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I don't think this is that far fetched. A lot of watch companies buy their "movements" (the actual internal workings of the watch) from other suppliers and then put the movement into their own case/band.   The iWatch could be nothing more than a movement that Apple makes available which has the processor, circuitry and display (perhaps a couple basic sizes) that watch companies then put into their own custom case/band.   I simply don't think a standard...
That's what Java and Android are for.
 Nah. A small tractor pulling tank of water from hole-to-hole is what you need.
Been waiting for this to come out when they announced it last year. Will be picking one up for sure. For automotive/racing use they are fantastic. I just couldn't justify spending a couple thousand for one.
 Secretary of Commerce: Yes, it's designed to bolster individual confidence in a previous domestic automobile purchase. Dave: So we're spending 47 million dollars to make people feel better about a car they've already bought? From the movie Dave.
I guess Samsung would have to tread carefully here. By showing a rumor article from a magazine they're covering their asses by giving away inside information they might already know (because they're a supplier of LCD screens).
 Funny how in previous discussions about the problems with malware on Android you demanded "proof" of something happening.
 If the doctor makes claims that people could use what he's talking about and cure cancer simply by doing a little extra work, then I'd have a problem with it. Or if he's claiming that others are already curing cancer using techniques he's talking about. That's what he's saying - that the systems are in place, forensics experts are ALREADY exploiting them to get at data, and others could too "if they really tried".
Why doesn't this guy do the OBVIOUS? Connect his iPhone to a hone WiFi network where the iPhone is the only device connected. Then record all of the traffic (packets) that leave the iPhone. Would be pretty easy to do and then you'd know EXACTLYwhat information is being "dished out" from your device. Why hasn't he done this one very simple task?
 No kidding. Imagine that - the architects/developers of an operating system have ways to gain access to portions of it that normal people never would.
New Posts  All Forums: