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 Yeah, nothing like making a statement that "Apple is likely guilty" before the trial even starts. And if that wasn't enough, making demands of Apple that go far beyond the scope of the case (like trying to force Apple to allow Apps to link to outside stores without paying Apple their 30% cut). Even funnier is the settlement the DOJ ended up proposing was far softer than what the judge proposed. IMO she has more than a little bias. EDITED: Mixed them up. It was the DOJ who...
BTW, where has KD gone? I was over at Groklaw to see what they said about the Samsung/Nokia/Apple case regarding Samsung showing its execs "attorney eyes only" documents only to find nothing is new over there. I guess PJ really is going to abandon Groklaw over the fake excuse of NSA spying on e-mails.   While I was there I remembered our resident "expert on everything" and realized he hasn't posted in some while. Perhaps some of these newbie accounts should take the hint...
 Samsung is guilty plain and simple. They should just pay Apple the $1 billion plus fine they owe and move on. Next!
People can argue about the overall phone, but there's no question the A7 is vastly more efficient than the Snapdragon 800 in the Note 3.
 Bingo. Someone with true vision will look at an advance in processor power and think "what new feature could I implement now that I have this much power at my disposal." While others will go "meh, my phone is already fast enough - it's a waste having that much power in a phone." Which of these two people would make a good App developer?
  Oh look, we've got another one over here.
Interesting how it's the audio developers that are first to leverage the A7. I'm waiting to see what the rest of them come up with (like Auria, for example).
 What you need first is an option in benchmarks like Geekbench along the lines of... "Perform Test x Number of Times", "Perform Test for xx Time" or "Perform Test Until Battery Reaches xx%" I believe GLBench had a battery test thought I never actually ran it.
He's just mad that his uber-clocked gazillion core Snapdragon 800 is no faster than Apple's highly efficient dual core processor. And the Snspdragon 800 is barely 2 months old, so nobody can claim the usual "imagine that - a brand new processor is faster than a 6/9/12 month old processor" BS that the apologists throw around. For all intents and purposes the A7 and Snapdrsgon 800 were released at the same time and represent the pinnacle of SoC designs for their respective...
 Now I remember why I added him to my block list. Although when someone quotes him I'm stuck reading the stupidity. It's so funny how the forums are exploding everywhere with Samsung apologists. You can tell it really bothers them that Apple has made such a great SoC in the A7. For close to 30 years people have been discussing processor efficiency. It's long been agreed that a processor that can do the same work at a lower clock has the superior architecture. Likewise with...
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