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 I thought we knew exactly where this money went. To purchase equipment to manufacture sapphire. It was a secured loan by Apple, with the production equipment being the security.
Why not 3072x2048? Not 4:3 but much better than 16:9. And in landscape mode you could fit 2 apps side-by-side at 2048x1536 in portrait mode. And since the pixel count is only double, you don't need to do a major jump on the GPU side. An extra core plus clock bump would make things smooth.
So what about Corning?   Remember those videos they released talking up the advantages of Gorilla Glass over sapphire? I firmly believe Corning thought Apple was going to start using sapphire in their phones. This is likely due to the number of orders Apple was committed to, which coupled with their investment in GT caused Corning to worry.   I bet Apple only knew the sapphire wasn't feasible for the iPhone 6 several months before release, and then made the switch to...
Slashgear has an article on this, and it looks pretty damn good for Apple.   http://www.slashgear.com/gt-bankruptcy-puts-apple-in-control-of-sapphire-07349593/
WOW. I expected a drop, but that much? What about the holiday quarter, which is where the iPhone 6 is really going to catch its breath before setting more records?
 Exactly. The iPhone 6/6P is fast, easy and takes pretty damn good shots for a smartphone. If I was going to put up with the 1020 to try and get better shots than a simple "point & shoot camera/phone" then I'd use my D700. Only 12MP, but it'll kill the 41MP of the 1020. And I sure as hell won't put up with the rest of the 1020 as a phone just for the camera.
Whoever has the better process technology and can deliver sooner is who Apple should be dealing with. I don't care if it's TSMC or Samsung Semiconductor, all I care about is how awesome the A9 processor will be.   Must feel strange for Samsung Mobile, though. Samsung Semi making processors for Apple that are superior to the ones they make for themselves.
 Who in their right mind would buy a used iPhone without actually seeing it work first?
Not sure who would use this. When you're checking out a used device all you have to do is see if Find My iPhone is turned off. If it's disabled you're good to go. If it's on then ask the seller to turn it off. If they can't, then run away.
 LOL. I actually understood this since my first job as a developer was for a company that wrote accounting software. I had to take a crash course in accounting principles when I started working for them.
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