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Hardly. After updating my devices countless times over the years I've made it a habit to check certain settings to see if they've changed. For example, Background App Refresh, which can really drain your battery.As I stated in my first post, there's a reason why you're always prompted to do a backup before upgrading - updates don't always complete properly.
Do they mean alarms that were previously set were turned OFF (disabled), or that users had set alarms ON and then they never went off?   I sure as hell wouldn't go to sleep with my iPhone set to do a software update and expect an alarm I set would still work the next morning. In fact, I'd never rely on ANYTHING on any device while an update is in progress. It's one of the reasons you always do a backup before updating.
Also ordered a 64GB one. Really going to be interesting to see what the iOS developer community comes up with.   This is what will separate the Apple TV from the Fire or Roku - the TV App Store.
 This. People always seem to think Tesla is miles ahead or that they somehow own the patents on batteries when they are also tied to the same battery tech as everyone else. While Tesla battery packs have more energy vs size than competitors, it's because of design and packaging decisions, not an advantage in battery tech. If Apple does make an electric car, it's going to have some other features that it excels at vs other vehicles (like the interface/controls or the...
How is Nvidias biggest shill here (Relic) going to handle this news?
Come on Apple, cut all these assholes their $5 cheque for going over on data and move on.   In fact, maybe they could set up a webpage where people can send their previous months bill showing the data overage, and then they'll be reimbursed by Apple. I bet so few people would bother for a couple dollars that it would cost Apple next to nothing.   Plus it would cut the lawyers completely out of the picture, since there would no longer be any need for a class action...
 Really? So a free browser and a paid music subscription service makes for an "apt comparison"? Apple isn't out to destroy Spotify. Just like they weren't out to destroy Palm, Nokia or Blackberry. Apple makes the best possible products they can. If they also happen to cause difficulty for competitors, then it's a side effect from their making outstanding products.
 When you lack actual numbers, you can always pull some out of your ass to try and support your argument. I see you want to avoid Spotify having most of their subscribers on a money-losing free tier. Even at 20 million they're still losing money.
 This should be a question on those IQ tests. As GatorGuy is to Google, TheWhiteFalcon is to: a) Spotifyb) Applec) Pandorad) Microsoft
 Uh, Apple Music doesn't have a money-losing ad-supported subscription model like Spotify (which makes up MOST of their users). Apple will make money on every single Apple Music subscriber, since, you know, users actually PAY for their service.
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