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Until they post a complete unedited video from start to finish it means nothing. Why keep arguing about which fingers were used or if he's shaking. Wait for the FULL video.
What a gullibull. What a nincowpoop. What an ultra maroon.If memory serves that's the line Bugs says.
And people were bragging that GTA 5 sold $1 billion in 3 days. Apple would have done roughly $5 billion if everyone bought the 5C 16GB. It's more likely, given the mix of iPhones, that Apple racked up $6-7 billion in sales the first 3 days. Now has anyone "revised" their quarterly sales yet? There's still one week to go....
The guys offering the reward put up a notice about CCC on their site. I hope they don't accept an edited video - it needs to be a complete video of the entire process in real time. This is important as it shows just what's involved.
Please. Thieves can already get your CC data to commit fraud without having to go through the process of stealing a phone, bypassing its security, and then HOPING it might actually be set up for making payments (or that the phones owner has a high enough credit limit to purchase something worthwhile). And that the phone wouldn't get locked before this took place.These guys won't get the $16,000 prize for being first. To win you have to show everything in your video from...
Is there a complete video from beginning to end? Without seeing the steps involved it's kinda pointless. Anything can be hacked. It's whether the time and effort to perform the hack are worth the end result (getting access to a phone). Creating a fake finger to open a safe or get access to a secure area might be worthwhile. I really doubt anyone would go through the effort to get the data that's on your phone.
Kinda frustrating when people tell only half the story and leave out the important details.Google is moving most things into Google Play Services. This will reduce fragmentation. It also allows Google to manage updates since any changes to Google Play Services can be done via Google regardless of any custom changes carriers and/or OEMs might have made to Android.It all sounds so rosy.Until you see the other side. Android users love to talk about how Android is open source...
 Actually it will be only two years. Think of it like this: 2013: One 64bit iPhone (5S) and two 32 bit iPhones (5C and 4S) are being sold.2014: One new 64 bit iPhone 6, one older 64 bit iPhone 5S and one 32 bit low-end iPhone (5C) being sold.2015: One new 64 bit iPhone 6S, one older 64 bit iPhone 6 and one "low-end" 64 bit iPhone 5S being sold. So by 2015 Apple will only be selling 64 bit devices. Sure there will be some really old 32 bit iPhones around, but they would be...
 They've had a license yet nothing has come from it. Apple already had their own custom design in the A6 from last year. Apple is way ahead of Samsung in this area.
Must be tough for a Samsung semiconductor engineer to see their own chips coming off the line that are clones of ARM designs while on the line next door there's an advanced 64 bit chip designed by your competitor.   And realizing the chip you're making for your competitor is far superior to anything you make yourself.
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