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Did you even read the report? Sales were up only 0.3% from Q3. And this is a holiday quarter, the best time of year for a consumer electronics company.Reading further, consumer electronics was up 18%, but mobile was down 9%.Seems pretty clear. Samsung sold more electronics goods, but less mobile. And considering Samsung claims a significant increase in tablet sales it can only mean phone sales dropped even more than 9%.
 Exactly. Going down in sales in the holiday quarter can't be a good thing.
I have posted this several times on AI. In pre-trial motions over the past year leading up to this case Apple has been doing very well while Samsung is the opposite. This is just yet another to add the the growing pile of decisions in Apple's favor.
 Crooks go where the money is. If they're targeting Android it's not because they like Apple, hate Google or anything like that. It's pure business, and if their attacks weren't getting them anything in return (information, ID's, $$$) then they wouldn't keep doing it.  I read the report Marvin linked, and I'm skeptical of their methods. They are tracking the domains visited by mobile devices and then treating the "suspect" domains as malware. I doubt this method accurately...
 It seems Cote had her mind made up before the trial that Apple was guilty.Fixed it for 'ya.
 Ah, so then what's your opinion of Bromwich trying to interview Apple employees outside of e-books? You think that's acceptable? It's very similar to the DOJ trying to bring in-app purchases and Apple's model of taking 30% into the case as well (which, thankfully, was completely shot down). Ever since the beginning of this case the parties involved (opposite Apple) have been trying to expand this case into other areas that aren't relevant to e-books.
And yet Apple got a stay. Sounds like 61 pages of nothing if they so quickly decided to give Apple that stay. They could have granted Apple an appeal hearing AND kept Bromwich working while waiting for the appeal, but they didn't. Speaks volumes to me.Tell me, in that 61 pages did they talk about Bromwich trying to interview Apple employees not involved in e-books? In fact, did any of those pages present Apple's case? Or did you read one side of the story and base your...
I'll definitely try this out. $0.99 isn't bad if the experience and quality is improved.
Please. That's like saying the lumber yard is responsible for the design of my house because they supplied most of the materials and components used in it.
Of course it was controlled. You can't have two high-powered executives in the middle of a madhouse - it's just not safe.
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