible to anyone (this would be a real thorn in the side of Google, who pretty much owns this market). Then iCloud Drive as an alternative to DropBox. Followed by iMessage in your browser (goodbye Whatsapp and all the others). Maybe even Apple Search to go up against Google/Bing?
I don't use it much, but have a few friends that do.However, the fact Apple partnered with them first for this feature pretty much means they've arrived.
Pretty sure this isn't an API, rather a deal between Pinterest and Apple. Just like how Twitter and Facebook were "integrated" into iOS.Apple has previously cracked down on "App discovery Apps" due to abuse. Not likely they're introducing an API anyone could use.
Guys, it's obvious Apple and Pinterest struck a deal. Pinterest didn't just start using a new feature by Apple to allow direct App installs. That would be a horrible idea and open to rampant abuse. I'm sure Apple is keeping track of which Apps are getting installed and it's not a free-for-all. This is a HUGE win for Pinterest.
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