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I like all the Fallon/Timberlake ads. Light hearted fun that still highlights features.
 Only to trolls like you, that is. The rest of the world knows the truth about Apple - the best products, service and support in the industry.
 No, discounts are offered to clear out inventory. High end items or best sellers rarely get discounted. Or if they do there's a store limit as they are loss leaders to hopefully get people into the stores to buy other clearance junk. Apple has plenty of Good Will. They make the highest quality products in the industry with the best service/support. Apple isn't like Best Buy - a company with declining sales and poor customer support who won't be around in a couple years....
I'm not sure about others, but I buy everything on my CC cards for the rewards. I pay my card in full each month so i don't pay interest. Pretty much everyone I know does the same thing. Apple Pay also works with debit cards, so I'm not sure how it's going to get people to use credit cards more.
 Exactly. I'm not going to spend MORE money just because I'm using my iPhone instead of my actual card. In fact, I doubt anyone will actually shop more just because they can tap their iPhone. It's really more like swapping one credit card for another, except the new one is more secure. The banks know they won't get people to spend more. But they do know the chances of fraud will go down with Apple Pay, and this is where they're going to save money. And this is the real...
I think you're missing the point of loops - not to create final versions of songs, but to allow beginners to learn how to use tools at their disposal. This is what my kds do with their iPad "recording studio".
Where did my post go? I can see editing or removing the original post (which was offensive), but deleting a follow-up comment about it?
Neither of these is accurate enough for scientific or lab work. Nobody cares about the actual temperature readings on a thermal camera. What they are useful for is detecting temperature differences between objects. Those differences are what makes things stand out from the rest.Think of search and rescue. Do you think the rescuers care about the persons temperature? What they care about is identifying and finding the person hidden in a building or structure.
For a company making a camera to use with the iPhone you think they'd make sure their mobile website works. It was terrible on my 6 Plus and I couldn't view any of the images.
We already have a FLIR at work so this new iPhone model looked promising (giving access to more technicians). However, the maximum temperature limit makes it useless for us. FLIR is great for automotive applications. You can check your radiator for proper flow or blockages or look for hot spots on your engine. They also work great for exhaust and catalytic converters (damaged converters are easy to spot). You can even find which cylinder on an engine is misfiring or...
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