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If they've got a good selection of classics then this is a good deal. If it's just the fluff them it's a waste - spending $7-8 fur an album with 1-2 songs is still stupid.
Whatever Samsung's watch looks like it will still suffer from one major flaw - software support. Samsung already has difficulty attracting developers to make versions specific to their smartphones (as opposed to a developer just writing an Android only App). Nobody is going to want to waste time & money on such an unproven device, let alone one that only works with one brand of device (Samsung).   On the other hand, there are already countless iOS developers out...
  That was Acer, who made a phone to run Aliyun and then cancelled it at the last minute due to pressure from Google. Acer is a member of the OHA so they have to follow rules to stay a member.   Companies that aren't members (like Amazon) can do what they want and Google has no leverage over them. This is likely one reason that Google is now moving more of Android "out" of Android and into Google Services. This way, members of the OHA get access to all the "goodies" and...
Anyone think that Xiaomi is now going to fork Android? I don't think they're part of the OHA.   And you can't compare this to Forstall. He was released by Apple. Barra left on his own. Apple would have accounted for changes made by Forstall leaving when they made the decision - Google is now stuck trying to fill the shoes of someone leaving unexpectedly.
Nintendo is done. iOS 7 with built-in controller support plus a good snap-in controller (from Logitech, for example) will firmly cement iDevices as the handheld gaming platform of choice. There's no way they can compete. Smartest thing for Nintendo to do is bring their software over to the iOS ecosystem.   Selling hundreds of millions of copies at $1.99-$4.99 is going to be far better than their current model.
Irrelevant. Any Android user who gets malware deserves it. Real Android users are too intelligent to download malware.
  If Apple uses a different model then what business does the DOJ have telling Apple how that side of their business runs?   As to the DOJ and Cote it's getting more bizarre.   Imagine you went to court and were convicted of burglary for sneaking into a jewelry store and stealing diamonds. When sentencing came around the prosecutor mentions the fact that two other jewelry stores were also hit in the last year and one had a bunch of watches stolen while another had gold...
I still say Orin Snyder is the man. I love that Apple is standing up to the DOJ.
  I sure didn't. What we knew back then is Apple had already been working on die-shrunk A5's (as found in the Apple TV and "new" iPad 2). A shrunk A5 could be clocked higher and give a boost to performance without killing battery life. The A6 was a shock not because Apple named their new chip "A6" (which we all expected) but because it was a completely custom-designed processor.   Anandtech had a great write-up on the A6 showing just how big of an update it was. A lot of...
  Nobody expected an A6 last year either and Apple surprised everyone. Then they surprised us again with the A6X in the iPad 4.
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