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No. iBeacons are primarily broadcast only to pass info of interest to customers devices. Some iBeacons can transmit and receive, but that's going to require you to allow your iPhone to respond.It would be a nightmare if your iPhone responded to and sent back data to every iBeacon you encountered.
 Google Wallet is not as easy to use as Touch ID for making purchases. Credit card companies tracking your data is irrelevant - they do for ALL forms of payment. I'm talking about Google tracking your purchases made through Google Wallet. Apple Pay doesn't. You can't stop the credit card companies from logging your transactions, but you can prevent another third party (Google) who makes their money on collecting information about you from doing so. Apple Pay is more than...
As someone pointed out on another forum, Apple Pay is superior to Google Wallet (and Softcard or any other competing system) in three key areas:   - It's more secure. - It respects your privacy. - It's the easiest to use/most convenient.   And when it comes right down to it, those are the main areas that consumers will be interested in.
I'm not sure, but I don't see it being that difficult. The temporary token used to authorize the purchase can't be used to make another purchase, but nobody has said it couldn't be stored by the merchant as a transaction identifier. It could then be used to aid in refunds.
Oh please. If you actually look at the newest POS terminals that are available from processors, the majority of them ALREADY support contactless payments (NFC).No manufacturer of a terminal is going to be stupid enough to continue making new terminals that support chip/PIN, but ignore NFC. Basically, merchants will gain NFC capability in their terminals even if they decide (for whatever reason) to not implement it.Nobody is going to have to "pay more" to get NFC just like...
 Funny. I said the exact same thing when I got my first iPad and couldn't view many websites because they clung to using Flash or never bothered to make an iPad version. I thought to myself "there are millions upon millions of iPad users and you're too damn lazy to make an optimized website for those customers?" Of course, they've mostly come around now, but in the beginning it was terrible.
The article failed to mention some key points surrounding mobile payments.   MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) is setting up their own payment system and Walmart, Best Buy and many others are signed up (as of right now) to use this system. It's not as good as Apple Pay, nor as secure, but there are reasons why stores like them. Here's a few quotes from their website:   "Protect and leverage valuable data to offer your customers better experiences and interactions...
 I thought we knew exactly where this money went. To purchase equipment to manufacture sapphire. It was a secured loan by Apple, with the production equipment being the security.
Why not 3072x2048? Not 4:3 but much better than 16:9. And in landscape mode you could fit 2 apps side-by-side at 2048x1536 in portrait mode. And since the pixel count is only double, you don't need to do a major jump on the GPU side. An extra core plus clock bump would make things smooth.
So what about Corning?   Remember those videos they released talking up the advantages of Gorilla Glass over sapphire? I firmly believe Corning thought Apple was going to start using sapphire in their phones. This is likely due to the number of orders Apple was committed to, which coupled with their investment in GT caused Corning to worry.   I bet Apple only knew the sapphire wasn't feasible for the iPhone 6 several months before release, and then made the switch to...
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