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They're basing it off the observations I posted earlier. They're talking about the performance of the i7 version while mentioning the starter price of $899 (which comes with a Core m3).As if you can get a Surface Pro 4 for the same price as an iPad Pro that has the performance of a MBP.I stand by my earlier post that the iPad Pro will outperform the m3 based Surface Pro.
I see you conveniently ignored the rest of my post. I wonder why?
 I wonder, what would you think of trying to run Illustrator on a Core m3 processor with integrated graphics, which according to Geekbench is about as fast as the A9 in the iPhone 6? People always compare the base model Surface Pro 4 to the iPad Pro to show they are priced similarly, then go on and on about how the Surface Pro 4 is much more powerful and can run professional grade desktop applications the iPad Pro can't. Seems people like to talk about the price of the...
The Microsoft Store in the mall near me is usually somewhat busy. Not as busy as the Apple Store in the same mall. But far better than the Samsung Store, which is almost always dead.   Having 2 large screen TV's out in the mall where kids can play games along with a giant Xbox wall beside the store doesn't hurt, I'm sure. Or the fact it's right across from Victoria's Secret and their video walls of scantily clad woman that the MS staff seem to always be watching.
Can't wait for this to be released. Getting the kids one for Christmas, but I think one's going to find its way under the tree with my name on it.
Arguing about battery life, price, processor power, that hinge and all the rest is kind of pointless.   The real issue is there's virtually no useful software that is actually touch optimized for Windows. Oh sure, people use the terms "touch enabled" or talk about how Microsoft has made it easy to create universal Apps that run on desktop, tablet or phones, but they don't seem to understand the difference.   Just because an App can run on a tablet, and has a few touch...
AND the user is presented with a warning from iOS itself and has to explicitly authorize the App to install.AND when the App is launched iOS presents the warning message: "Untrusted App Developer....." asking if you want to allow installation of software from them.
Exactly. The only tech we haven't seen (but know Apple has worked on via patent filings) is a way to read your fingerprint directly from the screen.No more physical Home button and you can unlock by doing a firm press anywhere on the screen. You get Taptic feedback to let you know your "home button" press was recognized and your print gets read by the screen. You could even use the "double tap" that 3D Touch gives when you try a hard press somewhere it's not supported to...
Funny, they take a questionable report that can't be verified as fact, yet ignore that Apple is getting TSMC and Samsung to make their A9 processor.   If they knew anything about fabs they'd realize it would have cost Apple a LOT of money to produce their processor using two different fabs. There's no reason for Apple to outlay that much money on such an expensive endeavor if they weren't concerned with having enough processors to meet demand.   Here's a perfect example...
What difference does it make if their smartphones aren't selling? Companies are using Microsoft IP, so they want to get paid for it.
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