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So Apple, IBM, Microsoft and others formed their own advocacy group regarding patents (specifically software patents).   One of the jurors is a former IBM software systems manager.   How long after the guilty verdict can we expect Samsung to declare a mistrial over this jury member? After they let Hogan stay (even though they had a chance to question him during "voir dire", I'm expecting the same behavior this time around.
Funny how here and all the tech sites there are people looking for any reason to try and spin this as a negative. There is no downside here - it's a big win for MS and Apple. And a huge gaping hole for Android, who doesn't have any productivity suite that's even half as good.   I bought Office 365 Home. $100 per year and I get it on 5 PC's. Everyone at home gets the extra 20GB OneDrive storage and you also get 60 minutes of Skype free every month. And on your PC you also...
 You've got to be kidding me. Are you that dense, or are you simply trolling? First off, I told you specifically how to find MS's indemnity document which explains what is and isn't covered (and I mentioned above that mobile and embedded is covered). Yet you ignored that and still continue on with the assumption that embedded isn't covered. Let me make this really clear for you. Here's an article where they talked to David Kaefer (whom you quoted) and he explains that...
Here's an interesting point that someone on another forum made:   If I'm a smartphone vendor I have two choices:   - Pay MS a royalty per device and use Android without an indemnification policy. - Use Windows Phone for free and get indemnification.   Quite the choice when you look at it that way.
 If you read MS's policy I posted about it includes "Mobility and embedded OEM/embedded distributor".
 Do a Google search for "microsoft indemnity agreement". It's the first link that appears and it's a .doc file (I was going to embed the link but it's too long). This is from Microsoft. However, it's a little hard to follow at times. There have been many articles online about the practical implications of this policy. Most recently relating to Android and WebM (two products that Google does not indemnify users of, yet still claims are not patent encumbered). MS challenged...
 They might get some from Apple, but it's mainly against Android as they make the only other popular OS that can be used by anyone. The HUGE difference (which will be a big selling point) is MS has an indemnification policy (something Google lacks, and MS loves to make fun of). With all the lawsuits going on this is a big advantage for Windows Phone over Android.
AI, you missed the biggest news of mobile for the last few years.   MS has made Windows Phone FREE for all devices under 9" in size. Huge shot across Google's bow.
This looks like it will be a boring case. Apple will win and Samsung will have to pay a small "fine" (small when compared to their position in the market).Since you seem to enjoy the fact Meuller is critical of Apple recently, then what do you think of Oracle? He's absolutely convinced Judge Aslup screwed up the first trial and Oracle will prevail when the appeals court hands down their decision (expected any day now). If anyone is going to cause significant problems for...
Nothing like an Apple/Samsung article to bring out the trolls. Half my screen is "This post is hidden because the user is in your block list".   AI should change the text to: "This post is hidden because the user is an idiot."
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