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I'm curious which province you live in. To be paying a combined rate of 40% you must live in the Atlantic provinces and/or be making 6 figures plus.I make just over 100K and my combined provincial/federal is around 27%. Still a good chunk, but a lot lower than 40%.
 Bullshit is what I just read. Nobody expects when you buy something cheap it will perform as good as something expensive. I can go to The Keg for a steak and I know it's going to be good. If I go to McDonalds and get an "Angus Burger" I don't expect it to taste as good as my Keg steak. However, I have the right to eat at both restaurants and not get a case of food poisoning or ingest e-coli. You don't seem to be able to grasp the difference between a customers right to...
  I had a similar thing happen this past weekend. My daughter got invited to a sleepover with friends from school (12 year olds). She asked if she could bring her iPad along so I checked with the parents of her friend to see what they were planning and if it was OK. The father said sure, since his daughter had a tablet and they could play games. At this time I also asked for a birthday gift suggestion as my daughter didn't know what to buy her friend. Since we were talking...
 No, they are absolutely victims. If I buy a cheap Windows PC I don't expect it to have an SSD, dedicated graphics card for gaming or 16GB of RAM. I KNOW it's a bargain PC. But what I don't expect to get is a PC with existing back doors or other security issues. When I buy a new PC it doesn't come with Windows 98, ME or XP. When you buy a cheap Android tablet, it actually DOES come with the equivalent of Windows 98, ME or XP installed. And to make things worse, it comes...
 Click bait? Hardly. I know there are lots of cheap Android tablets and you get what you pay for: slow processor, no access to Google Play, lousy screen quality, poor build quality and terrible service/support. These are things I expect from ANY bargain priced electronics. But to find out they come brand-new with unpatched security holes and even back doors is news to me. This story is anything but click bait - it's highlighted something I was previously unaware of.
That's a lot of Android door stops and coasters they're selling.
I like all the Fallon/Timberlake ads. Light hearted fun that still highlights features.
 Only to trolls like you, that is. The rest of the world knows the truth about Apple - the best products, service and support in the industry.
 No, discounts are offered to clear out inventory. High end items or best sellers rarely get discounted. Or if they do there's a store limit as they are loss leaders to hopefully get people into the stores to buy other clearance junk. Apple has plenty of Good Will. They make the highest quality products in the industry with the best service/support. Apple isn't like Best Buy - a company with declining sales and poor customer support who won't be around in a couple years....
I'm not sure about others, but I buy everything on my CC cards for the rewards. I pay my card in full each month so i don't pay interest. Pretty much everyone I know does the same thing. Apple Pay also works with debit cards, so I'm not sure how it's going to get people to use credit cards more.
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