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Kinda frustrating when people tell only half the story and leave out the important details.Google is moving most things into Google Play Services. This will reduce fragmentation. It also allows Google to manage updates since any changes to Google Play Services can be done via Google regardless of any custom changes carriers and/or OEMs might have made to Android.It all sounds so rosy.Until you see the other side. Android users love to talk about how Android is open source...
 Actually it will be only two years. Think of it like this: 2013: One 64bit iPhone (5S) and two 32 bit iPhones (5C and 4S) are being sold.2014: One new 64 bit iPhone 6, one older 64 bit iPhone 5S and one 32 bit low-end iPhone (5C) being sold.2015: One new 64 bit iPhone 6S, one older 64 bit iPhone 6 and one "low-end" 64 bit iPhone 5S being sold. So by 2015 Apple will only be selling 64 bit devices. Sure there will be some really old 32 bit iPhones around, but they would be...
 They've had a license yet nothing has come from it. Apple already had their own custom design in the A6 from last year. Apple is way ahead of Samsung in this area.
Must be tough for a Samsung semiconductor engineer to see their own chips coming off the line that are clones of ARM designs while on the line next door there's an advanced 64 bit chip designed by your competitor.   And realizing the chip you're making for your competitor is far superior to anything you make yourself.
 Nintendo is being stubborn and I feel they will be stubborn until the end. If they brought Mario, Zelda and other titles to iOS and priced them at a reasonable $2.99-$4.99 I can't even imagine how many cop[ies they'd sell. 100 million for sure, I'd bet.
OK, I admit it. I ordered a Gold iPhone 5S and my ship time was listed as October.
I've said it so many times I'm starting to sound like a broken record.   Once you have proper game controllers and the new game controller API's in iOS 7 it'll be goodbye Nintendo and PS Vita.
I just thought of something interesting.   Remember when it was predicted the A7 would be 64bit and offer a 31% performance boost? Pretty much everyone (including me) was saying there's no way an A7 would only be 31% faster than the A6 given Apples track record.   Geekbench runs in 32 and 64 bit modes for testing. Looking over Anandtech's results they found that the benchmark was indeed faster in 64bit than in 32bit. How much faster overall?   31%   I doubt that's...
Who 's got the chip? The person who tells the truth about the pathetic losers/haters that pollute forums everywhere and create new accounts regularly on AI just to troll, or the person who's upset at someone like me pointing out the truth?Oh, BTW, there's nothing coming out in the next couple months that will match the A7.
Anandtech's review was great.   It kinda brings a smile to my face knowing that all over the world fandroids are crying that Apple has the fastest mobile processor in the world by a wide margin. Amazing that a dual core 1.3GHz processor can hold up to (and often beat) a quad core 2.2GHz processor.   Even more so since benchmarks have now shown there is a significant performance boost running in 64bit. I wonder where all the naysayers are going to hide now that it's...
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