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When I first saw Squaretrade's video it had 19,000 views. Now it's up to 115,000.   It'll be very interesting to see the post count by tomorrow. Then we'll really know just how true the idea that "bad news about Apple sells" while "bad news about Android gets quickly forgotten".
Gee, when I run Animoog routed through Filtatron and recorded in Auria all connected via Audiobus, you're telling me I can't do two things at once? Maybe I'm missing something, but that's 4 Apps all running at the same time, in real time.Your stupidity never ceases to surprise. Actually, no, it's par for the course.
 I see. So instead of giving a real-world example you simply provide a link to the Chrome store. Nice try, come back when you actually think of a useful example. If I have a useful App on my phone, then I'll use it on my phone that I always have with me where I can enjoy ALL of the features/functionality (instead of a stripped down browser based one). Apple has the right idea on this (like Continuity). There are only certain things that make sense to move seamlessly from a...
You want to see just how delusional the Android/Samsung fans are this morning? Here's the comments that keep repeating on all the various sites that have ran this story:   - Who cares about this test. In the real world the iPhone 6 will bend easier. - Why did they test the iPhone in the middle? They should have tested it at it's weakest spot. - Every phone is bendable. The issue with the iPhone 6 is it would bend under normal use and in your pocket.   and my...
 Sorry, it's 100% relevant. Samsung not only made fun of the iPhone 6 last year (over bending), but made claims in the GS6 announcement videos that "Basically, this stuff will not bend" while talking about the aluminum alloy they used was 50% stronger than "other" smartphone vendors and was the same alloy used in aircraft construction. They also stated this at their launch event: "The Samsung Galaxy S6 gold model shouldn't bend when a user places in a back pocket and sits...
More proof that Google is a ship without a rudder. I'd love for someone to list a single Android App that didn't already have a vastly superior version already available on the desktop (either in a browser or standalone). And as people have pointed out, not all Android Apps work properly anyway, making this pretty much useless.
 If you know how to read blueprints you have a pretty damned good idea what's going on. Samsung won't know everything, but to think they won't glean some useful information from Apple's designs is wishful thinking. However, Samsung could never copy Apple design elements from a processor to use in their own. Design patents on the look of an iPhone are one thing as they are a matter of opinion. But if Samsung copied Apple and used technology in their processor it would be...
I don't really care who makes the next A Series processor for Apple. All I know is it's going to again set the benchmark for world's most advanced ARM processor.   With the A8 being a mild tweak of the A7, I'm expecting the A9 to be a more significant upgrade.
This is just Apple being Apple. Introduce something new that at first seems like a gimmick but soon people realize how great of an idea it really is.
 Next time read before you post or stop with your intentional lies and misdirection to try and make claims you know aren't true.
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