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Every single iPhone or iPad release is preceded by some sort of "yield" issues that limit supply. Then Apple goes on to sell record numbers anyway.
I don't know why people keep thinking your fingerprint will be stored somewhere as a simple image or that someone could copy it. Do you think passwords are stored as plain text? There will be a mathematical formula that converts your fingerprint into some type of data that can't be converted back to a fingerprint.   Others have mentioned that fingerprints are not 100% unique. Irrelevant. This is not going to be something that's used to identify you among all the...
  Of course, because I'm sure you have access to all of Authentec's technology and what they're working on. /S
This decision has no effect on me. I don't own any Samsung or Apple stock so I have nothing to gain/lose financially from this. None of my Apple devices will change functionality since this decision either.   So why am I feeling so happy?   Simple. Just knowing how many trolls, haters and other useless posters in countles forums around the world are going to be fuming over this all weekend long kinda brings a smile to my face. It's hot and sunny here and I'm...
Complete bull. If Obama doesn't VETO this then he's nothing but a protectionist.   opps, /S for those who don't get it.
  Bloomberg has a few nice quotes from Apple/Samsung legal arguments going on today:   “If it’s so easy to design around and you’re not selling these, why is it any harm?” asked Circuit Judge Kathleen O’Malley.   or   “The owner of a trivial patent has no reasonable expectation of more than trivial compensation" from Google. The hypocrisy in that statement is unbelievable.     Don't need to. We all know the Nexus 7's are junk. The previous one had terrible quality - why...
  You can't be that dense. We're not talking about the GENERIC concept of mobile payments. We're talking about Samsung making their App LOOK LIKE Apple's passbook App instead of coming up with their own design.     They can develop their own OS but they can't even design a few icons? Not just for Passbook but for the original Galaxy S (which totally ripped several icons from iOS).
AI should clarify the part about the judgement being partially vacated. First the amount is wrong. It was changed to $400 million from $450 million. Second, Samsung's guilt is already decided. The new trial is only to calculate damages - this was the part Koh thinks there was an error with. So Apple could get the same, more or less.
  Do you have any official positions for all those companies you listed? Because I can find statements for the ones I listed.   Nokia doesn't agree with Motorola. Nokia and Ericsson are in the middle. They don't like injunctions but see them as an option when necessary (after negotiations have failed). Motorola and Samsung see injunctions as something that should be available in all circumstances. For example, Samsung looking for an iPhone 5 ban even before it was...
Who said anything about a poll? How about all the letters of support and amicus curiae that supported Apples position? I'm sure you know all about them - you just choose to ignore them.The only companies/entities that support Google:Motorola are a bunch of has-beens or groups Google has a stake in. I don't know of anyone credible that supports Google. Perhaps you could list a few?
New Posts  All Forums: