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  Oh look, we've got another one over here.
Interesting how it's the audio developers that are first to leverage the A7. I'm waiting to see what the rest of them come up with (like Auria, for example).
 What you need first is an option in benchmarks like Geekbench along the lines of... "Perform Test x Number of Times", "Perform Test for xx Time" or "Perform Test Until Battery Reaches xx%" I believe GLBench had a battery test thought I never actually ran it.
He's just mad that his uber-clocked gazillion core Snapdragon 800 is no faster than Apple's highly efficient dual core processor. And the Snspdragon 800 is barely 2 months old, so nobody can claim the usual "imagine that - a brand new processor is faster than a 6/9/12 month old processor" BS that the apologists throw around. For all intents and purposes the A7 and Snapdrsgon 800 were released at the same time and represent the pinnacle of SoC designs for their respective...
 Now I remember why I added him to my block list. Although when someone quotes him I'm stuck reading the stupidity. It's so funny how the forums are exploding everywhere with Samsung apologists. You can tell it really bothers them that Apple has made such a great SoC in the A7. For close to 30 years people have been discussing processor efficiency. It's long been agreed that a processor that can do the same work at a lower clock has the superior architecture. Likewise with...
Benchmarks like Geekbench are good for comparing performance of processors since they don't rely on API's to get their numbers. So it's quite accurate even across OS's.Now benchmarks like Sunspider or Octane are much different since they are running through API's on the respective OS. This is where the optimization within an OS has a significant effect on the results. And when you look at these benchmarks the A7 on iOS pulls far ahead of the competition.I think it's safe...
Still at it with your useless analogies? Especially the Bugatti one which is so far off the mark it's embarrassing (for you to have stated it).A real analogy would be more like this:Snapdragon 800 is a 4 litre 8 cylinder that makes 400 HP.Apple A7 is a 2.3 litre 4 cylinder that makes 390 HP.Half the cylinders (cores) and far lower clock (displacement) yet it makes 97% as much HP and does it in a smaller, lighter engine that also consumes less fuel (battery power).
There are already 64bit Apps out and they offer tangible benefits to the user right now, not in the future.Getting tired of people who know nothing about processor architectures or OS design (and coding for 64bit) claiming there's no benefit for existing users.
Another useless troll trying to convince us with pathetic arguments.The A7 can run in 64bit mode all day long. The Note 3 can't run in its "boosted" mode all day long without throttling due to heat (like the Nexus 4 which Anandtech had to put in a freezer to finish benchmarks) or killing your battery. The test is perfectly fair since it indicates what benefits the user can expect at any given time, not for a brief moment while under "boost".The clock frequency and core...
 You can always spot the trolls when they can't accept facts.
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