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So the article about 64 bit was correct, but boy were they wrong about their claimed 31% speed improvement.
 Yes there is. It's this little thing called "making a FRAND offer". You can't make an offer that's so ridiculous that no company would ever accept it and then try and use their refusal to accept extortionist demands as a reason to seek an injunction. Even the companies that think injunctions are OK mostly agree that they should be used when attempts to negotiate a license have failed. And you can't go for the injunction first and use that as a hammer to extort higher fees.
 Please show me any case where a licensor like Motorola could have received anywhere near the amount they were asking from Microsoft. And I don't want to see some stupid chart with percentages - I want to see dollar figures. Percentages mean nothing as it doesn't show other details like rate changes vs units sold (quantity discount) or caps on fees (like MPEG-LA has). If Motorola was indeed making so much money from licensing patents to other companies at the rate they...
If Apple opens up the next Apple TV to third party Apps it'll be game over fir this or any other set top box.
Yes, but the ITC isn't a court. In Europe Samsung went through the regular courts against Apple.If Samsung is stupid enough to go through a US court for an injunction then see what happens. All Samsung can do is sue Apple for licensing fees Apple admits they already owe. And I don't think Samsung wants a court to decide - look what happened to Motorola.
 Please show me the court decision in the US where Apple was found guilty of violating a 3G patent belonging to Samsung.
 No, the EU is simply giving Samsung the opportunity to make suggestions. If their suggestions aren't tough enough the EU will soon get fed up and impose their own version of what Samsung needs to do (fines, change of business practices and so on).  The funniest part about all of this? Samsung never did get anywhere in Europe with these cases. They had several filed (I think 4-5) against the iPhone 5 seeking an injunction based on SEP's. They then suddenly dropped all...
I'm curious as to what the sales will be like for the last quarter of 2013. If Apple can supply enough phones, and NTT/China Mobile are carriers, then I imagine there'd be a huge spike at the end of the year.
You forgot one thing. Most of those one billion Android devices are low end, low margin junk. And if there's one thing Wall Street hates it's low margins.
 No, it's because they all change their user agent.
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