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 The reason the K1 has the larger caches is because it needs them in order to function (because of how it tries to optimize instructions on the fly). You cannot imply that Denver is somehow superior because it has a larger cache. A better way to put it would be if it had the same size cache as the A8 then it would take a serious performance hit. Denver REQUIRES larger caches just to simply function normally. And battery life is the big issue. While your development board...
Those are ARM processors using the A53/A57. Let me know when Samsung designs their own custom processor, which is what Apple did with the A7/A8.The Nvidia K1 is a custom 64bit processor. Qualcomm, who used to tweak ARM designs to improve them is now also falling back to using A53/A57 cores.
 Prove what, that you're a troll? You asked people to show you where Samsung stole 64bit technology. It's an impossible question to answer as Samsung is so far behind they don't even have one out yet. It's like asking someone to prove God doesn't exist. It's not possible, and it doesn't make you correct because nobody can show any proof. What we do know is that Samsung is a thief who steals IP from anyone they can. That's been their modus operandi long before the...
I don't usually respond to trolls I've blocked, but this comment is so stupid I couldn't resist.Samsung doesn't have any 64bit processors so it's impossible for them to have stolen any IP.Apple has an entire team of engineers that actually work out of space in the Samsung fabs. They work hand-in-hand with Samsung engineers when producing processors. It's not like making a couple of changes to a document, saving it and then getting it printed. There's NO WAY Samsung...
$300 billion? You must be talking about Samsung Group, because Samsung Electronics is well below that. Take out consumer electronics and mobile and their components/display division is around $50-60 billion a year. Apples share of that division is a significant amount.And the key point is those billions are going to a competitor, and that Samsung plants will be running at a reduced capacity since there's nobody anywhere near Apples size to pick up the slack.
Apple should easily move 150 million (or more) A8 powered devices by the time the A9 comes out. I wonder, what other OEM is going to order enough processors to fill that void? Does anyone see Samsung Galaxy devices suddenly tripling in sales? Or Motorola/LG/HTC?   The market for high-end mobile processors is only so large, and Apple has 50% of it with the iPhone/iPad. There's nobody to take up that slack, so this is a significant hit to Samsung Semiconductor.
Wow. Nothing like losing a few billion dollars in revenue and having them go straight into the pockets of a major competitor. So not only will Samsung revenues go down due to iPhone 6/6+ stealing sales from the Note 4/Galaxy S5, but they're going to decrease over the A8 processor. I predict the next two earnings calls are going to look pretty bad for Samsung.
Yet your 3GS still had one hardware feature that Android devices still don't have.
Funny. Just the other day I started noticing Samsung Galaxy ads on bus stops here in Vancouver with their ad telling you how easy it is to go from iOS to Android and how you can quickly transfer contacts, mail and pictures. Of course, they don't say anything about how to handle the $shitty app selection.Which program is this? I want to try it with my Andriod devices.
Yes yes yes Yes YES YES YESSSS. (in my best Beavis/Butthead voice).
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