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All you need to do is go to Slices website and look at their previous reports. They have everything from interest in the movie Frozen to Keurig coffee cups to gas BBQ's. Then we have a bunch of reports on Apple, with most of them being the Apple Watch. Oh, and nothing on competing products. Where's the Galaxy S5 vs S6 numbers (which would be a popular topic)? Apple TV vs Roku? iPad vs all other tablets? Or the real kicker: iPhone sales by model/capacity vs other...
 This is how you can tell the people who look at pictures vs seeing in person. The Apple Watch does look clunky in pictures, but looks fantastic in person. And if you haven't seen it in person (even just for curiosity) then you have no business commenting on its design.
 Shouldn't pat yourself on the back so fast. According to Slice there's been about 2 million Apple Watches sold in the US. Using your 1% claim, that would mean there are 200 million iPhone users in the US. Given the population, it seems utterly absurd that 2 out of 3 Americans from babies to seniors owns an iPhone. Further, there are still people buying the Apple Watch which just keeps moving the real number farther and farther away from your absolutely and completely...
Come on Apple, no love for Canada yet?
 Say what? They do break out their divisions, and the Mobile division is the one that's seen the biggest drops in revenues and profits for several quarters now.
This is actually pretty good news for Samsung.   The last 3 quarters saw them with YOY declines of 30%, 36% and 60% for their operating profits.   So to post a 4% reduction in operating profits is actually a big improvement, considering how horrible they've been doing.   So the S6 probably helped a bit, but not as much as it should have. They couldn't even beat last years results for the same quarter with the disappointing S5 launch/sales.
 Uh, you did read the part where they're talking about packaging, not the products themselves, right?
Great idea.   Apple already asks App developers to follow certain conventions so Apps at least have a somewhat consistent feel regardless of who they came from.   This is along the same lines, except for product packaging.
 Only one? Ford.
 Funny, I was sure I actually mentioned ASP in my original post. Why, yes I did.  No. And neither do you. We do know the overall ASP for Samsung from the previous quarter. It was $200 per phone overall (based on 99 million phones sold), and somewhere around $230 if you only count "smartphones" (of which Samsung claims over 80% of that 99 million sold). Now let me guess. You're going to claim that most phones sold in the US were only high-end phones so you can somehow claim...
New Posts  All Forums: