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 Can't believe I actually wasted time reading through that. Another to add to the block list.
 I posted on the Office forums about this, as the language on the iPad for the in-App purchase isn't quite as clear as I'd like. I just want to confirm it's exactly the same as on the website (5 users, 20GB each). I'll pop for the $99/year version. Having 5 users and 100GB of free storage to boot is a pretty good deal, IMO.
People can argue about whether Angry Birds is free or not, but that doesn't change the fact Android users do not spend nearly as much as iOS users do. This is a FACT.   As of September 2013 iOS had hit around 700 million devices while Android had hit 1 billion (1 billion that Google can track as activations which means they have Google Play access).   Despite Android having a larger share of users, their App revenue is still only now at 1/2 that of the App Store....
^ I just looked at getting a subscription of Office 365 and noticed the MS website calls it "Office 365 Home Premium" whereas the in-App purchase on the iPad calls it "Office 365 Home". They both charge $99.99 per year. I think they're the same, and what intrigued me is that you not only get up to 5 users, but each user gets their own 20GB extra storage included (combined with the free 7GB it means each person gets 27GB). That's a significant amount of storage. Not...
Guys, the answer is so simple. While iOS leads Enterprise use over Android overall at around 2:1, the iPad totally crushes Android on the tablet side with over 90% of tablets in use being the iPad. Now explain to me why Microsoft would want to invest in making Office for Android tablets when they represent only 10% of the Enterprise market? Then add to that the variations in models and performance/features that would require additional coding effort and that 10% looks...
 Of course they do. Just like they got caught paying people to blog about their products. Twice. Or when they got caught trying to "convert" developers over at Stack by pretending to be developers interested in coding for Samsung.
 You didn't seriously ask this question, did you? You think a single person is going to be able to keep up with a whole legion of Apple haters/paid Samsung shills? I bet anything he adds or edits would be "corrected" immediately. In fact, I'm going to test this myself this weekend. I'm going to "correct" the WiKi page, take some screen shots, and see how long it takes before my corrections are "edited".
You want to know another good one? Try to find an original PDF user manual for the Neonode n1m (the phone Apple haters claim is prior art for slide to unlock). They have all been removed, even from Neonodes own support site. The ones you can still find are "edited" versions. What's been edited? The phrasing about unlocking your phone now says "Slide to Unlock". The original said something like "swipe right to accept". Pathetic that people try to rewrite history of the...
Given Tim Cooks mastery of supply chain management and the economies of scale Apple enjoys on component purchases, I doubt Apple is losing money on each Apple TV.
Brilliant move by Microsoft. iPads already totally dominate tablet usage in Enterprise and being able to use Office on those devices just further adds to Apple's tablet dominance.
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