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geekdad, you're making yourself look foolish by posting the same complaint over and over again (and not making much sense while doing it). I'd actually like to read your original post so I can have a good laugh at what will undoubtedly be more gibberish.
One thing we never seem to hear is some company switching from BB to Android. All the large companies I've seen in the news went to iOS.
Honest question, do people still wear watches? Other than as a fashion statement, what use are they? I haven't worn a watch in maybe 15 years since I started permanently carrying a cell phone with me.
That mostly-tech link showing advantages of iOS and Android loses all credibility as soon as he claimed iOS crashes more than Android based on that Crittercism report. And they left out some major flaws in the Android architecture in last years version as well. But they'll go on and on about minor features that nobody needs just to pad their list. There are a few things iOS needs to update, but not many.
Just because Apple has OLED patents means nothing. Companies deciding on which technology to use will often research several methods to determine which is best. Along the way they often develop new technology and get patents for it. It would be stupid to throw away research for things you decided not to use as they could be useful at a later date.Apple has loads of patents on things they don't use and probably never will.
YesYes it was implied. I expected AI readers to get that by now. I've often talked about how many engineers Apple employs or how they spare 1,000 every summer for WWDC that developers can talk to first hand about their projects.
Bull. This guy isn't an engineer - he's a marketing expert. Apple doesn't employ engineers as they get everyone else to make stuff for them so they don't need any. That said, just because he's an OLED expert doesn't mean Apple is making OLED displays. He could very likely have expertise in other areas of interest to Apple in regards to LCD manufacturing. They said he worked in printing. Well, that covers a lot of ground in terms of screens, touch panels or any such...
I thought the iPhone screen was too small? So now you're going to take your screen and cut it in half to run two Apps at the same time? Makes a lot of sense to me.
^ 13.6% is still pathetic considering JB is the only secure version of Android. Even worse is the 45.6% still on GB and the fact that you can still buy new phones with GB installed. A new phone with a 2 year old OS.
Who cares? Android does some things better and iOS does other things better. If a certain feature is important to you, then you could say it's superior "for your needs".   I don't need the few things Android has while I do use the things iOS devices give me (support for music & audio production and compatibility with most automobiles). Add in the complete eco-system and it's a no brainer for me.
New Posts  All Forums: