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Very good points about the many "versions" of Android and all the various skins placed on top. Does anyone know what "Android" really looks like? There are so many things in OEM Android phones that have come from sources other than iOS (like Palm, Symbian or even Windows) that the Android fanboys seem to think Android invented every single mobile interface. Android didn't invent them all, but they sure as hell incorporated them all.   BTW, waiting for all the...
Those are pretty good. I'm not so uptight that I can't relax at a good joke.
  Oh I think you understand. You're just being intentionally obtuse.   This is not physics. If it were as simple as something hitting the edge of your screen and bouncing back then maybe (like the game of Pong). If you actually read Apple's patent you'd understand there's more going on here. Like the content of the document, how fast the user is scrolling, what is to be displayed behind the document when the user goes beyond the limits and so on.   Further, if you were...
  I think they were probably feeling like I was - meh, another web-based suite. I've used Google Docs before, and while the collaboration and sharing is good the actual functionality isn't (I find many things missing and it's not as responsive as I'd like). So I just assumed this would be more of the same, or maybe even worse since it's their first crack.   After seeing AI's first look I'm going to try it out. It appears to be better than I thought and that's good news.
^ Oh look, a new uninformed troll. What else is new at AI? Troll harder next time, your ignorance is showing through. There's no way anyone who's followed patent issues this year could come to any conclusion other than Google and friends getting their asses handed to them. Even Microsoft is getting in on the action making a fool of Motorola. Not to mention getting royalties from that "free" OS Google gives away that's not really free.
So much hurt and pain in the Android/Samsung world today.   Better get used to it - 2013 is shaping up to be a horrible year for Android, Google/Motorola and Samsung. They've suffered so many losses already this year I've lost track.
It's obvious where Apple is headed with this. By having so many Thunderbolt ports (and the faster versions) they expect that upgrading will be done externally. The only thing you won't be able to change is the processor and internal SSD (maybe RAM). Everything else you need (optical drives, hard drives, SSD's, graphics cards...) can be connected by Thunderbolt.   I really wonder how Apple will price this. Although it looks radical, it should actually be easy to...
  Not imaginary profits from losers like you who claim they won't buy anything Apple again. If I had a dollar for everytime some "fake Apple user" claimed this.   Seriously, do you think you're fooling anyone here? We see idiots like you regularly and the pattern is always the same. Create new account, post something negative from the position of concerned Apple user (hence the term "concern troll") and then complain when people call you on it. In fact, I'd wager your the...
What's with all the new accounts? Nevermind, I forgot. Business as usual.   Waiting for some idiot to talk about multitasking as if iOS just added it - it's been there all along, all Apple had to do was "flip a switch" to activate it.
Outside of software (iOS or OS X), it's unusual for Apple to announce hardware and then say "coming later".   I think they're trying to appease professionals instead of leaving them out in the cold at WWDC and announcing it later. I want to see the Pixar demo tomorrow running in this machine.
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