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  No minium requirements. Which is why Samsung can include all sorts of low-end junk devices into their smartphone totals which the Android fans then use to say Samsung is killing Apple. Remember when Samsung "switched" their reporting abour 2 years ago? Suddenly they had a huge spike in smartphone sales and a huge drop in feature phone sales. Does anyone really believe that in the space of one quarter that Samsung smartphone sales tripled while feature phones dropped to...
  More spin as usual. If you want me to take the time to bring up every case or group that's against injunctions then you have to do something for me first. It's really quite simple:   Go back and answer the 101 questions I (or others) have posed to you in the past to prove your claims. You see, this is a pattern with you. Make a claim and then leave the thread when you get called out on it. Then re-appear in another thread and make the same claims over.     Perfect...
Well my buddies still have a job, likely because they're involved in QNX, which is still a successful product outside of BB. It was fun to attend Waterloo in the 80's - so much cool stuff came out of there.
And this was done without iOS 7, which makes big strides in mobile device management and enterprise features. I predict things will only get better for Apple (and worse for BB or Android ).
^ You should all get a room.
All that Android market share and they are still only tied with Apple as far as smartphones? Quite pathetic. I guess market share isn't everything.
  No. You forgot the biggest one of all. Android users change their user agent to desktop so analytics sytems get fooled thinking it's a desktop and not a tablet. . . . Nevermind that the chart clearly identifies usage by device make/model and not by browser.
  I've tried it as well. Both trying to activate a phone I "locked" and also by turning Find My iPhone off first, then "simulating" re-selling the iPhone by restoring it to factory defaults and attaching a new iCloud e-mail account to it. Everything worked fine for me.     I still don't think a GS4 with KNOX can be used and that every single person that has unlocked a GS4 has done so with an off-the-shelf version and not one where KNOX has been enabled.   It would be...
  I see you did return to this discussion. I'm still waiting for proof you can take a KNOX GS4 and replace it with new software, thereby bypassing all security on the device and allowing a thief to use it.
  There's only so many spare parts needed by the repair depots. Once phones can no longer be re-sold there will be a glut of stolen phones, prices will drop and they won't be so lucrative anymore. This will have a significant effect on stolen phones.   For example, there are numerous places that sell iPhone 5 screens and batteries for dirt cheap. This means that used screens/batteries will be worth even less, making a phone stolen for parts far less valuable than one...
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