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 Still obtuse as ever. How about the Microsoft patents that virtually EVERY SINGLE Android OEM pays license fees to MS to use (including heavyweights like Samsung). The ones where Google was crying like a baby saying MS was "extorting" fees from OEM's. Google claimed Android was free as well. Turns out it's far from free.
 Please. These are vendors who make devices that would use VP9, not companies who have donated or somehow provided the patents and IP necessary to make VP9 work. Android has a long list of hardware partners as well, but it has nothing to do with whether or not Android has stolen IP in it or if it's FOSS.
 Of course it would be a small amount. MPEG-LA charges very low rates for using H.264. This is why Google trying to force another useless standard down our throats ridiculous and self-serving. Claiming that VP8 is "free" and offers an advantage over H.264 (which CAN cost money for some users) is a very weak argument for the use of VP8. MPEG-LA has many provisions in place to use H.264 for FREE. Once you get to enough users/devices where you'd have to pay, the fees are...
Not sure what else they'll give out, but Hugo alone was worth it. I almost bought it for the kids over Christmas break so they'd have something new (and worthwhile) to watch. The kids also like Tiny Thief.   Anything else I get is a bonus.
 Did you read through those links at all? They're not talking about Android as the OS in your car - they're talking about running Android ON TOP OF a Linux kernel inside of a "container". This way an Android application could run, but if it becomes unstable it can't bring down the device that's running it (your infotainment system). Android as itself is simply not reliable for use as the primary OS in your car. iOS is also incapable of being your primary OS. Neither of...
 Why read when this is my full-time job (working with embedded systems for automotive)? You want to start an in-depth discussion of all the current systems, which processors they're using, what software development platforms are common, what communications buses they employ, protocols used on those buses, which manufacturers use which systems or just anything related to automotive electronics? Go on, ask away. Nothing generic please, be as detailed as possible. Or would...
 Bull. Nobody is considering Android for anything mission critical (like medical). QNX and other embedded OS's have those markets locked down. Android would be an utter joke used in something that was supposed to have high reliability and guaranteed up time.
Audi uses QNX. QNX can now run Android apps. This is what's going to happen.   Nobody is stupid enough to actually run Android on an embedded computer module in your car. It's nowhere near reliable enough.
Don't be upset when you get no respect from fellow forum posters. Believe me, your status is earned and we'll deserved.I never said what pisses me off, I said what pisses people off. Again with your usual tricks of slightly altering content to suit your purpose. Of course Google has made improvements to products. But the intrusion of ads has made the overall experience worse. You must be blind if you haven't noticed the increase.Now you can't even comment on Youtube (for...
Of course it's OK for you to make blanket statements. Oh the irony.
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