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^ Who cares what Wozniak or anyone else said. You guys sound as stupid as those who find a famous evangelical pastor who becomes an atheist and therefore that proves there's no God. Or the reverse. You can always find people who like either side or people who have switched. Even famous people.   Let's talk about what Phil said. Do any of you "experts" want to disect his comment about fragmentation or that most Android users are on a 2 year old OS?   Any takers?...
One more thing... ;)   Why is everyone talking about Phil making the claim about "logging in 9 times"?   Right, because nobody wants to talk about his other comments like fragmentation or the fact most Android devices are on a 2 year old OS. Let's pick apart a minor "comment" and avoid the real issues, which Phil is 100% correct about.
Wow, all the losers have come out today. Half this thread is on my block list.   Don't really care what Phil said or what the GS4 will have tomorrow. I use an iPhone 5 and whatever Samsung puts in the GS4 doesn't change how well my iPhone operates. I'll still get better service/support and I still have higher quality Apps. Android's problem isn't the hardware - it's the software. So even if the GS4 has awesome hardware it's still crippled by the Android...
  You missed a very key point. One of the main patents that Apple is asserting against Android was developed by two senior engineers at Apple. Get this, they developed it at the same time Andy Rubin was working there, and Andy Rubin worked directly under these two engineers at the same time this patent was being developed. That's a huge coincidence.
  Way to miss the point. Google doesn't care, but fandroids will be fuming over this. How can they claim Android can "do more" if that pesky Google keeps releasing Apps for iOS? And how can their dream of Apple "failing" ever come true?   This just highlights the fragmentation problem in Android when 2 year old iPhones can run one of Google's premiere Apps while most 1 year old Android phones can't. 
Everyone seems to have missed the biggest part about this. Google Now only runs on Jelly Bean (it's one of Jelly Beans best features, according to many Android users/reviewers). That means only 16.5% of Android users can actually use this.   I don't know what iOS version Google Now will require, but even in the worst case scenario (say it's only for iOS 6) then over 60% of iDevice users will have access to Google Now. Compared to 16.5% for Android. Now that's...
So did Sundar Pichai previously work as an engineer at Apple too? Is he going to be "borrowing" some Apple IP he picked up from his time there?
  Cars from 1996 and up have an OBD2 port. However, some cars didn't fully support them until 1998 (meaning not all things work). This is why most emissions testing facilities only scan cars from 1998 and up. Some manufacturers in the US started putting them in as early as 1994 on certain models.
Yay, Vancouver. Going to check it out later.
  The data rate for OBD2 is very slow. So if you want to monitor several items the update rate is going to be terrible. So it's OK to see if your teens are speeding, but it's not fast enough to be of any use for data acquisition.   Here's a real-life example. You have a code that says: Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit. What do you do? Most people go ahead and replace the oxygen sensor which would be correct a lot of the time. So the odds are on your side if you replace the...
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