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And the Dutch courts ordered Samsung to pay Apple over 800,000 Euros in a previous case.
^ There's two things I can't stand. Racists and the Dutch. :)
The way I see it is this. Apple still sells boatloads of iPad 2's at $399. However, the Mini has these advantages over the iPad 2:   - Improved front camera is 720P instead of VGA. - Improved rear camera is 1080P with image stabilization vs 720P without. - Bluetooth 4.0 instead of 2.1. - Airplay streaming at 1080P (instead of 720P). - 2.4 and 5.0 GHz WiFi instead of only 2.4GHz. - Siri.   So you get an improved version of an iPad 2 in a smaller package....
A6X. So long S4 Pro, at least you held the crown for fastest processor for a couple days before being destroyed by the A6X.
Preliminary, not final. And MS has several FAT patents that were invalidated only to be reinstated later on.Besides, I wouldn't trust anything Torvalds has to say on the stand in any case involving MS.
Minor issue that will be blown out of proportion.   First off, people always claim patent examiners lack the skills or knowledge to be able to grant technical or software patents. Using the same logic, how can they now be skilled enough to invalidate a patent? This is nothing more than the USPTO saying "Apple, the ball's in your court - you have to spend the time & money to prove this patent is valid - we're not going to do the work for you."   As to the previous...
^ That's right. He's like Prince Philip - always sticking his foot in his mouth.
  The ratio of developers and new project starts for iOS vs Android is 7:3 last survey at the end of summer.   Last December Eric Schmidt was asked about this very issue (why iOS had more than twice as much interest from developers as Android). His reply? That in 6 months those places would be reversed. His reasoning? He stated that developers go where the market share is, and Android has more market share and is growing. Therefore developers would "switch sides".   Well,...
  So you said my $9.7B number was BS because it was "unconfirmed" yet you use the "projected" number of $12B to try and prove a point in this thread? So are so full of BS it's not even funny. Did you think nobody would remember your previous posts and call you on it?
Hey look, the tool is back with more BS numbers just like the last thread.   Why are you comparing Apple's sales to all of Samsung Electronics when the component division makes up a much smaller piece of that pie?   Oh yeah, it's more spin so you can try to make Apple's dumping Samsung seem like a minor issue that Samsung will simply shrug off.
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