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Bottom Line:   APPLE EFFING KILLED IT WITH APPLE MUSIC.   The sheer amount of bitching and moaning both here at AI and on blogs everywhere else pretty much confirms it. You guys can keep your inferior competitors while pretending you have something Apple doesn't.   Went to Pandora today (for example) to see what they offer and got a message saying they are no longer able to operate outside of the US, Australia and New Zealand due to licensing. This is what separates...
 Upset that you won't be getting any music?  Apple doesn't care if you switch. If only 5% of iTunes users subscribe to this, Apple will quadruple the number of Spotify users, and have as many users as all the major streaming services COMBINED. The streaming market is wide open and Apple is now in the prime position to start snapping up users that the others weren't able to. Then there's the fact Spotify rips you off $4.99 for each additional family member. I'd be paying...
Damn straight. This is what I commented on yesterday - that Spotify wants $4.99 for each additional family member. $14.99 is a bargain and I'll be signing up our family as soon as it launches.
Just in time.   Now when Oracle puts the ban hammer on Java in Android (forcing Google to make Android Java compatible with Java and causing a huge problem for developers), they'll now have an alternative they can switch to.   Oh the irony if Android software was written using a language that Apple pioneered. I'm sure blood vessels would burst in countless haters brains.
This is yet another example of the binary thinking people use to place Apple in the same ballpark as their competitors.- Android has malware, Apple has malware. Therefore they are both equal in terms of your chances of getting malware.- iOS has encryption, Android has encryption. Therefore they are equal in terms of protecting the data on your device (that iOS has superior hardware encryption is irrelevant - they both encrypt).- Google collects information about you, Apple...
 Why do they have to do anything unique? Should Apple give up Safari for iOS because there are other browsers out there? Get rid of their built-in e-mail App because of all the other e-mail Apps? Why can't Apple just offer a good, competitive service and let the people decide which one they want to use?
 - I'd bet that Apple will always have a better selection of music and will be far less likely to lose (or never have) popular artists than Spotify, simply because of their market position (I don't like Taylor Swift, but if I did like her I wouldn't be able to listen to her on Spotify). That alone would make it worth more to me than Spotify. The rest I can't comment on until Apple makes any announcement, but a few other possibilities are: - Apple ecosystem. It's likely...
 This is what I want to know. If I can pay $10 a month and listen to anything I want from the iTunes catalog (like building my own 100% custom playlists) then I agree buying music will die. I'd never buy anything again if I could pay monthly and listen to what I want when I want.
Kdarling is on MR as well, still pretending to be a touchscreen hardware engineer. Every once in awhile I ask him why he left here after several of us called him on it (I myself have worked with touch screens since the 80's when we used infrared LEDs and photo detectors in a grudge across the front of a CRT to detect touch).This usually results in several private messages thanking me for the laughs from people who are also sick of him.
 Even worse, the App was approved just yesterday. And now the tech blogs are reporting that "Apple caved in to demands from Pebble users".
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