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 Run 64 bit Apps, of which there is a growing list available that offer real and tangible benefits that no Android device can enjoy.
Boy has Samsung been taking a beating the last half of 2013. - Obama VETO'd their injunction against Apple. - Apple's own injunction against Samsung was upheld. - On appeal Apple gets another chance at an injunction on the Apple/Samsung trial. - Apple had their main multitouch patent all but confirmed by the USPTO after reexamination. - They gave to pay Apple another $290 million. - They lost on their pathetic attempt at a stay in the same retrial. - They got caught...
Apple is doomed.
Ouch at the price. My daughter has a hearing aid in one ear. I'm not an expert on hearing aids, but according to the audiologist we went to (who is a health care provider that works for the government and is not affiliated with any particular brand), the aid we bought was one of the best on the market. It cost me $900 (it's the over-the-ear type with a custom molded piece for inside the ear). I'm not sure if that's the "real" price, or a subsidized price (seeing as we have...
Gotta feel sorry for Colleen Allen as the jury foreperson. I don't think she has a clue what's coming her way. Losers/trolls/shills everywhere are going to dig into her personal life for anything they can find to paint her as biased. Just like they did with Koh and Hogan before and with anyone else who rules in Apple's favor.
When you can't innovate in your R&D lab, you innovate by copying.Fixed it for ya.
 This. Apple is bringing bigger guns to the next trial. And based on the way the pre-trial motions are going, it's not looking good for Samsung. Then you have to look at the sanctions coming up against Samsung. They're going to have an even harder time trying to get access to any Apple documents or agreements after they screwed up with the Nokia/Apple deal.
Good way to add another few million sales to the holiday quarter. Plus some spill over into next year for the people who couldn't get one.   It's not just an iPad Christmas - it's an iPhone one as well.
Pay the money Samsung, and if the patent finally does become invalid then Apple can pay you back. Getting sick of all your "drama".
 Again you've just proved how much of an idiot you really are and a waste of time, but I will respond for the benefit of others (not to you, since you're worthless). This requires so many things to be wrong it's not even funny. - First they need to get a print. As has been proven already, these guys who "claim" to have unlocked an iPhone using the "fake fingerprint" are all scammers. There are numerous flaws in their techniques. They need a pristine print (which will never...
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