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 Don't forget they're going to appeal this as well.
 Gee, didn't I already say that in my post? This is not about the money - it's about being convicted for breach of trust over abusing FRAND patents. This is a precedent setting case which will put a serious damper on all the patent abuse being instigated by Samsung, Google, Motorola and others. This case will be used as a reference for other cases. BTW, Motorola was asking for a couple billion dollars from Microsoft and ended up getting a couple million dollars. Or about...
Too bad this isn't getting more coverage. Maybe people are looking at the $14.5 million and thinking it's not a big deal. It is. This represents a HUGE problem for Google/Motorola, Samsung and others who would try to abuse FRAND patents.
Waiting for GG to come in and claim Google has never "started" anything.
Off topic, AI, but why no mention of MS's smackdown of Motorola in court yesterday?   Google/Motorola (yes Google is involved) have been found GUILTY of abusing their FRAND obligations.
 I'm quite sure Authentec is working on something big or else Apple wouldn't have dropped $350 million on them. Compare that to what Apple paid for PA Semi and Intrinsity (who are arguably responsible for the most important part of iOS devices, the A-Series processors). However, we still don't know what their actually technology is. Meanwhile Validity's website talks about how they have the smallest and most accurate sensor but they don't say who or what they're comparing...
If Samsung does use a fingerprint sensor, then who are they licensing the technology from? Validity is one company that's pushing their technology. We have no idea what Authentec is doing since they no longer have a website up touting their wares.
I have a feeling the iPhone's 5 million in 3 days record is going to get smashed this year.   The biggest problem Apple will have this fall is how fast can they manufacture devices to meet demand. Monster holiday quarter coming right up.
I don't know why people are questioning 1 billion activations - it's totally believable. Apple has 600 million iOS devices, and that's from only a single company. And Apple has never stooped to the low end like so many Android vendors have.   The real issue is how come there are so many Android devices yet the App Store generates more revenue than Google Play does, iTunes generates far more (6X) revenue for digital content and iOS devices comprise more of mobile internet...
Sounds like a great idea to me. Now MS can be in control of the hardware and software (you know, like Apple does).
New Posts  All Forums: