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This is one thing they need to address - having quicker hearings and court dates for infringement. A company **cough** Samsung **cough** can use your IP for years before having any possible penalty, abd by the time you get to court the original issue is no longer relevant.
  Please. Once you hit 40,000 websites there's not going to be any difference. If they had 100 websites targeting specific groups (like auto or sports) then maybe. You're making a false assumption that because stat counter has 3 million sites that their data is going to be better. It's not. 40,000 is plenty large enough for a sample size. Statistics 101.   Number of visitors is a good enough stat. People visit a site and some will leave after seeing the first page and...
^ A phone with a 320x240 display running Gingerbread and a processor so slow half the Apps available wont run properly has no business being called a smartphone.
Remember when Android users used to say only Android gives users "the full web experience" since they run Flash? Seems most of them never use the Internet for anything.
No, all that matters is I have a device with excellent support, service, timely updates, great App selection & App quality, lots of accessories and a great aftermarket.Something others could only dream of.
  Yes I do. Gave up on Android and now concentrate on iOS. However, at one time I worked with both to see which was better for my needs and what I wanted to do with my App. That said, I'm still very familiar with Android and keep up on all the changes from version to version, and I still keep the latest SDK around to play with.       I still think the first part is true (developers favoring iOS). Ask Eric Schmidt how fast it's changing since he predicted back in Dec 2011...
Honda and Toyota are like Maytag. Reliable and dependable appliances, but not much soul.
I'm a little depressed after seeing the new BB phones.   I was hoping they'd knock it out of the park and really up their game by having a serious competitor. But after seeing early reviews and hands-on it doesn't look like they have anything other than a "competent" phone that's sort of middle-of-the-road.
  Complete BS. Samsung made mistakes (like missing deadlines SEVERAL TIMES). Missing a deadline is not a technicality. It's gross incompetence. This was discusssed in great detail while the trial was going on. The conclusions most observers made is it was a tactic of Samsung to have possibilities for appeal later on. Surely no law firm of that calibre could be so stupid as to MISS A DEADLINE. Or have a lawyer appear in court that wasn't licensed to.   Samsung even...
So from now on a company can just claim patents are invalid and then proceed to use them without worry of being found guilty of wilful infringement? I think a LOT of companies are not going to be happy about this.
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