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- iOS has fragmentation so it's the same as Android. Stop pretending otherwise.- Apple has sought injunctions so they are the same as Samsung, Motorola and the rest. Stop pretending otherwise.- iOS can get malware too, so it's vulnerable just like Android. Stop pretending otherwise.You should stop pretending everything is black and white and that your "hands" can only be clean or dirty - nobody has hands anywhere between those two extremes.
 Nothing changes with you, does it? First off, I don't get angry when something in the tech world happens that I disagree with. That's what the haters do, and I'm not a hater of anyone or any company. The problem with you is you like to paint things as black and white so you can then place Apple into a category you choose (in this case, patent troll). In the real world (which you like to ignore) nothing is ever so black and white. Here are a few facts for you to...
To Gatorguy:   Why are you trying to bring SEP's into the mix and claim Rockstar is doing something bad? Even if some of the patents are SEP's, who cares? There's nothing wrong with a NPE suing someone over SEP's if their previous negotiations have failed. Let the court decide a reasonable rate to pay. This is what happened to Motorola/MS and will soon happen with Samsung/Apple.   What's wrong is if a NPE seeks an injunction. This is unfair as there's no way someone...
 Only according to you and your definition of a patent troll. Which is wrong, as are your conclusions. Rockstar is owned by 5 companies. This is the only legitimate way for a group of companies to collectively own a set of patents. Other options are far too messy (like giving some patents to each company and having them all sign complicated cross-licensing agreements between them). This would also require a significant effort to even accomplish as how do you decide what...
 Hardly. Nortel used to make products, and since they are gone all that's left is their patent portfolio. And Nortel created all their IP through extensive R&D - they didn't go around acquiring patents simply for the purpose of suing. And Rockstar licenses all their FRAND pledged patents fairly - unlike Samsung or Google/Motorola who are known patent abusers, proven in court. Then again, what else would a tool say anyway?
I thought the Google shills said Apple was "afraid" of Google and that's why they never sue them. So much for that.
Did they test the iPad Air? No? Meaningless.
Take your own advice.Please explain these FACTS to me so we can understand them better:- Why the iPad has the highest Internet usage beating all other tablets combined by a wide margin.- Why developers favor iOS over Android despite the lower market share.- Why Apple still has more than double the revenue in the App Store with lower market share.- Why iTunes generates 6X the revenue of Google Play for digital content ( like music) with lower market share.Market share is...
To quote the article: "Finally an analyst gets it!" Seriously, this analyst is dead on.
Just wait. iTunes Radio is brand-new. When they start to tune their algorithms for music selection it will only get better. Pandora wasn't that good when it first came out, and I bet iTunes Radio gets better a lot faster than Pandora did.
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