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So is McDonalds for burgers. Doesn't mean they make great burgers. I sure as hell won't eat there.
You mean like Android users claiming the notification centre was ripped off Android or the Atrix had a fingerprint sensor first? Or Control Centre?Android users are notorious for thinking they had everything first. I can't count the number of "iOS 7 is just a ripoff of Android........" posts I've seen since iOS 7 was first revealed.
If you take two crappy tennis players who have never won anything in their life, and then have them form a doubles team, are you going to expect them to start winning? Likewise two useless patent portfolios (in terms of court victories) will not become more powerful because they're pooled together.
I've had a couple issues with Touch ID. I checked on Apple's website and they had a few suggestions. When I first got it I picked 5 fingers and learned each one (which is the limit). Apple states if you have multiple fingers learned it can slightly delay the response time.   What I found was I actually only ever used my thumb as I always use my phone in the same hand. So I unlearned all fingers and only used my thumb. Since then it's worked almost 100%. The odd time it...
Not going to happen. BT Low Energy has been in every iPhone since the 4S. This gives Apple a huge installed base. If only new iPhones get NFC then their payment system is doomed because most iPhone users WONT have NFC.
Love seeing the spin people are putting to make it seem like Samsung did well. The real story isn't a slight growth from 2012 - it's that in a holiday quarter they didn't even outperform the previous quarter. I find that rather pathetic. The last two years (2011, 2012) Apple did a whopping $18 billion more in sales in the holiday quarter compared to the previous quarter. From $28 to $46 billion in 2011 and $36 to $54 billion in 2012.
Did you even read the report? Sales were up only 0.3% from Q3. And this is a holiday quarter, the best time of year for a consumer electronics company.Reading further, consumer electronics was up 18%, but mobile was down 9%.Seems pretty clear. Samsung sold more electronics goods, but less mobile. And considering Samsung claims a significant increase in tablet sales it can only mean phone sales dropped even more than 9%.
 Exactly. Going down in sales in the holiday quarter can't be a good thing.
I have posted this several times on AI. In pre-trial motions over the past year leading up to this case Apple has been doing very well while Samsung is the opposite. This is just yet another to add the the growing pile of decisions in Apple's favor.
 Crooks go where the money is. If they're targeting Android it's not because they like Apple, hate Google or anything like that. It's pure business, and if their attacks weren't getting them anything in return (information, ID's, $$$) then they wouldn't keep doing it.  I read the report Marvin linked, and I'm skeptical of their methods. They are tracking the domains visited by mobile devices and then treating the "suspect" domains as malware. I doubt this method accurately...
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