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 And which virus scanner software on your PC (for example) has a 100% success rate at detecting everything? Think about that long and hard. Google's position is only valid if you assume (which would be a very ignorant thing to do) that they have the ability to detect every single type of malware/attack that comes through. History has proven that this is just not possible. And as I pointed out above (and people seem to want to ignore) is that there are significant...
 Hardly. What's more likely is if multiple companies have 5G technology then the SSO's will pick IP from companies who don't have a pattern of SEP abuse (like Samsung). I think Samsung shot themselves in the foot over their dispute with Apple. They were so eager to get a ban that they forgot how their actions might affect other areas of business later on. I bet 5G will be comprised of IP from Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm with little to no input from Samsung.
 I like both. A long time ago I bought my first "professional" camera, a Hasselblad 500CM with an 80mm 2.8 lens. The negatives were 6cmx6cm. I remember Hasselblad literature back then describing how to compose pictures using a square format.
I wonder if Eric was talking about Jelly Bean or Android as a whole? Since Jelly Bean is the only version of Android that you could reasonably call "secure" as all previous versions (including ICS) have severe security holes in the base OS itself which were only fully plugged in Jelly Bean.   Funny how none of the Android apologists (or these "security experts" who make these reports) want to separate out Android by version and simply try to shift the goalposts by...
No, if Sergey Brin said it then it'd be from the horses mouth.
So it should be 11:59am... 12.00am then 12:01 pm?
If Samsung wants to see if the government is fair just go back to the other time they were facing a ban and Reagan vetoed it. So if this one gets upheld (no veto) then Samsung will be even with one win and one loss.
It's times like these I wish Groklaw was still updating. Just when all the patents trials and rulings are starting to show who the real criminals are and PJ shuts it down.   Too bad. It would have been interesting to hear their spin on all the latest setbacks for Google/Motorola and Samsung and all the wins for Apple and MS.
Blah blah.   What about the next 3 months and the holiday quarter? How many subscribers might they gain back because of the iPhone? Stupid to whine about changes over such a short period.
Apple should thank Samsung for the Gear and showing everyone how NOT to do a smartwatch.
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