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BINGO. Samsung is burning bridges like crazy just to go after Apple. I've mentioned this before - if a standards body has two technologies to choose from, one from Samsung (with a proven history of abuse) and the other from someone like Cisco, who do think they'll choose?
Meh. Apple files an appeal and by the time the appeal gets heard the last remaining devices will no longer be sold anyway. See Samsung? Apple can play this "tie things up in court until they don't matter" game as well.
I've said this all along. People are underestimating how much of an asset having that many customers with credit cards really is. If Apple introduces iRadio (a pay version) or any other service they have an advantage of a large user base of potential people that could sign up with just one click. Apple is also big enough that when the mobile device landscape finally settles down they will continue to have enough users to remain sustainable and highly profitable.
  No. A pic of two tablets is good enough - I don't even care if both are his friends. As long as he has access to play around on them. When I give him a few Apps to compare he can come back and tell us the differences. This is when we'll find out just how full of it he is.   I'm still surprised at the stupidity of trolls on AI. It's like they actually believe the stereotype that Apple users don't understand tech. Or that nobody here would own an Android device (I have...
  People who try to compare PC vs Mac to Android vs iOS need to relearn their computer history. They are nothing alike at all.   First off, the Macintosh never had a dominant position. At its best it peaked at slightly over 11% market share compared to PC's (late 80's, early 90's). The IBM PC came out 3 years before the Macintosh and had already sold more by the time the Macintosh debuted in 1984 than the original Macintosh sold in history. Not a few more, but around 3X...
Sorry, troll. Claiming is not proof enough. Let's see a pic of both with this thread displayed on-screen. Then I'll pick some Apps for you to try.There's no possible way anyone who has actually used both tablets could claim there wasn't a difference in App quality (and that Android is deficient compared to iOS for tablet Apps). So I'm going to call bs on you claiming experience with both until I see proof.
  I don't really care if a business uses Android or iPad as long as they can provide the service I need.   However, I refuse to visit (or patronize) websites where they don't have a content section specifically for iPads (for example, by using Flash). There are over 100 million iPads in use, and for a web developer to exclude that market is ridiculous. I'm amazed there are still large companies whose websites don't properly work on an iPad. No webmaster with any amount of...
  Prove to me you own both an Android tablet and an iPad (and which ones) and I'll give you a list, troll. Otherwise I'm not wasting my time if you aren't even capable of downloading them to do a side-by-sde.
Apple also has patents regarding stylii. Yet I have never seen a stylus for an iDevice yet. Companies do R&D in many areas. Some yield actual tech to be used in products and others don't. But they will still patent them all. After all, they spent time and money developing it, and it might be useful in some other form later on.
What's with all these concern trolls trying to derail the argument? Who cares about whether the writer is biased - the topic is whether or not Samsung plays games with supplying components.   The comment "strategically denied" is interesting. HTC would likely have had a contract with Samsung to buy panels, but that doesn't mean Samsung could deny them. For example, Samsung could claim yield issues and reduce panels shipped to HTC. How could HTC tell if they really...
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