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  There's an ever better way to look at Geekbench. If someone posts a single test of a device (often seen in forums) there will be a little box on the top right of the page. Clicking this brings up a graphic with points to plot up to 2,000 of the same device and their scores. If you look at the Note 4 the scores are all over the place. If you look at any Apple device, all the results fit into a little tiny bar with all the dots clustered around it. It's hilarious how...
You can always spot the idiots posting. One is when they post an Antutu benchmark, the laughing stock of the benchmark world. Then you go to Anand and find the iPhone 5S from a year ago beats the Note 4 in 6 out of 9 CPU benchmarks. Utterly pathetic for Ssmsungs latest & greatest. The other way to spot an idiot is when they bring up shipping estimated from IDC.
 You need to create posts people will actually want to read - not your usual blocked garbage.
Every single thing you do. If all your Apps support 64bit then it improves overall performance as iOS doesn't need to load libraries for both (when you have both a 32bit AND 64bit App running). You can run a system monitor App and see which Apps are 32bit and which are 64bit under the list of processes. It's less efficient to run a mix of both on a system.64bit will realistically only benefit a small number of Apps. You don't need 64bit performance for e-mail, Facebook or...
The A8 also has things like image processing (for the camera) and H.265 hardware coding built into the silicon. There could be other items we're not aware of. Either way, the A8 is damn impressive.
Wait a second. So Anand Chandrasekher worked for Intel before Qualcomm? So he puts his foot in his mouth and insults Apple while at Intel, and instead of learning his lesson he does it again at Qualcomm claiming Apples 64bit A7 was a gimmick? Does this guy ever learn? And shame on you, DED, for not catching that and putting it in the article.
Figures. Every time Apple introduces something (if they actually do make a stylus) there's always people bringing up old Jobs quotes from another era (technology wise) and taking them out of context to try and find a way to bash Apple or Jobs.
So? Nowhere did Jobs say anything about SCREEN size. He was talking about PHONE size. From Jobs position, with the technology available at the time (processor and GPU performance, battery technology) and Apples requirements for responsiveness and customer interaction, a large screen phone was stupid.Why is it we get people who always take quotes from Jobs that are many years old and apply it to technology that's available today? At the time Jobs said it he was CORRECT....
Why would anyone buy Softcard for IP?   Just use the newest EMVco technology that Apple Pay uses. Then Google Wallet would be just as secure, convenient and private as Apple Pay is.   No, wait. Google could no longer mine your transactions if they switched, so it's doubtful they would. Who cares about customer security and privacy?
 It's pathetic. 8 cores (4 high performance and 4 lower) and a higher clock speed and it's still slower. And it's over a year older than the A7, which in technology is like an eternity. Plus the Exynos 5433 isn't even a Samsung processor - it's just a copy of an ARM design. Despite Samsung telling us all along they were going to start custom designing processors. Well, Samsung, where is your custom processor. Even more pathetic is the Note 4 is running in 32bit mode....
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