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 Why not? Apple sells such a large volume of devices that splitting production across two processes wouldn't pose any difficulty. They would still enjoy economies of scale on both processes. Most likely TSMC would be making the ones that go into iPads while the smaller process devices from Samsung would go into iPhones (where battery life and power consumption are more important). Better to go to two processes and guarantee yourself enough capacity to meet orders than...
Stupid Samsung.   You should never launch a product within +/- a few weeks of an iPhone launch. You will not only be drowned under the publicity given to Apple, but you're not going to sell many of your devices.   Samsung should launch their devices every year like Apple, but do so around Spring when iPhone sales have slowed down, and before rumors of the next iPhone start appearing. Any other time of the year is suicide.
A couple years ago Apple and Samsung were pretty much tied for profits.   Now Apple has climbed and Samsung has dipped by roughly the same amounts.   Do people think this is a coincidence? I hear haters all the time claiming Samsung is losing because there are more choices for Android devices at the high end and also because the Chinese are killing them at the low end. They just don't want to admit the REAL reason for Samsung's struggles.   And that reason is simple:...
Got rid of it a long time ago. If I go to a website that requires Flash then I simply stop visiting them.
K1 is garbage as I already explained to Relic countless times.What's really funny is that after Nvidia spent all that time and money developing a custom 64bit mobile ARM processor, they stopped using it. Their latest ARM processor is now using.......wait for it........A57 cores, just like everyone else.
 He voted for that system year after year? How do you know? Did 100% of Greeks vote, and of that 100% voted for the socialist system? I don't feel bad for the people that voted their leaders in, but I do for the ones who voted against them and are suffering over something they couldn't control (other than cast their vote).
Apple is only "ripe" for an investigation because of their billions of dollars in cash, not because of anything they have done wrong.
Of course you do.
Best comment of the year over at MacRumors: "The 1% who don't love their iPhones all have accounts on Macrumors."
New Posts  All Forums: