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NNow you sound like my kids. "I know you are but what am I?"Do you have any actual points to make?
No they wouldn't. If there were third party stores for iOS Apps nobody would use them over issues like security. Just like Android apologists keep saying "stick with Google Play and avoid third party app stores and you won't get malware."Or another way to put it: I could install my vending machine at the entrance to Walmart and pay them a cut of sales, or I could put it on a side street somewhere and keep 100%.
Going around in circles are we? Brilliant reasoning skills there.The App Store is a multi-billion dollar industry that DID NOT EXIST until Apple created the iPhone and the entire ecosystem surrounding it. As TS said, this isn't a "chicken and egg" case where they both started together and share credit for its success. Apple deserves most of the credit.
Fixed another one for you.
Fixed it for you.Pray tell which platform would that be? Nobody is even close to Apple for revenue generated by, well, anything. Moving from Apple would be like taking your goods out of Walmart and selling them through local dollar stores.
Say what? Mobile is Apple's bread and butter. Google and MS have been trying to also make money on mobile but they are failing miserably.
Apple made money for content providers, musicians, App developers, accessory makers, advertisers, oh, and lots of component suppliers.Apple also made money for Google and Microsoft.
There's a company called Benzinga Insights? Am I the only one who thought of Sheldon of Big Bang when reading that? "Apple is doomed................bazinga"
 More like the increased power will cause innovative developers to see what capabilities they can bring to the smartphone that they previously couldn't. If I was interviewing software developers to hire and I got a response like yours I'd dump their resume into the trash bin at the conclusion of our interview.
 Whoa. It can compete with the SD800? It's not even close. There is limited data on this SoC, but there are benchmarks out there on devices ready to ship next month. The MT6592 only scores 440/2331 on Geekbench 3 (single core/multi-core) vs around 950/2700 for a SD800. When all 8 cores are running it gets close to a SD800, but on a single core it's less than half as fast. And since most software isn't taking advantage of multiple cores, this is where MT6592 phones are...
New Posts  All Forums: