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  LOL. Please show me where I said something about aircraft compasses. Can't you even keep track of who said what?   Why am I rude? Because you're a troll trying to be very clever about it and give the illusion you're not biased. Don't like what I have to say then you can block me. To me being rude is trolling a forum and playing dumb when people call you on it. Do you think you're fooling anyone? I hope the pay is good, otherwise I can't understand why you'd waste so...
  Then why didn't you include a link to the source documents for the rest of us to read?
  Please provide a link to the damages calculation where they took Apple's license offer and multiplied it by the number of devices sold to arrive at the final judgment amount. If money was compensation enough (because Apple offered to license) then the damages have to reflect this. Otherwise you're just making stuff up (again).
  Oh look, someone using a false dichotomoy. Can you post up an argument without resorting to a logical fallacy?
  Not to mention the "boxy" high-rise buildings all around the "proposed" Apple Store.
  You're welcome. Doesn't change the fact that you're a troll. If I'm wrong I'll apologize, but I doubt that'll be happening. You see, we at AI come across new accounts like this all the time and invariably they're always trolls. The odds are in my favor.
  Oh look, we have a new troll on AI. And one who's so stupid he doesn't even realize the case wasn't even about "rounded corners".   Samsung will have the PR mess since they're the ones found guilty of infringement. Of course, with Samsung, Google, their lawyers and legions of FUD spewing trolls they just might make some people believe this case was about "rounded corners".
  Didn't actually read about the two cases, did you?
I wonder what Apple thinks about this. Since Foxconn makes devices they would have a head start on other accessory makers (think cases, for example). I can't see Apple allowing Foxconn to abuse their position to bring products to market quicker (or even on the same day Apple releases a new device).
One thing people are missing. Apple has to be very careful about what changes they make. When iOS 7 hits it will be on hundreds of millions of devices within weeks of release. If Apple gets it right then their entire user base is happy with their upgrade to iOS 7. If they get it wrong then they can also upset their entire user base. Android doesn't have this problem because of the delays in getting updates out. So if they make a major mistake it only affects a small...
New Posts  All Forums: