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I agree. For an advanced infotainment system you'd still want a variety of engineers of all backgrounds to ensure it works well with the vehicle it's integrated in. But Apple appears to be hiring too many senior engineers for a simple project.
Why is it fake? Tesla cars have cooling systems as well, that need radiators to dissipate heat. The most obvious location for any radiators are in the front of the vehicle.
Not condoning what he did or his past actions, but one has to wonder about motivation here. The only woman that went to court (Dee Barnes) settled in a civil suit (we'll never know how much money she received - but she obviously received some sort of compensation).   For advocates of woman's rights I wonder what they think of a victim agreeing to be "bought off" monetarily for something that happened to them? Would they not rather have the case proceed criminally so a...
Since certain medical devices need to be approved, and/or require a prescription, the solution is quite simple:   If you want to use an advanced medical band, then Apple will install it for you. They'll remove the data port and install the band correctly. Further, they could even "activate" something in the Watch software to make the port usable with the appropriate band (meaning an aftermarket company couldn't make bands and sell them to people for...
Sounds ideal for something like a glucose monitor, which would be much more important to someone who's diabetic. No sense putting all the sensors in the Watch itself when certain sensors make more sense for certain people.
They should compare how much revenue each is generating. I use an Apple TV and rent/buy a lot of movies through iTunes. How much is Google Chromecast generating?
 Nah. I think the numbers are correct. The real problem with these numbers is they don't separate out the low-end budget phones that make up the majority of Android (and Samsung) sales and compare them to Apple, who only sells high-end phones. In essence they are comparing sales of BMW (Apple) to Toyota (Samsung). Toyota makes Lexus models, of which many compete at the same price point as several BMW models. However, Toyota also sells millions of the Corolla, Camry, Yaris...
A Corey Hart reference in a Samsung/Apple dispute? Now I've seen everything.
Why are you giving this POS any more publicity?
 Android consoles failed for three reasons: - They were garbage devices with underpowered processors.- There's hardly any truly good Android games worth playing to put on those consoles.- Because, Android.
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