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Well what did he invent?
"Just walk on the other side of the street!" Wheres SJ when you need him?
How about the iMac- it screams for an update.
Except they can access the entire www whereas an iPad surely can't.
The 1 gen Touch lacked a speaker not a mic. Come on AppleInsider get it right instead of just cleverly bashing the Fire.
5%? All this time I thought it was 15%. This is revelatory.
I don't think Apple can respond to an device which is basically an e- reader plus. Amazon has already won the e-reader crown. An iPad is probably least known and useful as an e-reader to most - mostly due to the higher costs of its books and lack of compatibility with not only other devices but even Apple's OWN devices. i.e. there is no Wyspersync, and no iBooks on a Mac. Amazon truly rules the e-book world.
Noone even has a Kindle yet but it already leads Samsung and is crowned King of the Droids. Amazon is doing everything right. Especially it's Wyspersync- no one can touch it.
Great - they plug in yet they don't work. Now THAT makes a lot of sense.BTW - have you ever heard of an earphone jack?
Exactly- no one on here understands the whole Kindle modus operandi. Notice how no one mentions wyspersync- the best feature.
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