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  Now you're just trolling. Not sure how I missed the new account you created.   The developers get 70% of the revenue, Apple keeps 30%. This is the SAME as what Google offers through the Play store.   No compelling reason? How about hundreds of millions of iOS users to buy your App? How about the fact Apple takes care of the distribution (like bandwidth) for you? Or takes care to notify users when you updated your App so they can download the newest version (for free)?...
  You simply can't do the math that way.   Look at a bank. They write an iOS App so people can access their accounts from a mobile device. The App is provided as a "service" to customers. They don't make any direct revenue from the App. So they would not be on the receiving end of any App payouts from Apple. However, they will have their own in-house developer(s) (for security I doubt they'd use one of the many App development companies out there). That person is going to...
I don't believe I said Apple promotes Apps. But AppGratis worked with "6,000 developers". Which makes me think that those 6,000 devs are the ones getting "promoted".
AppGratis got "Chomped ".
I'm betting if the App provided results for all equally there'd be no problem. But since it appears to promote Apps from their "partners" then this makes sense.
Now that I don't know since Samsung didn't break out that portion. Mobile did 27 trillion won, but IM did 31 trillion and Mobile is a division of IM.IM had 5.4 trillion won operating profit last quarter so Monile was likely most of it. Though its odd Samsung would choose not to break out Mobile in operating profit when they did in revenues.
Wrong. Last quarter their mobile division was around 48% of the total revenues. And that includes dumb phones, feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Samsung might not give detailed sales, but their quarterly earnings result do break things down by division.
  As I mentioned above it appears Amazon is far behind Apple with perhaps 120 million users (although they don't release numbers).
  They do it how drivers licenses are done here. You get your picture taken in the driver license office and it's stored on their computer. Sayyou lose your license and go down to get a new one. They have your old picture on file (along with you having to provide ID).   Banks who issue credit cards will do the same thing - take your picture when you open an account or get issued a CC. Pictures aren't "sent in".   The reason poeple can use fake ID is because the ID already...
Curious if T-Mobile will release figures saying how many they sold in the first week.
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