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Let's see. I can go to a conference where they give me a bunch of toys to try and convince me to code for them, or I can go to a conference that has a large number of practical and relevant seminars that will actually be useful to me. I know where I'd go. The amount of time & money a developer would invest in writing an App would completely dwarf the cost of a couple devices. So they have little value to anyone serious about coding. Likewise, a few hundred (or thousand)...
 They're already leaving to go develop for Android, cuz', you know, Android has more devices. At least that's what Eric Schmidt told me back in December of 2011. http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/06/seven-point-one-percent/
The numbers are fake. Many of those are Android users who modified their user agent. Nobody is using iOS 7 because it's such a failure. ¡ Seriously, though, why would anyone doubt these figures? If you polled 10 people about something you're not going to get accurate data. If you poll 1,000 people and 900 were using iOS 7 then it's safe to say that the rest of the population are going to show similar numbers. Chitika is basing their data off millions of devices, so...
Another added to the block list. Starting early, too. Usually my list doesn't really start growing until after the WWDC Keynote or an iPhone/iPad announcement.
After many people last year thought they could make their iPhone waterproof by upgrading to iOS 7, Apple finally gives them what they want and makes iOS 8 waterproof.
This. I don't feel bad for Federighi at all - I doubt Apple told him at the last minute. He was probably aware of this all along. Besides, Craig gets lots of time at WWDC and iPad/iPhone launches.
What other company can get numerous articles on all the tech sites over the posters they use to decorate with, and if they have any hidden meaning?
 I don't see why the 4S won't get iOS 8. The 4 got iOS 7, and the 4S is a significant upgrade in terms of processor power from the 4. By this fall when the new iPhones and iPads come out, Apple probably won't be selling anymore 32bit devices (except for some 5C's or equivalent in emerging markets). The year-old models will be A7 equipped devices and the new stuff will be A8. Even then, Apple can't really make iOS 8 64bit exclusive because of all the 4S, 5 and 5C phones out...
I use the same email and password on lots of sites EXCEPT a few important ones like Apple, my bank and credit cards and my personal email account. I don't care if someone gets my password for an online forum or other site (like AI).The problem is a lot of people don't treat their accounts differently and use the same lax procedures/passwords for ALL their accounts.
Every single day hundreds of people get their bank accounts hacked because someone got their user ID and password and proceeded to transferred money out. Several billion dollars worth.   Yet where are the news reports when this happens? I guess if the person doesn't have "Jobs" or "Apple" in their name, it's not newsworthy. But a small number of people lose their Apple ID and suddenly it's front page news.
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