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That's what people with poor math skills said about Androids ridiculous double-digit growth in the early years. It's simply not sustainable forever and we now see Android growth has levelled off.Google Already had their "growth spurt" with Google Play. It occurred in 2012-2013 and has also now started to level off and show similar growth to the App Store. Google isn't going to double their sales again this year. Going from 4x to 2.3x to the current 1.85x is also a clear...
Side note, have you ever considered a home away from under a bridge?Curious how someone who just joined knows so much about DED and his article history. I wonder, what was your previous troll account username?
The most idiotic post yet. Three lies that clueless posters always repeat about lawsuits: 1) lawsuits hurt innovation, 2) lawsuits cause higher prices, 3) lawsuits give consumers fewer choices. And you posted 2 out of 3. I guess you can't be perfect.Stalling innovation? Outright lie. Patent lawsuits in the tech world have been around forever. Has innovation stalled the last 30 years? Not one bit. Look at any part of computer tech (processors, memory, displays, storage,...
I've been a software engineer for years and I know and have worked with many others in my field. I think software should receive additional protection through patents. Others I know are 100% against software patents. I also think software should be monetized - if you create a new algorithm you should get compensated. Others I know think software should all be open and free and you should never have to pay for something like Office. Most engineers I know think the way I...
 Samsung sold 200 millions Galaxy variants since they first launched. Over the same time frame Apple sold 430 million iPhones. It's not even close. The only reason Samsung can show such "big numbers" for "smartphones" is they include a lot of junk in that 82 million phones they sold. The GS4 only sold about 12-15 million last quarter (according to Samsung), the Note sells far less. So what makes up the other 50-60 million "smartphones" Samsung says they sold?
A few more things.   - If you're a student MS will give you a 4 year subscription for $79. Or $19.75 per year. That's a bargain. - Office 365 includes Outlook, Access (a biggie) and Publisher (not so much). You also get 60 minutes of Skype per month and the extra 20GB OneDrive for all 5 users (100GB free online storage is a big deal for me as well). - If I buy a version of Office for home it doesn't come with Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneDrive or Skype.
I have an Office 365 subscription. I think it's a great idea. $99 a year for all my family is, IMO, a deal. However, the $70 for one user is too much.I've got hundreds of documents from 30 years ago created on Wordstar and WordPerfect. I don't have any difficulty accessing them. It took me less than an hour to code a program to read the files, strip out un-needed data and even convert popular formatting codes/commands to modern equivalents.To claim a typewriter would have...
No news here. When Apple gets to the appeal, that's when things will count. Of course Cote isn't going to dismiss the case, and Apple knew this. But they have to file the paperwork anyway.
[QUOTE]but our loyal customer must become vocal advocates[/QUOTE]   Since Samsung has to pay bloggers to be "vocal advocates", does that mean their plan to get loyal customers to do this for them for free backfired?
 Exactly. So to say Apple is cooperating implies Apple is caving in to Bromwich when in fact his scope was significantly narrowed (which is what Apple really wanted).
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