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No, if Sergey Brin said it then it'd be from the horses mouth.
So it should be 11:59am... 12.00am then 12:01 pm?
If Samsung wants to see if the government is fair just go back to the other time they were facing a ban and Reagan vetoed it. So if this one gets upheld (no veto) then Samsung will be even with one win and one loss.
It's times like these I wish Groklaw was still updating. Just when all the patents trials and rulings are starting to show who the real criminals are and PJ shuts it down.   Too bad. It would have been interesting to hear their spin on all the latest setbacks for Google/Motorola and Samsung and all the wins for Apple and MS.
Blah blah.   What about the next 3 months and the holiday quarter? How many subscribers might they gain back because of the iPhone? Stupid to whine about changes over such a short period.
Apple should thank Samsung for the Gear and showing everyone how NOT to do a smartwatch.
Scott may still be on Apple's payroll. I thought he was sticking around, but not actually given any responsibilities. It would be smart - keep Forstall unavailable to other companies for a year or so to prevent any leaks about upcoming projects from getting out. I'm not sued what that would cost Apple, but even a couple million might be worth it.
Now that Samsung has been caught it will be even easier for Apple to oppose any Samsung motions to look at confidential Apple data (sales figures, license agreements, source code...).
 Too bad. I was hoping to have a touchscreen debate with him after his claims to have been working in the industry for almost 20 years. I can't count how many times I tried to get him to prove his knowledge and experience in this industry to no avail. He probably never expected another AI member to also have 20+ years in touchscreen development (the first system I coded for was back in 1985).
 I'm biased? Please show me where anything I said was biased. Although I did get two facts reversed, that doesn't change the fact Denise Cote seems to have "pre-judged" the case. And she apparently has a history of this. http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/08/14/apple-ebook-judge-cote-2/ Meanwhile you whine about Apple appealing and they should "let it go" when it's Apple's right to appeal. Unless you think the US should change laws to prevent anyone from ever appealing a...
New Posts  All Forums: