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Please feel free to show all the patents covering these features. You can't rip something off that isn't patented/protected. There are a gazillion ideas/features in computers that everyone uses and have been around for ages.Apple only accuses people of "ripping" off something they patented. Huge difference, which apparently you and several others can't seem to grasp.
The Internet will be on fire today with legions of trolls posting non-stop. I wonder, do that many losers take the day off to troll, or do they simply have no job? I'm betting the latter.
LOL at the sick day comments. Me? I work 4 10's so I get Monday off anyway.
That's what I get for leaving off the sarcasm tag. I thought it was obvious, but I guess not obvious enough.
Fixed it for you.
If I was serious about making my App available on another platform, then spending money to attend a developer conference would be a worthwhile investment.That is, if the conference covered useful topics and was designed to help me write better Apps through seminars and workshops. I don't need hardware - I can buy that myself.
Apple. What a ripoff company. Charging fifteen hundred just to watch them announce some lame upgrades and having the nerve to charge developers $99 a year for the privilege of writing software for Apple devices. On top of that they make you buy a Mac. Where's my Windows version of Xcode? Even worse X2, they don't make a Linux version. Everyone knows all the talented coders use Linux.
Let's see. I can go to a conference where they give me a bunch of toys to try and convince me to code for them, or I can go to a conference that has a large number of practical and relevant seminars that will actually be useful to me. I know where I'd go. The amount of time & money a developer would invest in writing an App would completely dwarf the cost of a couple devices. So they have little value to anyone serious about coding. Likewise, a few hundred (or thousand)...
 They're already leaving to go develop for Android, cuz', you know, Android has more devices. At least that's what Eric Schmidt told me back in December of 2011. http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/06/seven-point-one-percent/
The numbers are fake. Many of those are Android users who modified their user agent. Nobody is using iOS 7 because it's such a failure. ¡ Seriously, though, why would anyone doubt these figures? If you polled 10 people about something you're not going to get accurate data. If you poll 1,000 people and 900 were using iOS 7 then it's safe to say that the rest of the population are going to show similar numbers. Chitika is basing their data off millions of devices, so...
New Posts  All Forums: