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Google knows where the users are. /S Edited: forgot the sarcasm tag.
So any guesses on the final damages award? Let's see who's closest.   Samsung seems to have contradicted themselves. First saying the patents are worth $38 million, then saying Apple would be "dancing" if they got $100 million. Mixed message. Is Samsung saying they're OK with damages being increased to $100 million from $38 million?   The jury can cut Apples award in half to make it seem like they're agreeing with some of Samsungs arguments, but still give Apple a nice...
Overpriced? The single user version is, but the Home Premium for up to 5 users is a bargain.
A couple years ago Samsung pulled a Google - change their accounting method. In one quarter their feature phone sales dropped while their smartphone sales climbed. They didn't suddenly sell half as many feature phones while doubling smartphone sakes in one quarter - they just changed the definition of a "smartphone".
Isn't the correct term "coached"? All witnesses are "prepped" before a case (for example, explained how things will go and the types of questions they'll be asked).   "Coaching", IMO, is when the lawyers are telling the witness what to say beforehand when asked a specific question.   Regardless, chalk up another one for Samsung.
This. Qualcomm won't have 64bit until early 2015, and even then it's based off ARMs A57 cores which are already behind Apples A7 cores. 16 months after the A7 and Qualcomm will still be behind. Qualcomm and Samsung must be shitting themselves every time they think about the A8.You're right about the screen size too. Apple is the only company selling a premium smartphone without a monster screen and in a smaller form factor. It would be difficult for Samsung and others to...
Not bad. Great song choice.
Edited: I see soft key explained it. To sum up for GG, the idea of a server running on the same machine was around long before 1996. I guarantee you the inventor was aware of this. Even beginner computer science students would know this. Very poor attemp to try and confuse what a server really is.
 I comprehend it just fine. The goods might not actually go through the store (for things like subscriptions), but everything else that needs to be done to make the transaction possible is handled by Apple. Why is it that people try to minimize the impact the App Store has, as if all Apple does is handle payments (like Moneris, for example)? You're forgetting that without Apple, Amazon (Comixology) doesn't have access to close to 800 million potential customers. Most of...
Wrong. Your analogy is just as stupid as the Ford example.The App Store is like Walmart. Just like Walmart has expenses (operating the store, utility and electrical costs, paying employees to run the store, property taxes) so does the App Store. And just like Walmart has goods in stock, so does the App Store. They might be digital goods, but they are goods nonetheless.Walmart has a right to make a profit on anything that goes through their store. So does Apple.
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