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^ You always pull that trick out of your hat. You owning iOS devices doesn't mean you're not a troll, nor does add any validity to your comments.
Ah, so now Qualcomm and Blackberry have sided with Google. As I predicted many months ago the companies who favor abuse of SEP's are the same ones who have found themselves reduced to an insignificant portion of the market (Ericsson, Nokia, Blackberry). Qualcomm, who makes most broadband chips, has likely found a way to line their pockets with even more money so their position is again, related to $$$ and not to policy.   Meanwhile, law professors, government...
  Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner.
  Say what? The motor in the iPhone is already strong enough to move the phone about on its axis when it's resting on a desktop (the App Cyclroramic I mentioned). In mid-air, with no friction from resting on a surface, it would be able to move even quicker. This is not future tech - this can be done right now.
They already have one motor in the iPhone for vibration. Hasn't anyone used Cycloramic (the App that spins your phone using the vibration motor)? All they need is one more in the other axis and they're set. They already have the other sensors built in (gyro, accelerometer).
GG, so full of it as usual.   There's no clear right or wrong? Even for you that's way over the top. There is absolutely a clear right/wrong to this issue. You bringing up a very specific case to support your narrow view won't change things. Motorola/Google and Samsung have lost so many cases over SEP's I've lost count. They have had so few victories (or partial victories) I have trouble counting to my middle finger. Which is appropriate.
Of course this thread would be dead with a complete absence of trolls. Bring up audio/music production and the Android users run and hide.   I mean, they can't claim Android does it better since Android is useless for audio work. They can't bring up a list of Android Apps that are "just as good as iOS versions." They can't criticize iOS music Apps because, frankly, there are so many fantastic ones out there. Bottom line is there's nothing bad they can say about iOS...
Has anyone EVER written an amicus brief supporting Google/Motorola or Samsung?   Only ones I can think is when cell providers didn't want Apple to get injunctions on Samsung or HTC phones as it would harm their business (limiting their potential sales by having fewer devices to sell).   But those were purely for $$$ and had nothing to do with policy. Everyone speaking on behalf of Apple are doing so because they are against Googles abuse of patents.
  And you have proof this guy brings nothing? And you're going to sell shares based on your complete lack of knowledge of him and why he was hired?
The best part about this is all the people wondering why he was hired. Then next year Apple will announce something and people will go "aaahhhh, so that's why he was hired."   I'm sure Apple has a good reason to hire him. Browett was an anomaly. If you're looking to hire software developers, LCD engineers, antenna designers or microprocessor specialists it's pretty straightforward to look at their résumé and skill sets to see if they're qualified. However, retail and...
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