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Another useless comment by an analyst who doesn't seem to get that component orders don't track with quarterly sales.
  Didn't you post this crap way back?   - T-Mobile is selling the Prism and myTouch with Gingerbread. - Sprint has the Kyocera Milano and ZTE Fury with Gingerbread. - AT&T has the Sharp FX PLUS (running 2.2) and Pantech Pocket running Gingerbread.   Gee, that's 6 phones and I didn't even look at every model they sold. I also never bothered to look at the numerous smaller carriers or regional carriers, but I'd bet they have lots as well.
Android is a fragmented mess, but they're mixing up patches and versions. A person running an older version of Android can still get patches to fix flaws, but might be waiting a long time to get a newer version of Android (like ICS or JB). And why is the ACLU getting involved? The market will take care of itself without them having to get involved.
  Or we could be like you.   When 5 different reports from various research companies all show similar findings where iOS is leading Android you will ignore them and find the 1 that supports a different position, and claim it's correct.   Your post has got to be the most hypocritical thing I've heard all day.
  Your post is.... A: An insightful comment based on facts and evidence. B: A troll post to bash Apple with made up sterotypes of its users.   I am leaning towards B for the explanation.
    Both of you don't get it. It's not about whether the money goes to Apple or iAd. It's about the fact that iOS devices are a better way for companies to spend their $$$ if they want to effectively reach customers.
But, but, but - Eric Schmidt told me Android is winning.
Not all, since Android is incapable of running many iOS Apps. That or the hardware Android runs on isn't capable.
Only worthwhile thing you've said. Added to my block list along with all the other lawyers, engineers and "experts" touting their credentials as if it justifies the garbage they spew. Adios, fool.
230+ comments on this news? Don't have time to read everything so I might be repeating what someone else said....   Since when do supplier component orders directly follow a manufacturers device shipments? Companies often order more in 1 quarter to be used in devices made in the following quarter, so reduced revenue from a supplier means nothing. Cirrus boost in a previous quarter can simply be attributed to Apple placing a larger order last quarter.   The things...
New Posts  All Forums: