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  Uh, no. Smart developers develop for iOS first, then Android second (if at all). Large companies (like Facebook or major banks) have to develop for all platforms as their success depends on it. The rest of the developers who have to make a choice will pick iOS. This is still true despite that whiny little Eric Schmidt predicting that developers would shift to Android because of market share (it's been 19 months Eric, why hasn't it happened yet?).   List a dozen? Didn't...
LOL.   Best Buys lowball trade-in offer is still more than what you'd ever get for some Android tablet.
I can't wait to get my iWatch. LOL, just noticed that my iPhone auto- corrected iWatch and switched the lowercase "w" to uppercase.   Back on topic, I need this for my Dick Tracy costume so please release it before Oct 31st. 
Easy solution. The new iPhone comes out this fall so Verizon could order more of those devices to make up any shortfall this year and sell them into next year.   Unless Verizon has also committed to selling the same amount next year.
  No it's not. It's a chart of web page hits. It has nothing to do with the amount of data that goes to & from a device. When that is taken into consideration then iOS pulls WAY ahead. iOS is way ahead in terms of ad impressions, online shopping - you know, the stats that actually mean something.     It's only useful if you install their code on your own website to see which devices are visiting. In that regard, Google Analytics is better IMO. If you find a lot of people...
  Gee, kinda like everyone saying the judge is bought when Apple wins.
Apple announced they will appeal and are adamant they did nothing wrong. It will be interesting to see how the appeal goes and what arguments are brought up (I'm guessing Cote's comment before trial that she thought the DOJ will prove its case would be one).
Now that's a surprise considering how Apple's lawyer pretty much dismantled every witness the FTC brought up. I guess the judge is a big Orwell fan where even an e-mail draft (or thought) is good enough to convict.
  Sorry, nobody recalls your previous posts because nobody cares what you say. You think you'd take the hint by now.
Funny how it's everywhere on torrents literally within an hour after it was available. That's what you get for trusting your music to Android users. :)   It will be interesting to see how it does on iTunes when it releases soon. If iTunes racks up record sales then it will be a PR disaster for Samsung/Google/JayZ to see the competition being responsible for making you the most money. In fact, given how little Google Play sells vs iTunes (1/6th) it's guaranteed iTunes...
New Posts  All Forums: