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 No. Anandtech tested the Note 4. It's a slow POS compared to the iPhone 6. In most of the benchmarks it loses to the iPhone 6. Hell, in CPU benchmarks the iPhone 5S with A7 is still faster. Really pathetic for a 2.7GHz quad core processor.  Edited: I see that Anandtech was already brought up by addicted44. However, still worth repeating how utterly crappy the Snapdraogn 805 is compared to the A8.
Hope the Nexus 6 with Snapdragon 805 performs better than the Note 4, because that phone gets its ass handed to it by the iPhone 6. Even the iPhone 5S outperforms the Note 4 in most CPU tests.   64bit and 2GB RAM for the Nexus 9? Waiting for the 64bit experts to tell us that you need more than 4GB RAM before 64bit becomes relevant.
 Every now and then I click on a post titled "user is in your block list" just to see. Then I realize why I blocked the troll in the first place and how stupid their comments really are.
 I said exaggerate, not lie. People can exaggerate due to over-confidence in their ability to meet their goals (arrogance) or they can exaggerate for criminal gain.
 I wouldn't be surprised if it goes deeper than just the stock sell off. GT could have been exaggerating how well the sapphire production was going making Apple think they were further along than they actually were in terms of ironing out problems and increasing yields.
 I don't even store many Office documents - it's mostly family photos/videos for archiving. They just recently announced an increase for file size from 2GB to 10GB, but haven't tried it yet. You can store any type of files you like.
 I'm a big fan of Office 365. 5 accounts each with their own 1TB of storage for $99 a year. Oh, and they throw in a FULL version of Office as well (including Access).
Oh the irony.
Not sure how this happened, but somehow it has to be Apple's fault. Yeah, those 'hacked' credentials from iCloud were used to access Dropbox. There's no other possible explanation.
 True, I wasn't clear enough. The token on your iPhone can't be hacked or unencrypted to get your actual card number. It's a number the bank has "associated" with your real card number. However, you can't just have a simple "lookup" where your token is seen by the bank, referenced to your real card number and then processed. Otherwise someone could just get access to the token and use it in place of your real card number to make purchases themselves. With chip cards, there...
New Posts  All Forums: