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Still at it with your useless analogies? Especially the Bugatti one which is so far off the mark it's embarrassing (for you to have stated it).A real analogy would be more like this:Snapdragon 800 is a 4 litre 8 cylinder that makes 400 HP.Apple A7 is a 2.3 litre 4 cylinder that makes 390 HP.Half the cylinders (cores) and far lower clock (displacement) yet it makes 97% as much HP and does it in a smaller, lighter engine that also consumes less fuel (battery power).
There are already 64bit Apps out and they offer tangible benefits to the user right now, not in the future.Getting tired of people who know nothing about processor architectures or OS design (and coding for 64bit) claiming there's no benefit for existing users.
Another useless troll trying to convince us with pathetic arguments.The A7 can run in 64bit mode all day long. The Note 3 can't run in its "boosted" mode all day long without throttling due to heat (like the Nexus 4 which Anandtech had to put in a freezer to finish benchmarks) or killing your battery. The test is perfectly fair since it indicates what benefits the user can expect at any given time, not for a brief moment while under "boost".The clock frequency and core...
 You can always spot the trolls when they can't accept facts.
People can argue whether or not Samsung, TSMC or another party will build the next A Series chip until you're blue in the face, but that doesn't make it relevant. What is relevant (and also happens to be 100% true) are the following facts: - The A7 is the worlds most advanced, most powerful and efficient mobile SoC you can get. - The reason the A7 can lay claim to this title is due to the fact that Apple is far ahead of Qualcomm and even ARM when it comes to designing...
These are significant events. While everyone is yapping about how iOS 7 looks they're missing all the goodies Apple added underneath. Just wait until developers start taking advantage of these features to make even better Apps. Then we'll really see how big of a deal iOS 7 really is.
I have to admit the Touch Cover with audio controls is brilliant. This would be a great idea to make for the iPad considering its dominance in audio production among tablets. Funny that MS has audio support in their new tablets yet Android still has latency issues.
Until they post a complete unedited video from start to finish it means nothing. Why keep arguing about which fingers were used or if he's shaking. Wait for the FULL video.
What a gullibull. What a nincowpoop. What an ultra maroon.If memory serves that's the line Bugs says.
And people were bragging that GTA 5 sold $1 billion in 3 days. Apple would have done roughly $5 billion if everyone bought the 5C 16GB. It's more likely, given the mix of iPhones, that Apple racked up $6-7 billion in sales the first 3 days. Now has anyone "revised" their quarterly sales yet? There's still one week to go....
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