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Not how it works Bromwich. You're not allowed to question Apple employees that aren't involved in eBooks nor are you allowed to discuss issues that were not part of the original trial.There, fixed it for you.
Funny seeing all the new trolls on AI the last week or so. Surely they sprang from under the Golden Gate, as no normal bridge would be large enough to contain them.
Seems we just went through this the other day and people are still back to the same arguments (which are factually incorrect).   Audi is NOT running Android in their vehicle. They have made it possible to connect an Android device to the vehicle. There's a big difference.   GM is part of iOS In The Car. They are also part of the OAA. And they have their own App Store coming out with OnStar. There's no reason a manufacturer can't make a car that works with iOS and...
Hate to say I told you so, but...........
Source? I don't know how anyone could make that statement since there's no data available to prove it.
That's it, thanks for digging it up. I was on my iPhone and searching for old threads can be painful.
Bingo. Even though they're not attending people are still comparing everything to what Apple currently has or what Apple "might" have.
Waiting for someone to take the total paid out and divide that by the number of Apps to conclude developers aren't making any money from iOS.
Ridiculous study. For example, GG posted a link to an Android music production App with a very high "star" rating in response to my claim Android was useless for audio work. I checked the App out and it was horrible. It was lacking so many basic features that even the worst rated iOS App had. So much for star ratings. I'll have to find that thread as it's suddenly relevant.
People getting riled up over nothing. As I posted before, nobody is going to run Android in their car. What they will do is make sure Android devices can properly integrate with your car to provide a seamless experience from your mobile device to the car. Same thing with iOS.   Look at GM, for example. They have already committed to iOS In The Car. They also just announced their own App Store for HMTL Apps to run on their in-dash system along with OnStar. And now they...
New Posts  All Forums: