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Beat me to it. Bunch of fucking crooks (excuse the profanity but pirates really piss me off).
You can already determine how hard you're pressing - by the change in shape your finger makes as it exerts more pressure.
Two questions for the biggest liar in this thread, pedromartins: - Why did Google steal Microsoft IP and put it in Android and then give it away for free when they had no legal right to use it? - Why did Google steal IP belonging to MPEG-LA (the companies they represent) and put it in VP8 and then give it away for free? You say Google doesn't steal? I say you're a liar. And a hypocrite since you're running around calling everyone else liars.
What Samsung did to Apple (copy) the white box venders are going to do to Samsung. Only problem is it will be Samsung vs 10 companies. They need to stop looking at Apple as their competitor and realize nothing they make is special (meaning it's easily duplicated).
 The fact that to develop for Android you have to choose between two different systems (NDK or Java/Dalvik) is a joke, and will really cause a problem when you have both ARM and x86 versions. Then add possible 64bit into the equation and suddenly Apple's platform looks positively brilliant.
 Ah, gotcha. Let's twist the discussion away from the actual topic (that Samsung sells tons of low-end junk phones) and try to make it about something that's not relevant at all - as long as we can find a way to bash Apple somehow.
To people asking what low end phones Samsung makes I give you the Galaxy Star. A brand new phone introduced only a few months ago (summer 2013). It has a 3.0" 240x320 screen, single core processor and runs Jelly Bean. And it's a top seller in many countries. Please explain how good any Android App is going to look on such a low-res screen. Let alone perform on such a slow processor.
Android is a bloated pig of an OS. Anandtech tested Bay Trail running Windows, which is far more efficient and faster than Android when using the same hardware. Android will never run as fast on an equivalent processor as iOS or Windows.And please show me where to get Android (officially, not some mod site) for x86. Android can't "jump ship" to a processor outside of ARM until Google releases a version. Then Google will make Android even more fragmented by having to...
How stupid can you be? Where is it written anywhere that if Company A (Rockstar) sues Google that Google is only allowed to countersue Rockstar instead of filing their own suit against Company B (Apple)? I see this same comment repeated everywhere by idiots - that Rockstar isolates Apple and MS by protecting them from counter suits. This is an outright lie made by people to try and imply Apple/MS are acting as patent trolls through a proxy. The only trolls are the idiots...
It's obvious why there's no TouchID on the iPads. I think the ultimate use of TouchID by Apple is for some sort of payment/personal ID system. And who's going to use an iPad for mobile payments? Your smartphone is the personal device that gets "attached" to the user and is the one always with you. This is the device where ID is important. Mobile payments are the obvious first use for this, but I can see it going a lot further.   Say you get stopped by the police and they...
New Posts  All Forums: