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"Mostly fixed". ASLR is an all or nothing affair. You can't have "most" things fixed and call it implemented. You're not ready to make a prediction on ICS, yet you're willing to make up a number (30%) for GB? And why did Samsung create Knox, since you seem to want to imply "Samsung has already had....".
Samsung Eye Stay doesn't even work that good, and this sounds a LOT more complex.   So what if I have an App with a status bar at the top or bottom of the screen? How will it know if I'm glancing at the status bar or actually want to scroll?
So Derek and KD are again making statements and leaving out details. Tell me, KD, what version of Android are the Army and NSA using and what modifications have they done to their devices? More importantly, why did you neglect to mention these items? derek, even if 2.3 hits 30% (unlikely considering how many new handsets are being shipped with it), that still leaves JB as the minority and ICS as the number one version. And ICS is not secure as it uses a half-baked...
  Yes. Let's get all the details right including the ones you also conveniently forgot to mention. Pot meet Kettle.
The really funny thing is that a Samsung device that's "SAFE" is no longer as "open" as the Android lovers like to claim. You can't have your cake (being open and free to mods) and eat it too (being secure).
  A wearable computer like an iWatch would also require far less power than a smartphone. No power-sapping cellular chip (one of the biggest consumers of electrical energy), a screen that's probably 1/3rd the size of the iPhone (and probably a new IGZO screen further reducing power), a much smaller (and efficient) SoC that probably runs at a really low frequency 99% of the time would all contribute to better battery life. Add to that the fact the iWatch won't run...
I thought the amount would get reduced, so not surprised by this. Still surprised at the wilful infringement decision. That one still has me scratching my head.
Meanwhile that little "problem" where Google allows developers to know your real name and e-mail (among other things) seems to have disappeared.
But, but, Eric Schmidt told me market share is all that counts. He thinks developers like me should code for Android because it has higher market share. Did I waste time on iOS when I should have been developing for Android?
This actually works for Apple. Their products always have a feeling of quality. Can't have people coming in, picking up a plastic tablet and hearing it creak when it flexes in your hands.
New Posts  All Forums: