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  I still don't buy that Android will have better Apps because of market share. The developers are only one part of the equation. The other half is the consumer. Right now Android customers are not spending money on Apps or content. The most likely reason for this is people with low-end phones/tablets don't use them to their potential and don't spend money. It doesn't matter if the market share is higher if a large portion of that market would never spend real $$$ on a...
I knew about the Gorillaz album. There are people who've recorded movie footage on an iPhone too, but there would have to be some specific reason to do so (like being able to claim you were the first), not because it's the best tool for the job. Outside of a publicity stunt I see no reason to rely on an iPad to produce an album.
  Sales have nothing to do with it. When you have a range of tablets with varying screen sizes, resolutions, DPI, processors and graphics capabilities it makes it difficult to create a "high-end" App that runs properly on as many devices as possible. Oh, and then there's that little problem with different versions of Android on all of them. Android sales have long passed iOS, yet developers till favor iOS. I don't see that changing, especially in tablets where Apple is...
Not to hijack this thread, but why hasn't AI put up the story about Microsoft's win over Motorola? This is, by far, the biggest news so far this year. Motorola learned the hard way that you can't abuse SEP's. And it's relevant because Motorola was previously demanding the same extortionist royalties from Apple, so this win by MS is a big win for Apple and all tech companies.
Motorola = winning. No, wait....... Isn't this the only case they "sort of" won? And now it's about to be overturned? Every other case has been a complete failure.
  I never actually believes tooltalk had another user name. Just making fun of the fact that he brought up the same useless arguments about Samsung R&D spending and R&D as a % of revenue that tool did.
Oh look, another new useless troll. Even puts Apple in his name. Hey light bulb, you ever stop to think how many products Samsung makes before comparing their R&D spending to Apple? Laptops, desktops, dumb phones, feature phones, smartphones, tablets, music players, home stereo, TV's, digital cameras, camcorders, computer monitors, hard drives, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances (including the sink).......then we have their raw components like processors, RAM,...
That's tooltalk who brings that up. Although after I tore his ridiculous comparison apart last time (with Samsung) I doubt he'll bother bringing up how much Samsung spends.
  Actually Samsung does break out some numbers. Mobile is about 48% of Samsung Electronics, so your 50% guess is damn close. What they don't break out is smartphone sales between their low-end and high-end phones. But it's easy to see a lot of them are low-end if you divide the sales by revenue and see what the average selling price is (about 1/2 of Apples average price for iPhones). But don't try to explain that to a hater - they don't like factual numbers when they can...
I can believe it. I have video on demand with my cable provider and an Apple TV. Movies cost the same on both, but I prefer to order and watch through my Apple TV because it's easier than the clunky box my cable compant. The Apple TV is also way faster when it comes to navigating or going through menus while my cable box often has lags or pauses, which drive me crazy.
New Posts  All Forums: