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And again there will be much gnashing of teeth.
Funny how after Jay-Z and that failed union with Samsung, Beyonce went and did an exclusive on iTunes and absolutely crushed Jay-Z for sales/downloads.   She knows where the money is.
 Exactly. If Apple was doing a self-driving car or Google Glass style device, we wouldn't hear about it until it's ready to be released. Google just loves to have their name constantly in the news trumpeting "look what we're doing". Google is like the social butterfly of the tech world.
This is how Google operates their security team:   - Find a flaw in someone else's software (like Safari or IE). - Decide if they can exploit it to their benefit. - If the answer is Yes, keep quiet and enjoy the benefits. - If the answer is No, then publish the exploit after 90 days to shame the other company.
LOL. I forgot all about this. I remember the Google shills trying to claim it was an "accident" as if the programming code necessary to do this just magically created itself out of thin air.
  I got my numbers backwards as well. Funny that GG didn't catch my mistake - must not really be paying much attention. He used my original formula (which I did wrong) and went from there without even checking my math. For Google to have paid out $7 billion in 2014 they needed App revenues of $10 billion. As you pointed out, for Apple to have paid out $10 billion they needed revenues of $14.3 billion. iTunes/App Store was around $20 billion for 2014, so it's entirely...
 Always trying to deflect, aren't we? Why are you avoiding the issue regarding Google's accounting and the fact it's impossible to reconcile $7 billion paid to developers against their own financial statements? However, in looking over my numbers I appear to have made a mistake. Depending on how they do their accounting, they might not record TOTAL App revenues - they may only be recording the 70% portion they take. So on $23 billion total sales, Google would get to keep...
 Uh, who's trying to cover anything up? Nobody is denying Steve could be a bear to work for. However, everything you read in the press always concentrates on the negative. Here is an account showing some of the positive sides of Steve. Unless your position is Steve was 100% asshole and there isn't a single nice attribute about him or that he's never done anything good for anyone in his entire life.
 What I want to know is: A) Google's own numbers (not rough estimates from outside companies) for previous years.B) Proof that Google had $23 billion in App revenues in 2014 yet somehow refused to break it out in their financial statements. My premise is that Google has paid out $7 billion to developers IN TOTAL up to the end of 2014, not $7 billion in 2014 alone.
 Still waiting for previous years numbers. And the market share numbers. I'm also curious. Since Google charges the same 30% as Apple, then to pay out $7 billion means they would have had to record $23 billion in revenues. Yet nowhere in their financial earnings calls for 2014 did I ever see Google make mention of these billions in revenue. In fact, Google Play Store revenues are included in the "other" category, which in itself hasn't even hit $23 billion for all of...
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